This guide is a list of the latest franchise opportunities in India for the benefit of investors.

Every day, lots of business opportunities spring up. These consist of several types. Regardless of what these business opportunities are, we will focus on the franchise side of things.

Thus, we will consider the latest franchise opportunities in India. This is for prospective franchisees looking to buy into viable franchise brands.

While revealing some of these opportunities, we won’t restrict ourselves to a specific niche.

In other words, we will consider different types of businesses with franchise offerings.

6 New Franchising Offers in India

Being the world’s second most populous country, India is one of the best locations to start a business. Even more promising is the fact that successful franchises offer a better chance to succeed.

To benefit from this immense opportunity, we will provide a few of the latest franchising opportunities you can invest in.

  • Chhabra 555 Fashions Pvt. Ltd

When it comes to women’s wear and apparels, Chhabra is one of the most trusted and foremost names. Its main line of products includes Indian ethnic wears such as Lehangas, Sarees, fabrics and Suit dupattas. Chhabra has seen a huge expansion drive across India in recent times.

This has created tremendous opportunities for franchising.

To become its franchisee, you must possess certain characteristics such as interpersonal skills as well as passion for client satisfaction. Others include empathy, a healthy dose of goodwill, and entrepreneurial drive.

To start, you need an investment sum starting from INR 50lac to 1Cr.

Other details include a renewable term of 3 years plus a standard franchise agreement. You get to also benefit from its 100% return on investment guarantee, and territorial rights for a unit franchise.

  • Felicita Foods

This is a European concept café in India. Its range of products and services include Dutch pancakes, Belgian Waffles, Italian lemonades and more.

One of the reasons why investors love this franchise opportunity is its return on investment. The franchisor promises a 75 to 80% return on investment.

In addition to these, you benefit from an on-site training, support covering every aspect of setting up as well as a comprehensive manual

Its affordable start-up costs coupled with an elaborate marketing strategy makes Felicity foods an investor’s delight.

To start, you are given three options or business models. These include the kiosk, the concept café as well as the master franchise models. Each of these comes with different cost requirements. Investors also get to choose to operate full or part time.

The minimum requirement for a Felicita Foods franchise is ₹90,000.00.

  • Laziz Pizza

Owned by Laziz Food and Beverages, this franchise opportunity is unique in the sense that it allows you keep 100% of your profits.

Also, there are no experience requirements whatsoever. All the training you need are provided by the franchisor.

To buy a Laziz Pizza franchise, you need to choose your preferred business model. There are two of such models that include Economy and Elite.

For each of these, there are specific size dimensions.

Other differences come with the scope of services provided as well as interior design.  So, what do you stand to benefit as a Laziz Pizza franchisee? Several! These include vendor development, training, marketing support, finance training and material management.

In order to own this franchise opportunity, you need a minimum investment of ₹70,000.00

  • Charcoal Eats

If you’re looking for a unique Indian fast food restaurant with delicious menu offerings, then you need to look no further. Charcoal Eats offers a rich food menu that includes full meals, beverages, smoky starters, juicy rolls and a lot more. This franchise opportunity is spread across several Indian cities and growing.

However, there is still a lot of territory to conquer.

Its outlet format consists of 3 types; the Large dine-in, Small dine-in and the Express consisting of solely take-away and delivery. The minimum investment sum for the dine-in (inclusive of take-away and delivery) is Rs.25 lakh.

For its Express option (restricted to take-away and delivery) you need the sum of Rs. 20 lakh.

  • Café Desire

Arguably the foremost vending maching brands in India, this franchise opportunity has proven itself as one of the trusted names in the industry. As a Café Desire franchisee, you get to install coffee and tea vending machines at strategic locations. Of course these would require frequent supply of beverage mixes to ensure constant supply.

For best results, location of such vending machines count.

Therefore, common targets include schools and college campuses, malls, cinema theaters, hospitals, sports centers, supermarkets and more.

An advantage of owning a Café Desire franchise is that such business can be operated from your home.

To become a franchisor, you need a minimum investment of ₹200,000.

  • Algorithmics

This franchise opportunity has contributed immensely and still continues to improve society. This is achieved through its unique educational platform that teaches kids programming skills. It all begins with entering into an agreement with the franchisor through a signed contract.

Prospective franchisors are required to meet its minimum investment requirement to the tune of ₹3,500.000.

Algorithmics also has an in-house financing assistance in addition to its training program. This training program is mandatory for all new franchisees. Algorithmics has a profile which prospective franchisees are fit in. In essence, you should be driven to make a difference.

You should also be willing to tutor as much kids as possible in the art of programming.

In addition to these, you should be committed to the growth and development of the franchise.

These are a few of the latest franchise opportunities in India.

Before taking advantage of any, you need to scale through the selection process. This depends on how qualified you are.

Therefore, scrutinizing through all of these requirements is necessary for meaningful progress.

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