Most Profitable Woodworking Projects To Build and Sell

Most Profitable Woodworking Project to Build and Sell

Are you into furniture making and are looking for profitable woodwork you can build and sell? Do you know the steps involved in making money off of woodworking projects?

It is very crucial to know the most profitable woodworking project to build and sell if you want to make good money.

Fortunately, this post is aimed at increasing your profits as a woodworker.

Throughout the years, creative craft ideas regarding woodworking have continued to evolve. For instance, crafters are now making wooden picture frames, coffee tables, bottle carriers, wooden racks, phone holders, office desk organizers, shelves, and so on.

As a crafter, any of these projects can be profitable depending on your target market.


Woodworks like wooden spoons and bowls, pet houses, toys, chairs, etc. are among the oldest woodworking projects. Even though there is diversity in the type of woodworking project that can make you profits, specializing in one area can expand your business.


Here are the 13 most profitable wood projects that make money either on eBay or offline.

  1. Office Shelves

The current world is a budding haven for businesses. Even though most businesses are getting online, they are still maintaining remote offices. You can make wooden office shelves and sell them to businesses. This is one of the top-selling woodworking items to make for cash.

  1. Office Desk Organizers

Like office shelves, wooden office desk organizers are significant in businesses. You, however, need to craft unique organizers to attract more clients.  Most companies would prefer well-craft wooden desks and chairs to the modern metal desk organizers. This because wooden organizers are relatively cheaper than metal organizers. Thus, you can specialize and expand your business in this example of handmade wood products that sell.

  1. Phone Holders

Is it uncommon to you that wooden holders exist for phones? Well, beautifully made wooden holders can be used to keep your phone. It is one profitable woodwork with high demand in the marketplace. Their main advantage is that they can’t easily break, which ensures the safety of your phone.

  1. Kitchen Racks and Shelves

Everyone wants their kitchen to be organized. Beautifully organized. You can create cheaper alternatives to kitchen racks and shelves. Consider a woodwork project that builds kitchen racks and shelves, then sell them to homeowners.

This project tops the list of easy woodworking projects to sell and it can generate you more income especially if you take contracts to supply building companies with wooden racks and shelves for their new kitchens.

  1. Bottle Carriers

With a wooden bottle carrier project, you can build a business relationship with clubs, drink suppliers, bars, restaurants, etc. Whether holding wine bottles in a bar or soft drinks in transit, wooden bottle carriers provide sufficient means of bottle safety.

  1. Coffee Tables and Chairs

This is one of the good wood projects that sell on eBay. Coffee tables and chairs are among the most common woodworking projects. They have existed since the start of coffee shop businesses. However, they are still a reliable means of serving customers.

Your scope should be to craft unique tables and chairs that will attract coffee shop owners. To be specific, research the preferences of coffee buyers and shop owners and craft a compelling project.

  1. Picture Frames

Picture frames are more significant when relocating from one place to another. They keep pictures in position while sealing them from dust and damage. Wooden picture frames have also been existing for a long time.

Today, they are still common in homes and offices. Most people prefer these frames not only for holding pictures but also for complementing the beauty of office or home walls.

  1. A Refined Storage Bed

Most people are looking for beds that act as storage for items as well. A storage bed made from wood can yield you much revenue. You can do this project in an attractive way that will increase the attractiveness of one’s bedroom.

The merit of this project is that you don’t need to be a professional crafter to make a compelling bed. You can also decide on which bed size to build and sell.

  1. Coat Racks

If you are exploring some fun yet profitable woodworking projects, consider wooden coat racks. There is a variation of rack designs. You can search the internet to review rack ideas that would attract buyers. A coat rack is one popular example of woodworking projects that sell well.

  1. Outdoor Sofas

Outdoor sofas are mainly for luxuries. Most homes that adore outdoor leisure have this type of sofas. With this project, you can get high sales revenue. This is because wooden sofas are expensive and require much time in making them. Be prepared to spend your time on the project, but build quality sofas for your buyers.

  1. Swing Couches

These sofa beds are also part of maintaining outdoor comfort. They are mostly found in comfortable environments.

Besides, homes employ the use of swing sofa beds for children’s funs. You are, thus, sure to fetch considerable income with a wooden couches project. If you are looking for one of the best selling wood projects, build this.

  1. Nightstands

One item that usually appears attractive and keeps the elegance of a bedroom is a nightstand. People use them to store books and other objects, and it is one of the most profitable woodworking projects you should explore.

  1. Kennel Structure

Domestication is one of the earliest forms of human relationships with animals. Even in the modern world, humans are still keeping pets. In the case of dogs, you can build a cool kennel that will keep the pet in comfort. This project is one of the most profitable woodworking projects since most dog owners love their pets and would not resist a beautiful structure.