Cryotherapy is a medical therapy where local or general use of low temperature is applied. Also known as cold therapy, the benefits of such treatment are pretty varied. These range from numbing of nerve irritation, treatment of low-risk tumors, and reduction of migraine symptoms.

More benefits include treatment of atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions, low-risk tumors, application for mood disorders, and reduction of arthritic pain, amongst several more uses. Here, the goal isn’t to dwell on cryotherapy’s benefits but to identify some of the best franchise opportunities offered.

So, are you seeking to start or establish your own cryotherapy business? You might want to partner with some of the best brands in the game. We’ve listed and briefly discussed such opportunities below.

The Best Cryotherapy Franchises to Own

Your choice of a cryotherapy franchise should depend on what’s being offered. It’s logical to choose the best option you can find. Different investors may have unique perceptions about a franchise due to the possibility of having varying needs.

Some leading cryotherapy franchises you might find appealing include iCryo, Cryofit, Chill Cryotherapy, US Cryotherapy, and Icebox Cryotherapy. More options include Synergy Cryo Space, CryoNow, and Cryo.

i. iCryo

This is a health and wellness franchise whose main objective is to improve and elevate the lives of its clients wherever they are. The company takes the support of its franchisees seriously. As such, it offers support in the following areas; sales, marketing & tech, construction & leasing, and training.

The provision of elite equipment & supplies is also part of its support strategy. In terms of services being offered, iCryo provides a wide range of services categorized under lifestyle services, IV drip therapy, and body sculpting. Does this sound like something you want? Request franchise information.

ii. Cryofit

There are reasons you should consider this investment opportunity. Such include Cryofit’s tried and true business model, which has helped many franchisees succeed. This company is service-focused, thus being well tuned in to the need of its franchisees. Cryofit’s low overhead means your operations will be profitable.

So, which locations should you be looking at Cryofit has locations in Austin, TX, Boerne, TX; San Antonio, TX-Alamo Heights, New Berlin, WI; and Delafield, WI, etc. You’ll need to make inquiries to have a definite idea of franchise availability.

CryoFit also offers its franchisees real estate and site selection support, construction, and design, as well as opening and ongoing support.

iii. Chill Cryotherapy

Chill Cryotherapy is another franchise program you should consider investing in. The reason is simple: it offers robust support covering many areas. These include the purchase of cryotherapy machines, company formation, build-out, design & inventory, and its proprietary nitrogen storage & delivery system.

Other support areas include marketing training, administrative training, initial localized public relations, and support with the formation & launch of social media sites. You also have trademarked treatment protocols, assigned onboarding specialists, and access to all proprietary manuals, operations, human resources, etc.

iv. US Cryotherapy

US Cryotherapy has attracted a lot of investments for many reasons. Some of these include its high customer volume capabilities and fixed operating costs. Others include marketing & social media support, end-to-end operational support, franchise portal, training, and safety record.

Also, franchisees are drawn to this franchise program due to US Cryotherapy’s all-in-one customer management, tracking, analytics, and POS system. Franchisees get protected territories; this cryotherapy service is a preferred SBA 7a franchisor.

So, what does it take to own this franchise? As always, you’ll need to meet all requirements, including financial. Specifically, you need a net worth of $500k or more, liquidity of $100k or higher, a franchise fee of $20k to $30k, and a royalty of 6% of gross sales in addition to a 1% national marketing fund.

v. Icebox Cryotherapy

Icebox Cryotherapy seeks candidates with specific traits and experiences, including a passion for a healthy lifestyle. Other requirements have retail or health & wellness business experience, energy and enthusiasm, overall compatibility with the concept, and commitment to the company’s high customer service ideals.

This franchisor seeks single and multi-unit franchisees in target states like Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Its support services include full onsite training, full integration with customized technology, comprehensive operations manual, complete store design, and marketing support and guidance. The franchisor also helps you find a suitable location.

vi. Synergy Cryo Space

To join Synergy Cryo Space’s franchise program, you’ll need a total investment of $51,400 and a royalty fee of 5% of gross sales paid monthly. Synergy Cryo Space was founded in 2008 and began franchising in 2018. This business’s adoption of high-tech gadgets like cameras gives it an edge over its competitors.

As its franchisee, you can access Synergy’s proven business model. This means your operations are backed by years of business success. Is this the right opportunity for you? You’ll have to find out yourself. You have an idea of what it is you want from a franchisor. Simply compare what’s being offered to what you want.

vii. CryoNow,

CryoNow specializes in several services, including cryotherapy, ozone steam sauna, and massage treatments. To join its franchise program, you need an investment of $123k to $198k. Other financial requirements include a franchise fee of $24,900, a net worth of $24,900, and a cash requirement of a similar amount.

viii. Cryo

Cryo offers services that include Cryo body, localized cryo, cryo press, IV nutrient therapy, cryo back recovery, cryothor body, cryo facial, cryo freezio, etc. There are good reasons to join Cryo. These include its offer of up to 150% ROI within five years.

What more? Cryo prides itself on having the ultimate beauty, health & wellness franchise in town. Its renowned franchise concept is designed to offer turnkey solutions. Also, franchisees get to join one of the fastest-growing health concepts.

It is projected that the demand for cryotherapy will climb significantly shortly. This presents an opportunity to consider investing and leverage on growing demand.

Having these cryotherapy franchise options to work with goes a long way in helping you choose better. As always, we recommend you carry out detailed research of each opportunity to determine what suits your needs.

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