Indian Head Massage Parlour Business Plan Sample Template


India Head Massage, popularly known as “Champissage’ is a complementary therapy that gives credence that the right hygiene and a balanced diet is a road to a healthy and long life.

Indian Massage has been on for over 4 millenniums. The form of massage techniques is primarily inclined with muscles in the head and the neck region. This will enhance circulation and reduce stress levels.

Another benefit derived from Indian Head Massage is that it gets to release the blocked energy in the body system which will later, in turn, develop into chronic ailments. Owing to these reasons and many that are not being mentioned are why the service is of very high demand.


In the western world, Indian Head Massage is gaining more popularity, and many entrepreneurs who are willing wants to know how they can start the Indian Head Massage Business.

Do you want to explore massage business opportunities?

This article is provided to help you with the necessary information ranging from the skills that must be possessed to the specific training that must be undergone and finally to the market analysis.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an Indian head massage business.

  • Sign up for a Training Classes

As an entrepreneur that wants to start an Indian head massage business should first undergo training regarding the business.

The training you enrolled in will take you back in time revealing the history of the various forms of head massage.

And it will present to you a well-rooted understanding of the business.

The training classes will grant you skills that are essential for the business. Also after the training session, you will become certified.

  • Carve Out a Business Name and Register the Name

You don’t want to operate a business without a catchy massage name, do you? A business name gets you identified. That is the name attached to your business profile. You will need to ensure that the business name you choose for your Indian head massage business has not been taken by another company.

How do you know that?

You will need to choose a name and visit the authorized office where you can register it. If it has been taken, you will be notified and if it has not, they will proceed in registering the name for you.

  • Choose a Location for Your Business

After being certified as an Indian head massage practitioner and have gained experience and skills to run your business, the next thing is for you to find a good location for your business.

Don’t make the mistake of jumping into any location that pleases you. You will first carry out a study on the location to confirm the possibility of having long term customers so you can ensure profit maximization.

Your visibility and nearness to areas where your service will be of high demand will be of tremendous help.
Choose an area with lots of pedestrians or a location close to the road or busy junction.

  • Get Licensed

The location where you chose to start an Indian massage business must comply with the law of that country you are residing and surely a license is a must-have. Therefore, ensure you seek proper information to help you apply for a license.

You will surely be provided with forms to fill. Apply wisdom when filling out, fill accordingly, demand for an explanation if a few points are not clear to you.

  • Furnished the Location

After a careful analysis of the area to be selected, you will have to fill the office with the right furniture. The place to be seated by your clients must be comfortable, relaxing, and convenient.

Make provision for a reception room where clients will have to wait for them to be called in. Your reception should have more than two chairs if possible make provision for a coaching chair.

Buy a computer system, a telephone for easy conversation within clients, receptionist, and you as well.

  • Employ More Experts

The dream of any business is expansion. The time taken to finish up an Indian massage is said to last about 20-30 minutes on average. Keeping a whole lot of people waiting will spell bad for your business.

You will be adding more value to your business if you hire more experts like you who would reduce the waiting time of clients and they will in turn recommend you to other people.

  • Advertise your Indian Head Massage Business

To start an Indian head massage business, you won’t keep a large coast if you shy away from advertising.

Advertisement is a concept to be employed to enable more clients to patronize you. You can make an advertisement about promotional rates offerings. Be sound enough to give out your creativeness.