CPR® Cell Phone Repair Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

CPR CELL PHONE REPAIR Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

CPR® Cell Phone Repair franchise is mobile device repair industry which has been in operation since 1997(20 years). If you are interested in starting a CPR Cell Phone Repair franchise to become a franchisee, below is all that is available to know about the franchise.

At first, we will have a general overview of the company, then details such as how much a CPR Cell Phone Repair franchise cost, the required total investment cost, the available trainings and supports, and how to start up a CPR cell phone repair.

About CPR-Cell Phone Repair Franchise
CPR cell phone repair often regarded to as the oldest and the largest mobile repair franchise.  Since the number of cell phones in the universe is much there have been much demands for their services since the start in 1997, and never have they disappoint their customers.

They are problem solver and have enough experience technically to repair any type of device. Beyond Smartphone they repair other electronic devices like computers, laptops, game consoles, mp3 players, camera and other notable electronic devices.

Their goal is to be an asset to every community they serve, they have grown well since the start of the industry even as such they are still committed to their customers both locally and globally.

They provide repair solutions for school businesses and consumers in communities across the globe. Specialising in repairing water damage phone, charging ports, broken screen amongst others.

How much does a CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchise Cost?
A CPR cell phone repair franchise would cost you a minimum liquid capital of $100,001 and a required net worth which amount to $150,000. This amounts are the sum of other expenses one need to fulfil before becoming a CPR cell phone repair franchisee.

CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchise Fee
To become a franchisee at CPR cell phone repair, you will be required to pay an initial franchise fee amounting to $37,500.

CPR Cell Phone Repair Startup Cost
If you are interested in starting up a CPR cell phone repair store, you will be required to have a least $58,000 as the minimum start up cost and $176,000 as the most appropriate cost.

CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchise Training and Support
When you become a franchisee at CPR cell phone repair and now running on your own, you get to enjoy some benefits in support and some training for your efficiency, below are some of them.

  • CPR cell phone repair offer in house financing to help franchisee cover for the initial start up cost
  • CPR cell phone repair also have relationship with third party so as to help intending franchisee cover for the franchise fee, equipment and other needed fee.
  • CPR cell phone repair organises meetings and conventions for franchisees  so as to help them become aware of latest inventions and receive new trainings.
  • CPR cell phone repair provides franchisee with latest software so as to assist them in repairing software problems easily.
  • They also help with developing website for franchisee
  • At CPR cell phone repair franchisee receive a 40 hours training on site and another 40 hours training at their headquarters which amounts to 80 hours of training.
  • CPR also assist with regional advertisement for their franchisee.
  • They help with site selection for their franchisee, since they have firsthand experience of locations suitable for business.
  • Available for franchisee is an intranet platform where required information and manual for selected repair can be accessed.

CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
Most of CPR cell phone repair Franchise information are not kept online. So to know more about the terms of agreement and renewal offered by CPR cell phone repair Franchise you will have to contact them online by requesting through the request form provided.

How much does a CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchise Make?
Recent statistics has shown that numbers of mobile devices user increase each year. As this number increases, many become faulty and need repair. So we can reasonably conclude a CPR cell phone repair Franchisee will make a lot repairing devices. Officially though there is no information available online as to how much a CPR cell phone repair Franchise makes.

Factors deciding how much they make might varies due to difference in location, and difference in products worked on. To get an accurate information about how much they make you will need to make such enquiries online by contacting them.

How to Open a CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchise
Having explored extensively details about CPR Cell Phone Repair franchise and you are interested in starting as one of their franchisee quickly contact them by visiting their website at www.cellphonerepair.com to request for more sign up information.

You could also contact them by giving them a call on (866)804-1530 to receive detailed email information about sign up.