CLUB Z! In-home Tutoring Service Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

CLUB Z! TUTORING Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

CLUB Z! In-home tutoring service is a industry that has been in operation since 1995 (22 years) and have been franchising since 1998 (19 years). If you are interested in joining CLUB Z! services to become a franchisee, below is all that is available to know about CLUB Z! tutoring service.

First we will have a general overview of the company, then details such as how much a CLUB Z! tutoring services cost, the required total investment cost, the available training and supports, and finally how to start a CLUB Z! In-home tutoring service.

About CLUB Z! Service Franchise.
CLUB Z! tutoring service opened in Tampa Florida in 1995 is an industry where franchisees offer one on one In-home tutoring services which include ACT, SAT preps, Foreign Language courses, computer training, music training and other available academics subjects. In fact, they have become approved as supplemental educational services provider in over 40 states in the US.

They also provide free tutoring services at public libraries, community centres, schools and churches. CLUB Z! franchisees owner also has the opportunity to offer online test preps, educational subjects tutoring and ON-Demand homework help program for added revenue.

How much does a CLUB Z! In-home Tutoring Service Franchise Cost?
A CLUB Z! In-home tutoring service franchise would cost you a minimum liquid capital which amount to $40,000. This amount is also added to other financial requirement which a franchisee must fulfil before becoming one of CLUB Z! In-home tutoring service franchisees

CLUB Z! In-home Tutoring Service Franchise Fee
CLUB Z! In-home tutoring service has an initial franchise fee of $19,750- $39,500 with a 6-8% royalty fee and a 2% AD royalty fee.

CLUB Z! In-home Tutoring Service Franchise Startup Cost
For those interested in joining CLUB Z! In-home tutoring service franchise, you will be required a total investment capital which amounts to $33,000 as low and $57,750 as high.

CLUB Z! Tutoring Service Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support
If you become accepted as one of CLUB Z! In-home tutoring service franchisees to own your tutoring and setup your office, then you are opened to enjoy the following benefits in training and support:

  • CLUB Z! service has relationship with third party sources which offers financing to cover the following Franchise fee, Startup cost, equipment, inventory, and payroll.
  • CLUB Z! provides tutoring franchisees with comprehensive training, a proven business model and unparalleled ongoing support.
  • They also provide one on one business coaches through their state of the art call centre.
  • CLUB Z! franchisee have access to in-house art and advertising department, national ad fund, tutor requirement, and sales support centre.
  • The In-house advertising department help in designing custom flyers, ads, business cards, road signs and bill board for their franchisee. And all this will have the CLUB Z! branding to make it more unique.
  • They provide necessary tools for the success of their franchisee.
  • CLUB Z! service provide unlimited access to their staffs 24hours 7 days a week. Either during business hour or through intranet, where required information such as documents, databases can be received. Conferences and forums are made available to assist the growth of a franchisee. Call center staffs are highly trained to answer calls in the best possible way.
  • CLUB Z! provides franchisee with pre-screened and well baked tutors with good certifications, degree and a superb 2 years training experience.
  • Provision of proprietary curriculum such as ACT, SAT and study skills program so that the franchisee can offer quality programs to its students and schools when required.
  • CLUB Z! In-home tutoring service spends thousands of dollars on national advertising programs every year for their franchisees.

CLUB Z! Tutoring Service Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
To know the terms of agreement and renewal offered by CLUB Z! tutoring, you will have to contact them by requesting for the information online.

How much CLUB Z! Franchise Make?
To know how much a CLUB Z! tutoring service Franchisee Makes, we need to note that different factors like location, size etc. are a defining factor. As a franchisee their goal is to maintain quality service while increasing sales and reducing expenses.

The startup cost at times also define how much a franchisee makes over a period of time, So, overall we can’t be definitely sure how much a franchisee makes. Further information can be received upon contacting them.

How to Open CLUB Z! Tutoring Service Franchise
Having discussed at large what, who and how CLUB Z! work and operate, if you are interested in becoming one of their Franchisees, quickly contact them by visiting their website at to request for more sign-up information. You could as well call their telephone line on 866-967-9757.