Truck Owner Operator Business Plan Template


Truckers are a very important part of conducting business. They help haul heavy goods or large amounts of goods from one part of the country to the other. Truckers move anything from fuels for gas stations and industries, to building materials and any other thing you can think of.

So, for stuff to be moved from the sea inland you need trucks. If large materials have to be moved, then truckers are those who can move it. Trucks and truckers are a veritable part of the haulage industry.

Seeing the prospects of the trucking industry, here’s a Truck Owner Business Plan sample to help you set up your own truck business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an owner-operator trucking business. The venture is a worthwhile one.

Business Name: O’Connor Haulage Limited

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

O’Connor Haulage is based in Malibu California. They are focused on providing haulage services for the construction industry in America. So they are always helping to transport sand, stone, shingles and other building materials. They also deliver imported goods from the coast to the inland part of the country.

There are loads of opportunities in the trucking industry, and O’Connor is in the bid of positioning itself to exploit those opportunities.

Products and Services

O’Connor Haulage gives out trucks for lease and engages in the delivery of building materials. Their services are in two ways, they can either hire out the trucks and the hiree provides a driver. Or O’Connor uses its truck and driver to get the materials and deliver them.

Not all construction companies have their trucks, and not all companies who deal in building material production have their trunks. So there’s a gap between the manufacturers and the builders and the truckers help to bridge this gap. This company will be servicing the state of California and its environs.

Vision Statement

The vision is to provide world-class haulage services to our customers.

Mission Statement

The mission is to be the biggest and best haulage service company in the U.S.

Business Structure

The CEO of O’Connor Haulage is Mike O’Connor; he is the founder and also the majority shareholder of this company. There are also different managers in-charge servicing the various areas of California. What these managers do is make sure our customers in these areas are well treated. Of course, we have truck parks in the different parts of the state for ease of conducting business.

Market Analysis

Market Trend

Looking at the fact that a lot of developers are putting up a luxury building in California, and yet want to save as much cost as possible. Haulers and truckers, therefore, are in good demand in California. O’Connor Haulages is focusing on the construction industry, seeing that there’s a gap that needs to be filled.

O’Connor is also involved in the haulage of electronic products from the ports and coasts and bringing them inland. With a lot of goods coming in from   China, and then remaining in the ports due to difficulty in getting movers, there’s a great market for haulages and Logistics service providers.

Target Market

Our target markets for starters are manufacturers of building materials. A lot of them like to hand over logistics to other companies. So that’s where we come in. We go to the factories, pick up their products, and move it into the markets.

Our next market is the builders themselves since they are the consumers of these building materials.
The importers and exporters are also part of the target markets. They are known to move products through and from the ports.

Sales Marketing and Strategy

  • We already have a good reputation amongst the builders as our services to them have been top-notch. A lot of the business that comes in this sector is through referrals; therefore, we know we will do well in that aspect.
  • We are also bringing in some seasoned professionals who have experience in the field of logistics and transport optimization to help improve the services that we render.
  • There is huge billboards advert around the California area, to create more awareness about the services that we render.
  • We’ll be starting a blog very soon and also advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook. These are the strategies we are using for marketing.

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital

We are planning on starting offices in New York soon, and we will be needing $5 million for that. O’Connor already has $1 million in cash and assets. Other investors will be bringing in the remaining $4 million.

Competitive Advantage

In the Malibu area of California, we are already a well-known company. This will do well for us. And we are in a narrow niche, just transportation of building materials and electronics from the ports.

Therefore, we are not stretched thin and we have expertise in this area, therefore we will always satisfy our customers.


If you are looking to start a Truck owner company, here’s a business plan that will guide you in doing exactly just that.