Flying Biscuits Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

Flying Biscuits Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you’d love to own a Southern food and breakfast-styled restaurant, the Flying Biscuits franchise program presents the perfect opportunity.

There are several reasons to join this reputable brand. Its inclusion in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 200 Food-Based Franchises is one such.

So, your dream of opening your own food and breakfast restaurant can be realized by exploring the opportunity presented by Flying Biscuits.

In this article, you’ll find information on the advantages and processes of joining the system. With this guide, the process should be a lot easier.

Flying Biscuits Franchise: An Overview

Priding itself as America’s #1 Breakfast Brand, Flying Biscuits has come a long way in establishing a tradition of excellence while simultaneously building a well-respected brand.

This has endeared it to customers and investors, with its franchise program drawing much interest.

This breakfast restaurant first opened for business in 1993, and it wasn’t until 13 years later (2006) that it began to franchise. The successes so far have been tremendous, with the company opening more locations (25) in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas.

While that is true, the company isn’t backing down on its expansion drive as it offers you a unique opportunity to join its family of growing franchisees.

Do you have what it takes? Is Flying Biscuits available in your location? These and many other questions need to be answered when exploring the opportunity.

Why Join Flying Biscuits?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re seeking answers or reasons for joining Flying Biscuits. Luckily, there are several good reasons to join. These range from the low initial investment, double-digit growth, real help with financing, and one of the best breakfast brands in America.

Flying Biscuits franchisees also enjoy significant unit volume in addition to available territories. There’s also the chance of getting in on the ground floor, a diverse menu, and a highly supportive and responsive franchisor.

Does Flying Biscuits Franchise?

It’s common for franchise candidates to raise questions regarding a franchise opportunity.

One of these concerns is whether Flying Biscuits has a franchise program. Flying Biscuits has a franchise program open to interested and qualified candidates.

You’ll need to qualify or meet its requirements to be considered for this opportunity. Included in this guide are the basics of joining the system.

You must contact Flying Biscuits for comprehensive guidance on its franchise program and application procedures.

Flying Biscuits Franchise Financial Requirements, Ongoing Fees, Veteran Incentives, & Financing

An essential requirement for joining Flying Biscuits’ franchise includes meeting its financial needs.

These also include ongoing fees such as ad royalty and royalty fees. The initial investment needed is between $645,250 and $944,350. A franchise fee of $45k is included.

Flying Biscuits requires franchise candidates to have a minimum net worth of $500k. Net price is calculated as the value of your assets minus liabilities.

These assets will include real estate, cash, retirement accounts, and stocks.

These liabilities mainly consist of car payments, mortgages, and credit card debts. Franchisees must also meet this franchisor’s cash requirement of around $150k.

i. Ongoing Fees

New and existing franchisees must pay 5% and 2% and ad royalty fees to the franchisor.

The royalty and ad royalty fees are a percentage of weekly or monthly gross sales. If you have questions about this, consider contacting the franchisor for answers.

ii. Veteran Incentives

As a veteran, you’re eligible for a discount when applying to Flying Biscuits.

These may be in the form of a deal or incentive whose objective is to reward veterans for their service to the country. Flying Biscuits offers a discount of 10% off the franchise fee.

iii. Financing

Regarding financing, Flying Biscuits has no in-house provisions for that.

However, your only option as a qualified candidate is third-party financing. Third-party financing covers vital operation areas such as payroll and franchise fees.

Other critical areas covered include accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and startup costs. You’ll need to know what the requirements are for obtaining such financing.

You’re also given the essential guide on how to proceed.

Flying Biscuits Franchisee Support

Without the needed support, it isn’t easy to have smooth operations.

This determines how successful your business endeavor turns out. Luckily, Flying Biscuits offers a range of support services geared at helping their partners excel.

Support services can be categorized into 3: training, marketing, and ongoing support. In the case of activity, you get comprehensive on-the-job training lasting 160 hours.

The franchisor determines the number of days spent in training.

i. Marketing Support

Under its marketing support provisions, Flying Biscuits gives you access to national media advertising and the use of its ad templates.

Other benefits franchisees enjoy include website development, email marketing, SEO, and social media advertising.

ii. Ongoing Support

As the name suggests, ongoing support is provided on an ongoing basis and includes critical areas of operations like grand opening and use of the franchisor’s proprietary software.

Site selection, field operations, security & safety procedures, franchisee intranet platform, lease negotiation, online support, and newsletters are additional areas of support covered.

Join Flying Biscuits Franchise Today

If you find the Flying Biscuits franchise opportunity interesting, you can start the process of joining by visiting its franchise page.

Here, you get to research more on the offer before proceeding. At the bottom of the franchise page is a short “contact us” form, which must be filled out and submitted.

In filling out this form, you must include details like your name, email, net worth, liquid assets, and phone number. Other details required are restaurant experience, location of interest (such as city or state), and your message, if any.

Upon submitting the form, a franchise representative contacts you to discuss the opportunity. While being assessed for eligibility, you can also ask any questions.

You’ll be given a franchise disclosure document (FDD) to go through. This holds every detail about the franchise.

Start the process of joining the Flying Biscuits franchise today to enjoy all available perks and more. It’s important always to seek guidance on how to proceed by making inquiries.

Also, check if Flying Biscuits has franchise offerings covering your area. This is necessary to determine whether to proceed or not.