Energy Efficiency Management Business Plan Sample Template


The energy efficiency conservation and management sector of the economy is a business area that has witnessed increased investment over the years.

Part of the reason might not be unconnected with the fact that as the world witnesses a rapid increase in preference for alternative yet efficient sources of energy, there is a corresponding increase in innovative ways of managing it.

For entrepreneurs interested in investing into this sector, they might encounter challenges associated with having a well written out business plan.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an energy efficiency management company.

We begin with the following;

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Market Analysis/Trends
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Target Market
  • Publicity and Advertising Strategies
  • Sales Projection
  • Payment Channels

Executive Summary

Beta Energy Solutions is an energy efficiency management company located in Delaware. Our services consist mainly of advisory services aimed at realising efficiency in energy management. Others include drawing recommendations and proffering solutions to energy wastages through designs that are environmentally friendly and increased energy efficiency through the effective utilization of energy.

Products and Services

With the change in trend in the way energy is being used, we will be offering services that include cost effective energy solutions that are environmentally friendly. These services will be provided both to clients with new and existing structures.

For the existing structures, we will be re-channelling the previously existing energy management designs into new and innovative ways of energy efficiency management, ensuring that such structures achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Our Vision

At Beta Energy Solutions, our vision is to achieve impressive levels of growth through total dedication to service and also the provision of the best energy efficiency management services to our clients, resulting in strong growth levels that will enable us be among the top 5 energy efficiency management firms in Delaware.

Our Mission

Our mission is targeted at establishing a competent business that will be involved in the provision of cutting-edge energy efficient services using strategies and tools that will redefine energy efficiency management operations.

Through a culture of dedication and robust customer/client support, added to the provision of the best services, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients, we will be building a strong brand name that will attract client patronage.

Market Analysis/Trends

There has been a continuous inflow of new entrants into this sector. This can be attributed partly to an increasing awareness among energy users of environmental issues, and the need to act in saving the environment through the use of environmentally friendly and energy efficient alternatives.

Also, the cost-cutting nature of energy efficient strategies has continually made it very attractive for energy consumers who, apart from achieving efficiency in energy utilization, also save cost through the adoption of efficient energy management alternatives.

Competitive Advantage

In the energy efficiency management business sector, most major players focus mostly on the advantages their designs have on the environment. Little or nothing is said about the economic impacts of their designs. This area will be exploited properly, by ensuring that apart from the environmental impacts our designs have, there is also the economic angle our activities present.

Bringing in the economic perspective will help in attracting clients who not only want to save the environment through the use of environmentally friendly energy strategies alone, but also want to save cost. Also, we will have a well motivated workforce that will ensure that all services provided are of the highest quality.

Target Market

Due to the nature of our services, which are specialized in nature, our target market will be building specialists and other professionals involved in the design and implementation of structural projects. Of note are the architects who are major stakeholders in structural constructions.

They will be our secondary targets because of the essential nature of the services they render to the construction and design industry. Their advice will be readily accepted by their clients.

Also, we will be targeting individual clients who might desire their structures to be environmentally friendly and compliant. Hence, our services will be of utmost help to them in achieving/reaching their energy efficiency goals.

Publicity and Advertising Strategies

Publicity and advert strategies to be used will cover a broad range of options. These will include organized road shows to highlight our services to potential clients, the use of the print and electronic media, use of the internet and social media tools, targeting corporate organizations to sell our services to them, printing and distribution of fliers, and handbills all aimed at ensuring that our services reach a wide segment of the society.

Sales Projection

With research carried out using the current trends in the energy industry, we have come up with sales estimations that will see our revenues achieving a healthy growth within the first 3 years of commencing business operations.

However, the research done discounts factors like economic recession or natural disasters like earthquakes Tsunamis, etc.

Payment Channels

We will include a wide variety of payment channels to ensure that all our clients do not have to experience difficulties in payment for services enjoyed. Among the wide channels of payment will be the use of POS machine acceptance of credit cards, acceptance of cash payments, and mobile money transfers among other channels of payment


This sample business plan on energy efficiency management business is written solely as a guide in helping entrepreneurs properly write out their business plans. All they have to do is to brainstorm and bring up their unique business realities while using the format presented within this article.