Chinese Restaurant Franchises

With diverse cultures becoming increasingly intertwined, it’s common to find different businesses springing up all across the world.

Chinese restaurants aren’t a new thing, as these are scattered across major cities in America. So, is this a business you’ll want to start?

Planning a Chinese restaurant can be challenging, especially when starting from scratch.

However, franchise opportunities save you from all of that stress. Major Chinese restaurant franchises offer partnership opportunities to interested and qualified candidates.

These are what we’ll be discussing here.

While all of the Chinese franchises listed are excellent opportunities, they aren’t automatically ideal for every investor’s needs.

As an entrepreneur, you must find out details about the franchise concept, including the investment requirements, etc.

Best Chinese Restaurant Franchises to Buy

Out of many good Chinese restaurant franchises, we’ve chosen only a few to provide basic information on your options.

Good examples include Manchu Wok, Panda Express, Pho Hoa, Pei Wei Asian Diner, City Wok, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Genghis Grill, and Pokeworks.

More Chinese restaurant franchises include Yoshinoya, Pick Up Stix, Wok Box, Yogis Grill, and How Do You Roll? Yang’s Braised Chicken Rise and Keo Asian Cuisine.

There are more options like Pho87, Sho Express, Din Tai Fung, Hong Kong Roast, Hap Chan, Dimsum Diner, and Mandarin Tea Garden.

You may also be interested in restaurant options like Wei Wei, Yang Chow, and Salido. Let’s see what each opportunity is about, shall we?

i. Manchu Wok

This is a franchise known for its authentic Chinese cuisine. Manchu Wok prides itself on its commitment to franchise operators.

To help its franchisees succeed, Manchu Wok assists in allocating ad funds toward timely national marketing activities. Consistency and teamwork are other aspects of its operation.

ii. Panda Express

With an investment of $377,100 and a franchise fee of $25,000, you can join Panda Express’s franchise program. Panda Express operates on principles like excellent operations, giving, growth, respect, and proactive action.

iii. Pho Hoa

Pho Hoa offers three main franchise models: standalone, co-branded, and multi-unit & international master license models.

This franchisor is seeking suitable candidates who must have experience, are passionate about Asian cuisine, and have sufficient investment for the opportunity.

iv. Pei Wei Asian Diner

This is another Chinese food restaurant concept that invites interested and qualified franchise candidates to apply. Is it available in my location?

You’ll need to visit its site and make inquiries. Franchisees are offered detailed support that helps them succeed in their operations.

v. City Wok

What does it cost to start a City Wok franchise? You’ll need a total investment of $243,350 to $568,500 and a liquid capital of $250,000.

City Wok provides all the training you need as well as support. What more? Franchisees benefit from its third-party financing provision.

vi. F. Chang’s China Bistro

This international franchise opportunity is another you can explore. This restaurant is known for its decadent menu and support for its licensed partners.

You get put through detailed training and guidance on how to launch your operations. With this franchisor, there is no guesswork.

vii. Genghis Grill

With an investment of $350k to $975k, liquidity of $750k, and a net worth of $1.5 million, you’re considered for a Genghis Grill franchise.

Benefits enjoyed by franchisees include prime green space for growth, pick-up & delivery-friendly operations, scalable design options, and a flexible footprint.

viii. Pokeworks

Own a Pokeworks today, enjoy its robust support, and enjoy its investor-friendly operation. To join, you’ll need an initial investment of $374,764 to $610,709.

There’s also a franchise fee requirement of $35,000 for your first location. To explore, contact the franchisor for guidance.

ix. Pick Up Stix

This franchise was established by a Chinese immigrant who arrived in the U.S. Since it started in 1989, this Chinese restaurant’s operation has grown to around 70 outlets.

With investments of $100,000, you can join the Pick Up Stix program. You’re given all the training and support needed to succeed.

x. Wok Box

The Wok Box model and its systems and support make it attractive to many investors. It seeks interested and qualified candidates seeking to join its growing brand.

To start the process, indicate your interest by contacting the franchisor using the form provided on its franchise page.

xi. Yogis Grill

Another Chinese restaurant franchise you might find interesting is Yogis Grill.

There are several benefits to joining, including protected territory, executive use of trademarks & logos, comprehensive business, marketing, and management training, and access to its confidential operations manual for day-to-day operation.

xii. How Do You Roll?

The ideal candidate for this franchise program is one with sufficient capital and restaurant or retail experience. Also, you must have had a prior business.

Candidates must have financial and management skills. Comprehensive training is offered before opening. There’s also ongoing training to help you with smooth operations.

xiii. Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice

Are you dedicated to operational excellence?

Are you enthusiastic about starting your own Yang’s Braised Chicken restaurant? Are you committed to high-quality service and sales performance? Are you capable of meeting its financial requirements?

If your answers to these questions have been affirmative, this is the right franchise opportunity for you. The steps to ownership are straightforward.

You’ll need to submit an application, participate in an initial interview, receive and review the franchisor’s FDD, and submit verifiable financial information.

Signing its franchise agreement follows and signals the start of your Chinese restaurant outlet. Consider further exploring this opportunity to know what’s needed.

xiv. Keo Asian Cuisine

Joining Keo Asian Cuisine’s franchise program will cost you around $221k to $425k. Veterans enjoy a 10% discount on the franchise fee and a discounted royalty fee.

The franchise term is for ten years and is renewable. Financing provisions are also available for qualified candidates.

xv. Pho87

This Asian restaurant franchise is another you might love to join.

It was established in 1987 and only started to franchise in 2018. You qualify for its franchise program with an investment of $200,000 and a $37,000 fee.

Franchisees enjoy various benefits in the form of operational support, marketing support, purchasing license, accounting, and ongoing research & development.

These Chinese restaurant franchises are among the best you’ll find. So far, we’ve been able to identify and briefly discuss each of such opportunities.

You’ll need to do more research by determining what benefits you stand to gain and what’s required from you.