Franchise Direct – What You Should Know About Them


Franchise Direct was established in the year 1998 and is one of the originators of creation of portals on the internet for franchise. It has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

It basically connects franchisers (someone who grants a franchise by agreeing to help another person’s business with his or her resources)  and franchisees(the person who is granted a franchise) together by getting and recruiting potential franchisees for franchised organizations.

It is the leading franchise provider in the whole world and is the best portal in the franchise world due to the fact that it has been in existence for over 18 and it has an experience young and upcoming franchise portals don’t have. It helps businesses in the whole world to hire franchisees through master franchise licenses. It started as a site for promoting franchise as a process and business.

The mission of Franchise Direct is to create a platform entrepreneurs can connect with people in need of investors and ensures that the platform is reliable and capable of the task. It enables franchisees to be fully and well informed if the franchise industry.

It protects the interest of both the franchisor and franchisee. It doesn’t stop at just connecting franchisors and franchisees, it also ensures that each party has the information he or she needs to proceed with the franchise and also ensures that the franchise benefits both parties.

Annually, Franchise Direct releases a report that contains the ranking of global franchises i.e. the first 100. The enterprises that fall under this rank must be successful, have good business reputation, good business plan, keeps pace with the always changing economy, must serve as role model for the franchises that are still in their early stage. This ranking is not done for recommendation, advertisement, or endorsement but rather offers an objective look at the world of franchise operation.

Franchise Direct recruits good franchisees that are ready to dedicate themselves to any business they are linked to. It also provides It also chooses franchisees that will support and value the business or organization they are introduced to.

Franchise Direct does not focus on a particular business, it covers all areas such as: accounting and finance, advertising, marketing,  courier franchises, food franchises, real estate franchises, entertainment franchises, sports, home services, cleaning franchises, business services, computer and internet, health, industrial franchises, restaurant franchises and so on.

Presently, most companies in the world adopt Franchise Direct for their web advertisement. Franchise Direct also gives information on franchising and its benefit and also results of research conducted on several industries and organizations. It also deals with giving advice to small businesses on how to grow, expand and avoid setbacks.

Franchise Direct has released lot of videos to create more awareness and for the growth and development of the franchise industry. Some of these videos are: Interview with a Chips Away Automotive Repair Franchisee, Become Your Own Boss with the Arising Cleaning Franchise, Franchise Group CEO Testimonial- Reed Nyffeler, Security car with lights, PA Homeland Security Vehicle, Brixology: Learn about Engineering with the Mad Science Franchise, Excellent Training with the Speaking Roses Business Opportunity among others.

Franchising is growing at a very fast pace due to Franchise Direct and other portals that have to do with franchise. Franchising can be developed locally or internationally, it is local when it basically has to do with small businesses that are not known worldwide e.g which is only known in South Africa.

As at the beginning of this year, Franchise Direc consisted of 13 multilingual sites targeting the following states: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, India, Malaysia and Singapore with their various sites which are listed below:

United States-
South Africa-
United Kingdom-

Their general contact is [email protected] It deals with franchise advertising, marketing and research.

Recently in 2016, Franchise Direct reported that there was traffic across its portals as a result of people’s growing interest in the franchise industry. Day by day,more people are developing interest in the franchise world.

There are various resources for franchising, some of which are: franchise videos, blog, testimonials, news, articles, information and events.

There are three forms of franchising: (1) multiple unit franchising, (2) multi tier franchising, and (3) master franchising. Multiple unit franchising is the most common and the best of the three.

It helps you establish relationship with more than one business in order to create several units for opportunities, help in finance and resources, risk sharing, consulting with people who have same goal as you.