Cartridge Depot Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

CARTRIDGE DEPOT Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

The Cartridge Depot franchise is an inkjet and laser toner cartridge refill investment opportunity open to interested franchise candidates. With its business presence and operations spread across the globe, the Cartridge Depot franchise is the perfect investment opportunity for the franchise candidate interested in investing in a global brand. The Cartridge Depot franchise has a recycling policy that is beneficial to the environment and its franchisees.

Providing quality services to its clients without sacrificing quality, the Cartridge Depot franchise is among the top environmentally friendly franchises that offer quality services at a much-reduced cost to its other competitors. Its cost saving strategies create a win-win situation for both its franchisees and to businesses that use its products (who realize a much reduced overhead cost for their business).

Founded in 2004 by the Duo of Ken Blum who doubles as its CEO, and Nick Sheehan, Cartridge Depot franchise has grown to provide its services both domestically and internationally. It opened its franchising arm for investments the same year it was founded. Its corporate headquarters is located at Owings Mills, Maryland.

Benefits of Owning a Cartridge Depot Franchise

Cartridge Depot franchisees benefit from a business model, that has been organized to follow a low-cost pattern of doing business. Without compromising quality, the best services are still provided with considerably low production costs.

Also, Cartridge Depot franchisees are granted unrestricted access to the use of the franchisor’s business model and secrets, including the use Cartridge Depot’s brand name and logo.

The franchisor has made available a comprehensive training and support program that adequately provides the needed skills and expertise transferred through a mandatory training session. Support covers critical areas of doing business and ensures that Cartridge Depot franchisees are not stranded at any point during the duration of the business contract/ownership of their franchise opportunity.

Also, franchisees benefit from a business model that does not require the hire of a large employee base, hence cutting overhead and running costs to the minimum.

The franchisors local and international presence is an added incentive to the investors. Owning a global brand in itself is satisfying and speaks volumes about the status of the franchisor.

With years of providing excellent services to its clients which has led to its acceptance both domestically and internationally, it serves as a confidence booster for the franchisee as all the strategies that have contributed to the growth and development of the business is made available to franchisees.

Cartridge Depot Franchise Startup Costs

To own a Cartridge Depot franchise, franchisees must incur some startup costs. These startup costs are in the form of an Initial Investment sum which starts from $78,334 to $191,265, a net-worth requirement of $150,000, and a Liquid Cash requirement of $40,000. These startup costs form a mandatory part of the process for owning a Cartridge Depot franchise.

Cartridge Depot Franchise Fee

Owning a Cartridge Depot franchise requires that the franchise candidate meets the franchisors franchise fee requirement. Cartridge Depot franchise charges a franchise fee that starts from $29,000.

However, base on qualification, the Cartridge Depot franchise offers a financing option that covers the franchise fee. This financing option is in the form of a third-party relationship the franchisor maintains with financing sources that offer to finance covering the franchise fee.

Cartridge Depot Franchise Ongoing Costs

The Cartridge Depot franchise requires that all its franchisees pay certain ongoing costs which are non-negotiable. These form part of the franchise terms of the agreement. The ongoing cost incurred by franchisees covers an Ongoing Royalty fee of $500/month, and an Advert Royalty fee charged at the rate of $100/month.

The payments of these ongoing costs vary according to the size of the franchise. Larger sized Cartridge Depot franchises attract higher ongoing costs as compared to smaller sized Cartridge Depot franchises which are charged lower costs.

Cartridge Depot Franchise Training and Support

The Cartridge Depot franchise provides a comprehensive training program for its franchisees, especially new ones. All franchisees undergo a training program that lasts a period of 1 week at its corporate headquarters plus an additional 1 week of on-site training. These are tailored to pass the required skills and knowledge required to successfully run a Cartridge Depot franchise.

Both marketing and ongoing support is provided by the franchisor to ensure that all Cartridge Depot franchisees successfully run their businesses with minimal disruption and increased chances for growth.

Support covers essential areas like the provision of internet services, meetings organized to update the knowledge of franchisees on current trends and innovations within the industry, a periodic newsletter publication and a toll-free line for easy fallback in the event of an inquiry or difficulty.

Cartridge Depot Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

The Cartridge Depot franchise terms of agreement/renewal currently have a term limit of 10 years. However, its renewal fee is not currently available.

How to Start a Cartridge Depot Franchise?

Owning a Cartridge Depot franchise requires the interested franchise candidate to visit the franchisor’s website on where a “call us today” option is available with a number provided. A representative of Cartridge Depot is available to satisfactorily answer all the necessary investment questions, including telling the franchise candidate the next line of action to take.

With the above information, franchise candidates interested in this opportunity can easily obtain the necessary information required to take the right investment decisions. It is however advised that you visit the franchisor’s website to check for any updates to the information provided above, as it reserves the right to change its terms and policies at any time.