12 Upcoming Business Ideas In India for Future Investing

Need upcoming business ideas in India as a smart entrepreneur? Well, ideas rule the world! So goes a popular saying.

However, our focus will center more on Indian business ideas. If you’ve struggled coming up with a great business idea, then article is targeted at you. By reading on, you’d find upcoming business ideas in India you can implement.

Upcoming business ideas are numerous!

Also, each of the ideas included here have been proven with success. You too can take step out of your comfort zone by picking one to build a successful business.


This is an upcoming business idea in India. The potentials are massive and there’s a growing market to take advantage of.

In order to start you first need a 3D machine. This is obvious right? Well, an equally important requirement is an effective marketing structure or marketing plan. Of course you need to factor in electricity as well as renting a store.

Your location is also important.

To explain location further, a 3D printing business will hardly do well in rural India. Hence the need to locate such business in areas with dense population. Indian cities offer such conditions.

Also, the need for your services will come from such areas.

  • Content Writer

Lots of blogs as well as magazines pay well for content generation. Therefore if you have good writing skills, then you need to consider this opportunity.

However, this business idea can be demanding. This is because you’d need to do lots of research and reading to come up with quality content.

Despite this fact, you are not going to find it that difficult if you love what you do.

  • Starting a Translation Business

This is an upcoming business idea you can exploit. However, this depends on your language (multiple) skills.

Language translators with proficiency in major global languages find this more rewarding. Language translation has become more popular due to globalization. As people from different cultures transact business, the need for translators becomes even more vital.

  • Fashion Designing

India is a fashion loving nation. This creates an opportunity to exploit such a business idea. But becoming a fashion designer requires learning the skill.

If you haven’t acquired the skill yet, all hope is not lost. You can enroll at a fashion design school. These mostly found in major cities across India.

However, having the skill isn’t enough. You need to purchase the right equipment as well as renting a shop. Your location also counts.

We recommend locating your fashion design business in large cities as this is where the market is.

  • Laundry Services

As Indians become increasingly busy, the need for laundry services also increases. This is an upcoming business idea you can invest in with high potential for profits.

But it’s important to note that such a business thrives more in the city. These are locations with dense population as well as Indians with little time on their hands for laundry.

  • Smartphone Repair

Smartphones are so common in India. This has been brought about by technological advancement. But with smartphone manufacture comes the need for repairs and maintenance.

Thankfully, this is a huge industry in India you can invest in. If you are interested but don’t have the technical knowledge, it can be learnt.

The Indian smartphone repair market is long overdue for investment.

  • Catering Services

As a caterer in India, there’s a large market to offer your services to.

Your potential clients will consist of individual, religious and commercial clients. So, if you’re a good cook and know just what your clientele need, you’d be at an advantage. This is also an industry that relies on competence. The more competent you are, the more clients you’ll attract.

A greater percentage of such clients will come through referrals.

  • Interior Decor

Interior design and decor in India is big business.

Such services are usually in high demand among the middle and upper classes. So, if you’re good with colors and like to beautifully put things in order, this is an up coming idea you should consider.

Like several ideas listed above, your location will determine how profitable you are. Such opportunities are in greater demand in the cities.

  • Knitting and Embroidery

This is a major income spinner in India. If you love knitting or making embroidery, you may want to further step up your game by commercializing such skills. These are also low cost ideas that can be started with limited funding.

Hence, apart from basic equipment, you also need well structured marketing plan. This enables you penetrate a wide sector of the Indian textile market.

  • Fitness Center

As people become increasingly health conscious, the need for fitness centers grows. This is the reality in most Indian cities.

Therefore, you can set up a thriving fitness center in an upscale neighborhood. This business idea may require substantial capital investment depending on your operational scale.

Nevertheless, adequate planning is necessary to increase your chances of success.

  • Bakery

How about setting up a bakery for a start? This is a sound business idea that continues to grow. There’s so much money to be made in a bakery.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’ve operated a business before or not. You only need to lay the groundwork for its successful takeoff and operational stability.

Of course this can only be achieved through proper planning and implementation.

  • Programming

The technological potentials of the Indian economy is promising. This has created an avenue for common Indians to start a career in related fields. You too can begin to take advantage of the inherent opportunities by turning this idea into a money spinner.

We have seen a few upcoming business ideas in India. However, these are only a fraction of an almost innumerable ideas.

You can take advantage of such opportunities by setting up a thriving business ventures around these ideas.

However, a plan is necessary. This is because without one, implementing your business idea will at best result in mediocre performance.