Comfort Keepers Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

COMFORT KEEPERS Franchising Guide

If you desire to invest in a franchise so that you may build and safeguard that groundbreaking empire, then look no further than the Comfort Keepers franchise. Comfort Keepers is an establishment committed to making individuals, mostly the elderly ones and the disabled, stay happy in the comfort of their homes.

Since its inception over a decade ago, Comfort Keepers have won major accolades like the HSE Provider of Choice award and have also been recognized by the Franchise Research Institute as a World Class Franchise. No wonder many people want to know how much is a Comfort Keepers franchise.


Comfort Keepers is a major provider of non-medical in-home assistance particularly to seniors. The company based in Dayton, Ohio, offers what it calls an ‘Interactive Caregiving’- a companionship services and home safety support which include home management, care giving, store shopping, athletic activities among others, to seniors and cherished ones who want comfort in the privacy of their own homes.

Incorporated in 1998, Comfort Keepers have now grown a franchise network of more than 750 home care delivery companies in the U.S and abroad. Although the industry is still young, it has however been projected to witness a 13% growth rate over the next three decade because the market is expanding.


Owing to the vast number of Comfort Keepers companies in the world, the public may want to know if it’s a franchise. Certainly, Comfort Keepers is a franchise. As a matter of fact, they started selling franchise opportunities in 1999.


As a company that has been selling franchise opportunities for 18 years now and also is acknowledged as a World Class Franchise by The Franchise Research Institute since 2007, Comfort Keepers franchisees are guaranteed to get the best of support and resources from the company. The Comfort Keepers business model is certain to earn new franchisees a good financial reward for doing well to people.

Becoming a Comfort Keepers franchisee today affords you the opportunity to profit from their robust brand, scheduling software, protected territory program and also become an esteemed member of the society.


When you key into the Comfort Keepers franchise opportunity, there is profoundly a lot to gain from which include:

  1. The Comfort Keepers franchise is a rare opportunity to help you offer a distinctive care to humanity and enjoy personal satisfaction.
  2. Becoming a Comfort Keepers franchisee will allow you be a part of a brand that has become a household name in the care-giving market.
  3. The company’s giant status and training allows eligible franchisees to get internal funding.
  4. The Comfort Keepers franchise offers a myriad of resources and extensive support to its franchisees. The support mostly centers on Sales & Marketing, Client Care, Human Resource and Technological aid. Comfort Keepers presents an expansive training to its new franchisees to help them kick start, and additional trainings afterwards to help them stay afloat in the business.
  5. It doesn’t cost a fortune to become a Comfort Keepers franchisee. With $45,000, Comfort Keepers is open to do business with you.


The Comfort Keepers franchise cost is the aggregate of all required investments before a franchise entity can be established. The initial investment required to set up a Comfort Keepers franchise unit is estimated between $86,000 and $140,000. Intending franchisees are also expected to have a net-worth requirement of $300,000 with a liquid cash requirement of non-borrowed funds of about $100,000.


A new franchise has to obtain a license before it can be established by the franchisor. The payment that will be made in order to be granted the license to operate with the company’s name is the Comfort Keepers franchise fee. This fee is non refundable and is also expected to be renewed after a certain years of operation. The initial franchise fee is $45,000. Additionally, the franchise is also expected to pay a royalty fee of 5% of the monthly gross revenue of the franchise unit. Also accruable to Comfort Keepers is an ad royalty fee of 2%.


Comfort Keepers offers a mandatory training to their new franchisees or any other head of the franchise unit. It is mandatory that the new franchisee completes the 3-phase comprehensive training which could last a period of 2 weeks.

The training which is in different segments will include classrooms and a hands-on corporate study and may be held at any Comfort Keepers franchised business or training location deemed fit by the company.


Comfort Keepers is open to bankrolling a part of the initial franchise fee to eligible franchisees that are willing to sign a startup or expanse agreement. Exclusive of this, Comfort Keepers has no intent to directly or indirectly finance a Comfort Keepers franchisee.


Comfort Keepers franchisees will be granted access to operate only within the defined territory assigned to them. The territory will be a fixed geographical area but the franchisee has no exclusive right to such territory. Comfort Keepers franchisees may be faced with a competition with other businesses that the company controls.


Every Comfort Keepers franchise unit has a span at which it can operate. The period of agreement for a Comfort Keepers franchise term is 10 years from the date the unit commences operations. At the expiration of this period, the unit may be granted another 10 years to operate if the terms and agreement for renewal are met.


First and foremost, you need to be certain that you have acquainted yourself with all the information you need on how to open a Comfort Keepers franchise. Afterwards, visit the Comfort Keepers franchise website and fill the online application form therein. Your application will be reviewed and a Comfort Keepers franchise development agent will get back to you.

If your application is successfully granted, a Comfort Keepers franchise manager will be assigned to you. He will be tasked with providing you all the detailed information that will assist you in the process of setting up your franchise unit.