10 Cool Franchise Opportunities in Australia

Are you an Australian looking for franchise opportunities? If yes, the good news is there are many reputable franchises around.

To help you start your journey, we have provided a few franchise opportunities you can invest in.

While some of these have Australian roots, others are foreign franchises. However, this detail isn’t important as long as you can find one that meets your expectations.

Are you looking for small capital businesses to invest in? Here are some low-cost business opportunities in Australia.

So, without further delay, let’s get into business;


  • BeaconEdge

This is a marketing-focused franchise opportunity. Through proximity marketing, you get the opportunity to provide expert solutions to businesses.

In an era where the customer is king, BeaconEdge teaches you strategies that you can, in turn, empower businesses (in this case, your clients) get much sought after deals in an ever-competitive world.

As one of the most affordable franchise opportunities, you get to pay a minimum cash requirement of $149. This business can be run part or full time as well as home-based.

  • Skyhawks Sports Camps

This is a global franchise opportunity available in Australia. Skyhawks provides a range of camp sports programs for kids. Hence, if you’re interested in a franchise opportunity that impacts and changes live positively, this is where to go.

Skyhawks Sports Camps provides third-party financing, training, as well as discounts to veterans. The minimum cash requirement for a Skyhawks franchise is $35,000.

  • Minuteman Press

If you have an interest in the printing industry, then Minuteman Press may be the partner you need. Asides printing, this franchise opportunity also provides marketing services. Its world-class services, as well as support, have seen it listed among the best franchises around the globe.

To start, you’re required to pay a $50,000 minimum cash requirement.

There are certain benefits you enjoy. These include third-party financing, training, comprehensive support as well as royalty incentives program among others.

This is a children’s education business that equips you to train kids using a STEM approach. This is an afterschool program that includes the use of specially developed STEM LEGO equipment.

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It doesn’t matter your level of experience as you get all the training you need.

To join the Young Engineers franchise, there’s a minimum cash requirement of $39,000.
The business can also be operated from home. How about financing? Young Engineers has a financing provision as well.

  • PerkUp

This digital loyalty business teaches you all you need to know about customer engagement. As such, it has every tool needed to guide you through the use of digital products to reach a wide segment of your target market.

Apart from its comprehensive training program, you get to choose a full or part-time option. This depends on your schedule. The minimum cash requirement for this home-based business is highly affordable at $149.

  • Limited Medical School

This is a child education franchise opportunity that seeks to chart a medical path for kids. This is done through structured games where they get to wear medical costumes and use toy medical equipment.

This may be the perfect opportunity for persons with a medical background. Besides, you get all the training you need to succeed.

To join, you need a minimum cash requirement of $20,000. Veterans also get a 10% discount on franchise fees.

  • Property Management Inc.

The need for quality property management services has seen a jump in recent years. Property Management Inc. is a franchise opportunity that has become a major player in the real estate industry. If you’ve wanted to set up your own real estate business, you may want to consider going into partnership with a major company like this.

To start, you need a minimum cash requirement of $50,000.

This franchise opportunity can be operated from your home. However, you’d get all the training required. There are also lots of incentives for its franchisees.

This café franchise opportunity offers a variety of coffee beverages. Some of these include latte, hot and cold espresso, cappuccino as well as specialty coffees with flavor syrups, fancy toppings and more.

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After payment of its $150,000 minimum cash requirement, you benefit from training, financing as well as its top-notch support to help you succeed.

Café Barbera offers two unit models to choose from. The first is the Fast Casual Coffee Shop. This covers an area between 1,614 to 2,152 sq. ft. The second is the Coffee Shop Standard. This has an area covering a 753 to 1,076 sq. ft. area.

Your preferred option will impact on franchise cost.

  • Social Owl

This is an online-based franchise opportunity that enables you to run an efficient social media business. You can harness the power of social media through its highly effective training program.

To join, you only need to pay its minimum cash requirement of $149. You also get to option of choosing your schedule.

In other words, you choose to either run a full or part-time business.

  • Healthy YOU Vending

The health and wellness industry is huge! And one of the major players is Healthy YOU Vending.

As its franchisee, you get to take delivery of vending machines that do not need hiring a staff.

From the comfort of your home, you can monitor activities from your cell phone.

To start, you need a $30,000 minimum cash requirement. This is followed by the training and eventual launch of the business.

There you go! These are just a few of the many franchise opportunities you can invest in Australia. Almost all of these are global franchise brands with years of reputation. This adds an extra layer of confidence regarding viability.