Coverall Cleaning Franchise: Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

COVERALL Franchise Fee, Revenue, And Profit Margin

Buying into a commercial cleaning franchise is considered to be a very wise and lucrative investment. Even when the economy is weak, businesses always have the need to get their facilities cleaned. It is quite rare to see companies handle their cleaning services in-house; they mostly outsource the service to 3rd party cleaning outfits.

In the course of this article, we will be making an expository discovery on how to open a Coverall Franchise.


Coverall is one of the leading commercial cleaning companies with over 25 years of industry experience. The company was founded in the year 1985 in San Diego with just 3 staff members and today, they have grown to owning about 90 support centres and more than 9,000 franchises all over the world.

The company has also served more than 40,000 clients across the world. The services rendered by the company is health-based, they utilise systems that help in reducing the spread of disease-causing germs at the workplace.

Their services cut across all forms of businesses, ranging from the general office, to schools, hospitals, public buildings, fitness centers and so on. Also included among their numerous clients are retail stores, manufacturing plants, airports and government buildings. In fact, most of the Fortune 500 companies’ cleaning services are handles by Coverall.


Coverall Franchise is a franchise company and they have been selling franchise opportunities for so many years now with a very workable model that guarantees success for their franchisees.


Coverall Franchisee will be saddled with the responsibility of operating a commercial cleaning service using the Coverall’s cleaning system. The company offers and sells their franchise opportunities in three different mode: Service franchise, Janitorial franchise and Territory franchise

Franchisees with Coverall are offered a whole lot of flexibility. There is the possibility of launching a franchise with just one or two accounts and this picks up as the business grow. Franchisees are also offered the option of running a home-based franchise service.


Billions of dollars are lost annually by American companies as a result of employees calling in sick t different times of the year. The traditional cleaning services rendered by most companies do not most of the times involve the killing of germs that cause diseases among employees.

Coverall Franchise utilise scientific-based cleaning systems to destroy these germs and reduce the spread of various diseases associated with the germs. The company uses EPA-registered, standard disinfectants and they also avoid the usage of cleaning tools that are liable to promote the spread of germs.


When you buy into a Coverall Franchise, you will benefit from a lot of opportunities. However the franchise also comes with its own cost. The Coverall Franchise cost will be the total investments that will be required to get a franchise unit running. The initial investments needed to establish a franchise unit is between $17,000 and $50,000.

New franchisees are also expected to have a net worth of about $50,000 and a liquid cash requirement of funds that are non-borrowed to the tune of $35,000.


The Coverall Franchise fee is considered as the payment made to the company to get the license to operate under the company’s brand names and identities. The initial franchise fee is between $13,500 and $38,400 depending on the type of franchise package the franchisee is buying.

An on-going royalty fee of about 5% of the monthly gross revenue is also payable to the company.


When you buy into the Coverall Franchise, you will be offered an intensive training on all areas of the commercial cleaning service business, which include business management, operations and finance.

The training program will hold in 10 different sessions and franchisees can take two classes per week, although the training schedule can be adjusted to suit your personal schedule. Training will include an online session, webinars and training manuals.


With Coverall Franchise the franchisee has no need to approach the bank or any lender. The company offers immediate financing to assist the franchisee to cover for a part of the initial franchise fee payment. Veterans are also offered great discounts off the initial franchise fee.


The initial period of time that a franchisee can hold the Coverall Franchise license is 20 years. This is renewable after expiration of the period if the franchisee is able to meet with the company’s terms and conditions for renewal.


This article has discussed on how to open a Coverall Franchise. However, to complete your application, you will need to forward it to the company’s website. After which the company will review your application and then feedback will be given after some few days.

If the company considers you eligible to open a franchise unit, you will be allocated a franchise manager, who will make additional review on your financial capability to operate a franchise unit of the company. The franchise manager will then work alongside his team to assist you in setting up your Coverall Franchise unit

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