Closet Tailors Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

CLOSET TAILORS Franchising Guide

Closet Tailors franchise has its operations mainly in the home services, home improvements and the interior decorating industry. With corporate headquarters at 1927 Glassell Street, Orange, California, Closet Tailors franchise was created by Home Franchise Concepts and founded by Budget Blinds.

With 62 units in operation, it has a vision to create a robust and strong national brand through the deployment of state-of-the-art marketing tools and a strong ad campaign to reach its customers at the grass roots.

Closet Tailors Franchise was founded in 2006 and went into franchising the same year. It has as its CEO Shirin Behzadi. It allows absentee ownership and also has 2 as the number of employees required to run.

At Closet Tailors franchise, there is no need for fabrication or equipment manufacturing.

Closet Tailors Franchises Services

Closet Tailors franchisees offer a broad range of services to clients. Among such services is the provision of free in-house state of the art design consultation, with the installation of office and residential organizational systems.

Offering franchisees the opportunity to join a $5 billion dollar industry, Closet Tailors franchisees are assured of profitability and professionalism with of course assurance of customer satisfaction.

What Franchisees of Closet Tailors Franchise Stand to Benefit?

Closet Tailors Franchisees benefit from a wide range of services and support which include the following;

– Comprehensive and Total Training: Here, a two-week course modelled after its successful Budget Blinds programme is offered to franchisees, and this also includes support, workshops and ongoing trainings.
– Marketing Tools: Tools for local marketing are made available to franchisees in the form of customizable fliers, postcards, door hangers, newspaper ads etc.
– Personalized Business Rep: Here, franchisees are offered a representative from its corporate facility to help in providing lasting solution to any problems that may arise in the course of business.
– An Exclusive Territory:  This is part of the benefits offered its franchisees. This exclusive marketing area provided solely for each of its franchisees greatly helps in capturing the local area and reducing stiff competition and also the enhancement of the likelihood for its franchises to excel.

Financial Requirements of Closet Tailors Franchise

Closet Tailors Franchise has certain financial requirements to be met before ownership. Among such is a Liquid Capital Requirement of $70,680, a Net-worth requirement of $150,000, a financial investment of $197,995 to $250,000 and a franchise fee of $24,950.

Closet Tailors Franchise Ongoing Fees

Closet Tailors franchise has an ongoing fee charge of $29,950 for its Initial Franchise Fee, a varying Ongoing Royalty fee and also a varying Ad Royalty Fee charge.

Closet Tailors Financing Options

There is a financing option available at Closet Tailors franchise in the form of an in-house financing arrangement and covers franchise fee.

How Much Profits Can Franchisees Make from Closet Tailors Franchise?
The profit potential of a Closet Tailors franchise is not in doubt. However, such profitability is relative and dependent on such factors as location, and the franchise size among other factors.

But the most logical action of business owners is usually the promotion of high sales and reduction of losses. Hence a Closet Tailors franchise owner should consider administrative costs and also the location of such a franchise in order to influence profitability.

Value Added Services of Closet Tailors Franchise

Other services on offer by Closet Tailors franchise include training; ensuring that franchisees have an absolute knowledge on how it works; Support; franchisees are not left stranded as they are often updated and supported with vital information that will help them establish their businesses and ensure their clients satisfaction.

Closet Tailors franchisees receive upon registration a proprietary software known as the “visual storage planner” that aids in estimation, design, and selling, helping the customer with ideas on organizational solutions.

Closet Tailors Franchise Veteran Incentives Program

Closet Tailors franchise has an attractive veteran incentives program which offers a waiver of $5,000 off territory fees for veterans.

How to Open Closet Tailors Franchise?

Joining Closet Tailors Franchise is quite easy! Simply fill in the online for available for interested investors/ franchise candidates. A brief eligibility screening is carried out based on the information provided on the form.

After the candidate is considered eligible, he is immediately contacted by a Closet Tailors representative using the contact information supplied on the online form. From here, detailed discussions are held and a possible physical or virtual meeting is conducted with the company CEO.

After this, the franchise candidate is presented with the company’s risk disclosure document and a deposit is made by the investor. After the deposit, a comprehensive training program is conducted to acquaint the new franchisee with operational knowledge and other things necessary for the smooth running of the franchise.

What Next?

After qualifying as a Closet Tailors franchisee, you are entitled to extensive support and also, the franchise fee paid includes a two-week on the job training covering aspects like equipment and their coupling and installation procedures, inclusive of an exclusive 30,000 territory for its esteemed franchisees.

This is a brief summary on Closet Tailors franchis e and its operation and also how to buy/join this lucrative franchise opportunity. More information can be found by simply contacting the company representative or checking the frequently asked questions section of the company website.