13 Highly-Rated Drive-Thru Franchises for Sale

Here is a list of the best drive-thru franchises to buy.

Franchises have increasingly become popular investment vehicles for investors seeking to own part of a successful company or business.

List of Drive-Thru Businesses for Sale

The different types of franchises can be categorized under factors like franchisor strategy, relationship models, investment level, marketing, and several others.

The drive-thru type of franchise is what we’re most interested in. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for information on available drive-thru franchises to invest in.

You’re at the right place because we’ve provided details about the best drive-thru franchises to buy. You only need to follow to pick your preferred franchisor.

Best Drive-Thru Franchise Opportunities

Regarding drive-thru franchising, many options vary by type of service or product, franchise spread, brand size, and many other factors.

You’ll need to pick your preferred drive-thru franchise by scrolling and reading through the list of those provided below.

Top drive-thru franchises include Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, Taco John’s, Sweet Pea, Rita’s Italian Ice, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, and Ziggi’s Coffee.

Others include Aroma Joe’s Coffee, Checker’s Drive-In Restaurants, The Human Bean, Scooter’s Coffee Drive-Thru, and Philly Connection.

i. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

With over three decades of existence, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is a great brand you might be interested in joining.

It offers franchising opportunities to interested investors who get to establish their franchise operations using the company’s proven franchise model.

This is a privately-held company with a focus on family and community. Its operations are guided by strict quality control measures that ensure the best products.

More important is the relationship it maintains with its franchisees. You get continued comprehensive support all through the franchise ownership term.

ii. Taco John’s

This Mexican fast food franchise has been over 50 years in existence. Since its launch, Taco John’s has expanded into 22 states with over 380 restaurants and counting.

There are several reasons why you should consider this franchise opportunity. Such includes a robust grand opening strategy.

Other reasons include top-tier marketing, expert training, access to real estate & construction support teams, and excellent growth potential.

iii. Sweet Pea

The Sweet Pea Homemade Ice Cream franchise is yet another drive-thru opportunity with significant potential for interested investors.

It produces a wide range of quality, tasty products which have proven to attract a steady stream of customers.

Sweet Pea was launched in 2013 and began franchising the same year. You might want to look at the company to learn more about the opportunities offered and whether such align with your goals.

iv. Rita’s Italian Ice

Rita’s Italian Ice has demonstrated long-term sustainability with over 30 years of experience.

It has also been able to spread to over 31 states and counting. Part of the ownership requirements includes at least $100,000 in cash and a net worth of $300,000.

Its scalable business model makes it a great investment option to try. The joining process isn’t complicated at all. All you have to do is follow the procedures outlined on its site after establishing contact.

v. Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

To join this drive-thru coffee franchise, some business experience is needed.

You must also be desirous of becoming part of something big. Of course, meeting the franchisor’s financial requirements is essential. The initial investment range is between $401,500 and $778,000.

To join, you’ll have to apply and qualify. This is followed by issuing a franchise disclosure document, and then a discovery day and store visit are arranged.

Site selection follows the signing of the franchise document. Other processes include onboarding and construction. Training and grand opening are the last steps.

vi. Ziggi’s Coffee

To be considered for a Ziggi’s Coffee franchise opportunity, you’ll have to share in the company’s commitment and enthusiasm in providing Ziggy’s experience.

Prospective franchisees will also need to have the investment sum ready. This falls within the $199,700 to $910,500 range.

vii. Biggby Coffee

With affordable buildout costs and innovative franchise models, this drive-thru franchise has earned investors’ trust, who have continued to build solid, mutually beneficial partnerships with the company.

To join the Biggby Coffee brand, you’ll need a total investment of $276,000 to $439,000.

viii. Aroma Joe’s Coffee

This is yet another drive-thru franchise opportunity specializing in handcrafted coffee blends and energy drinks.

It offers varying buildout options in addition to customer and community engagement. Its products are ethically sourced, plus the company provides multiple revenue sources to its franchisees through its expanded menu.

ix. Checkers Drive-In Restaurants

With this franchisor, you can access a sound business model that offers significant growth potential, a magnetic culture, assorted menu items, and satisfying customers’ needs.

The company provides its franchisees with all the support and help they need to succeed.

x. The Human Bean

This is a reputable coffee drive-thru franchise brand that doesn’t charge its franchisees any royalty fees.

This means the absence of high royalties that affect your bottom line. Franchisees get all the support and training needed to launch their franchise operations.

xi. PJ’s Coffee

This drive-thru franchise brand seeks to build memorable experiences through its customer-centered quality product offerings and robust support given to clients.

Established in 1978, the company has since spread its presence across the country, with more opportunities for expansion still being pursued.

xii. Scooter’s Coffee Drive-Thru

This drive-thru coffee franchise seeks candidates with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to succeed, in addition to a remarkable customer service orientation.

Of course, you’ll need to meet its financial requirements, including liquid capital over $200,000.

xiii. Philly Connection

With a presence in 9 states, Philly Connection is a thriving drive-thru franchise that seeks to expand its presence across more locations.

To join, you’ll need to complete its application process, which leads to franchise approval, meeting with franchise representatives, and issuance of a franchise disclosure document.

A review of the franchise agreement follows. Lenders are also contacted for pre-approval of financing.

The final draft of the franchise agreement is reviewed, and the franchise agreement is executed. What more? New franchisees will need to select their desired location.

These are good examples of the best drive-thru franchises to buy. Knowing what to go for depends on your knowledge of what’s being offered. This requires a great deal of research.

Understanding this enables you to prepare adequately.

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