DATA DOCTORS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Data Doctors Franchise Systems Inc offers interested investors an investment opportunity in the computer sales and services sector. This franchise is a national brand with years of experience in delivering the highest quality service at affordable rates to its clients.

It has built its reputation by being among the foremost computers sale and services companies available today, with a national presence. Its corporate headquarters is located at Tempe, Arizona

In addition to the offer of top-notch services, the Data Doctors franchise also enlightens technology users through a radio program (Data Doctors Tech Tips) this highlights the trends in the technology industry and offers useful tips and advice on what to go for and what to avoid.

In addition to its radio program is its weekly newspaper column publication plus its local TV programs all aimed at providing the critical service of enlightenment/education.

The Data Doctors franchise was founded in 1988 and did not commence its franchising operations until 2002 when it opened its franchising arm for investments. Its area of expertise includes the provision of computers services that include business networking, data recovery and also the sales of computer.

Prospective franchisees will be providing these services after having been trained by the franchisor and given the right tools to use through its robust system of support.

The Benefits of Owning a Data Doctors Franchise

Investing in the Data Doctors franchise opportunity means that investors stand to benefit from its years of experience in the computer services and sales sector, which has helped it today in emerging among the top technology brands providing this vital service. Franchisees are guided through a process of training to transfer the required skills and knowledge necessary for top performance.

Apart from this, they are supported through Data Doctors robust support network which seeks to support them whenever they encounter difficulties at any point during the franchise contract duration.

Also, Data Doctors franchisees are granted unrestricted access to the franchisors business model and the use of its system and secrets, in addition to the usage of its brand name.

These all add up to ensuring that franchisees succeed with their Data Doctors franchises. There is also the added advantage of its low running cost. The number of employees required to run a Data Doctors franchise is typically between 2 to 3. This means that wages do not occupy a significant part of the franchise’s expenses.

Data Doctors Franchise Startup Cost

Owning a Data Doctors franchise requires that certain startup costs are incurred by the franchisee. Some of these startup costs include an Initial Investment sum starting from $83,400 to $114,700, and a Liquid Cash requirement sum starting from $150,000 to $175,000. These startup costs are a requirement for qualifying for this franchise opportunity.

Data Doctors Franchise Fee

The Data Doctors franchise requires that a franchise fee is paid by the franchisee as part of its terms of the agreement. The franchise fee to be paid by the franchisee to the franchisor starts from $35,000.

However, the franchisor has put in place financing options that cover the franchise fee. Its financing option is in the form of a third-party relationship the franchisor maintains with financing sources that offer to finance covering the franchise fee.

Data Doctors Franchise Ongoing Costs

This franchise opportunity has certain ongoing costs to be incurred by the franchisee. The franchisee is required to pay these fees to the franchisor. These ongoing costs are in the form of an Ongoing Royalty fee of 5% and an Advert Royalty fee of 1%.

The ongoing costs, however, vary with the size of the Data Doctors franchise. Larger sized franchises attract higher ongoing costs, and smaller franchises are typically charged lower.

Data Doctors Franchise Training and Support

All Data Doctors franchisees (especially new), benefit from a comprehensive training program, which is mandatory. The training program provides the necessary skills and knowledge required for the proper running of their franchises.

The training program, which is conducted at the franchisor’s corporate headquarters, has a varying length of time/duration. This is also true of its on-site training program. An added training provided through videos and the internet is also provided to franchisees.

Support covers a variety of key areas. The support provided by the franchisor includes marketing support and ongoing support. Ongoing support covers field operations, the provision of internet services, a toll-free line, and newsletter publications.

Others include security, a grand opening ceremony, meetings and purchasing cooperatives. Marketing support covers cooperative advertising, ad slicks and the use of regional media.

Data Doctors Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

Under Data Doctors franchise’s terms of agreement/renewal policy, franchisees are offered a contract term of 10 years. This term is, however, open to renewal by paying a renewal fee which is 25% of the Initial Fee.

How to Start a Data Doctors Franchise?

To own a Data Doctors franchise, visit the franchisor’s website on there is an online application form made available for interested franchise candidates. This form requires personal information the franchisor needs to determine if the applicant is qualified or not.

Carefully fill this form and submit. Successful applicants are contacted by a representative for further investment discussions.

Using the information provided above, it is believed that the prospective franchisee will be adequately prepared to make the right investment decision.

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