How To Start Exide Battery Distributorship Business

In this guide, you’ll learn how to start an Exide battery distributorship business.

As a major supplier of lead-acid batteries to the automobile industry as well as transport applications, Exide Technologies, the maker of Exide batteries offers huge distributorship opportunities for interested investors.

The Exide Supplier Program

Exide has created opportunities for would-be dealers and suppliers to join its dealership program. Its Supplier Diversity Initiative identifies the need for adding a crop of diverse suppliers made up of small businesses to further expand and grow its product distribution chain.

There are different tiers of distributors which include the top or well-established dealers as well as its medium to small scale distributors covered under the Supplier Diversity Initiative. Interested investors have different capacities and will want to choose appropriate investment scales.

Whichever category you fall under, the application process is the same apart from a few differences.

  • Qualifying For Its Supplier Program

Having the desire to become an Exide distributor is only the starting point. You’ll need to meet its qualifications. Not only does Exide identify potential suppliers through its supplier program, but it also develops or equips them for the task at hand.

It all begins with registration. This follows a simple process that includes providing your name and phone number among other things. After submitting your application, it is evaluated to determine if you qualify or not.

Before You Register

Before you begin the registration process for a distributorship opportunity with Exide, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. These requirements relate to obtaining documentations considered vital to the process.

They include the following;

  • Company Information

Your company information is essential to the application process. It should consist of basic information relating to financial, marketing, business, and technical among others. This enables Exide to assess your preparedness as a business to enter into a partnership.

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

This is the federal tax ID number issued by the Internal Revenue Service IRS. Exide has included this as a requirement for consideration. Failure to have this will likely affect your chances of being considered for a distributorship opportunity.

You can apply for the EIN if you don’t currently have it. The application is quite easy and can be done on the IRS website.

  • Contact Information

Your contact information is essential as it helps Exide determine the likely territory to be covered among other things. As a distributor, you’re expected to cover a certain territory. Now, the supplier (in this case Exide) checks its viability.

In addition to that, it’s standard practice for distributors to including their addresses when doing business or entering into a partnership with other companies.

  • Accounts Payable Contact Information

Prospective distributors are also required to provide accounts payable contact information. This is to help with the easy processing and review of transactions between the Exide and your distributorship business.

  • Company Insurance Documentation For Each Policy

This is an additional requirement you are expected to have before registering for Exide’s distributorship opportunity. It covers policies that include expiration date, provider, and limit.

  • Annual Sales For The Past Year

A comprehensive record of annual sales for the past year should be in your possession before you commence registration. This will be demanded by Exide as part of its application requirements.

You can decide to use the previous 12 months as an acceptable period to calculate annual sales or a year-to-date. It all depends on what you prefer.

  • Have A Primary NAICS Code

This acronym stands for the North American Industry Classification System. The NAICS code is issued by the U.S. Census Bureau to every establishment including businesses based on its primary activity.

Exide demands prospective distributors to have this handy when registering for its distributorship opportunity.

  • Three References

To be considered for a distributorship role, Exide demands that you also have three references. For further clarifications on the nature or type of references, you can contact the company.

  • Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, Small Businesses Or Other Certification, Self Certification Where Applicable

Certain concessions are given to small businesses and minority-owned businesses among others. You must have this ready before applying for a distributorship opportunity as it will be required.

  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

There are privileges given to businesses that fall in this category. If your business is one of such, you should have your DD Form 214 ready before you commence the registration process. Exide will use it to help it determine if your business is eligible for consideration or not.

  • Optional Geographic Service Area

Exide is always on hand to help prospective distributors sort out difficulties relating to obtaining its requirements. You can make inquiries on what the optional geographic service area portends.

The requirements are very long, right? For your application for a distributorship role to be taken seriously, you’ll need to provide all of the requirements in the checklist listed above.

Exide Business Models

Has to main business models prospective distributors can take advantage of. These include selling its products alongside other automobile-related products or opening an exclusive Exide-only distributorship. It all depends on what you decide to do.

In any case, you’ll need to discuss with the company to enable you to determine what best fits your needs. There may be slight differences when applying for any of the distributorship opportunities.

Cost Of Distributorship

The cost of starting an Exide battery distributorship business is determined by the company itself. This may change with time due to multiple factors. Full details on the cost implications are made known after the approval of your application.

Understanding Distributorship Operations Is Necessary

While the information provided here goes a long way in helping you get started, it is important to get to the nitty-gritty of its entire battery distributorship business. Understanding the finer details helps you avoid certain pitfalls.

Visit its site to find out more information on how to become its distributor.

We have tried to provide as much information on how to become an Exide battery distributor. Wherever you are in the United States and beyond, you can take advantage of this opportunity to start a successful business.