Domain Flipping Guide – How To Make Money Buying And Selling Expired Names

Flipping Domain Guide – Buy and Sell Domain Names

One of the numerous ways people make money from the internet is through reselling domains for profit. Investing in internet real estate is a safe way to make money online as some domain names and blogs can be sold for a huge amount of money.

Just as real estate investors buy land and properties intending to sell at a higher price, investors in domain business register new domains to re-register expired ones to sell for profit.

Tutorial On Domain BackOrder, Parking, Trading

Domain flipping business is a very lucrative investment. Many people make between $1000- $50,000 every month just by buying and selling domain names.

Domain names can be worth a lot of money as seen in famous sales seen on DN Journals.

To make good money from the domain business, you need to be equipped with the necessary information and tools. This tutorial guide on domain flipping will show you how you can start making money from domain names.

What is Domain Name Flipping?

A domain is an address where a web property is located.

Flipping domain names involves registering one of such domain names using your name (as the registrant) and transferring the ownership to someone that buys the domain from you.

Registering Domain Names: Guide To Finding Great Domain Names To Register

Newbies in domain investing often wonder what it takes to select a good domain name that is worth gold. There is no secret trick in spotting great domain names. Extensive research before you buy that domain name is key.

However, this strategy depends on the type of domain you want to invest in which includes hand registered, premium, and expired domain names.

I will advise that as someone just learning domain investing, you should restrict your investment to expired domains.

Two questions you should ask yourself when registering a domain name are:

==> Who will use this name and how?
Compare GoldBlockSite and BannerDesign.

==> How large is the market?
Compare NuclearScientistGuide and PC Softwares?

Do you understand now?

Hand Registered (HandReg) Domain

-Use reliable/popular domain registrars
-Make Use Of Coupons
-Stick to .com TLDs
-Generate brandable domain names using generators like BustAName and NameStall
-Use Textmechanic to combine keywords, add suffixes, and prefixes.
-Keep to short (3-6 letters), brandable and memorable
-Avoid cliches and names with certain letters like TVXQ
-Pick names that can be transcribed correctly if heard over the radio

Expired Domain

-Stick to .com TLDs
-Use PageRank, domain age, and backlinks as selection criteria
-Research on exact search volume. When trying to find out the exact search volume of a particular word/keyword, visit Google ad planner. Make sure you are logged in to your google account. Click on get search volume and then enter the word.
-Google the domain keywords to assess potential businesses that may need the domain
-Appraise the domain name to estimate your domain worth using domain estimation tools like Valuate and Estibot.
-For domains that are about to drop, use reliable back dropping services like Snapnames and Namejet.

To learn more about what makes a domain name premium, click here.

Parking Domain Names

Domain parking is done while waiting for potential buyers to show interest in the name and it involves redirecting visitors to a page served with adverts.

You are paid a commission when people click on ads showing on this webpage. Bodis, Sedo, Afternic are examples of popular domain parking sites.

Selling/Marketing Domain Names:

-Create a social media profile for your business
-Open necessary payments like Paypal, 2CheckOut, Escrow, Domiciliary Accounts, etc.
-Send out emails to potential businesses.
-Register and list your domain names on popular marketplaces. Some of the major domain sales marketplaces where you can list your domain name for sale include Sedo, Afternic, Bido, Bodis, Flippa, NamePros, and Godaddy Auctions. While some are free, others are paid. For instance, listing on Sedo is free but using Godaddy Auctions requires an annual membership fee of $4.
-Don’t quote ridiculous reserve prices, leave room for negotiation even when a domain name is listed on Buy It Now (BIN), offer and counteroffer, or public auction.

To learn about what sells about a domain name, you can go through the list of completed domain name sales at Namepros.

If a domain name is not renewed after the registration period, the name drops and is available for new registration again. However, most good names are not allowed to drop. Most domainers place a backorder for the domain name so that they can get to register it before anyone else.

Back Ordering is used to catch very good domain names before they drop. But when two or more people use the same company to back order the same name, that name goes into a bidding war and the highest bidder after three days wins the name. Snapnames and Namejet are two popular domain backorder services.

If you are determined to teach yourself what it takes to succeed as a domain flipper, read through this guide again and note the salient points.

I know you have lots of questions to ask me, feel free to post your comment below this post. I’ll gladly do justice to your questions.

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