16 Lucrative Service Business Ideas and Opportunities

The service business industry is vast! There are several options to choose from.

However, your choice depends on where your interest lies. This article will provide you with some service business ideas you can use. The industry is one that has witnessed a lot of changes over the years and still does.

The need for service businesses is on the rise.  This is due to in part to people’s work habits.

Service-Based Business Ideas

As societies change, so does our way of life. People have to adapt to changing times. Today, a lot of people keep multiple jobs. While doing so, service businesses are established to cater to their needs. If you plan on starting one, the following are ideas you can use.

  • Event Planning

As an event planner, you will be handling a lot of responsibilities. Some of the basic traits you must possess include resilience, attention to detail, and keeping to schedule as well as the ability to meet tight deadlines. A wide range of things is involved here. These include overseeing interior decorations, food, rentals, and sound systems among others.

Your services will be required for several types of events. The most basic types include conferences, weddings, parties, and conventions, etc.

  • Mobile Disc Jockey

There is hardly any event without the need for disc jockeys or DJs. This is one service business idea you can start with. To become a mobile Disc Jockey, you need to be skilled in the art. Also, there is equipment that consists of the turntable, speakers, personal computer, microphone, a truck or van for transport, and many more.

Parties, weddings, and sports gatherings are some events your services will be centered around. It is necessary to work with event planners for constant patronage.

  • Website Design

If you have so website design skills, you can offer this skill to businesses. Lots of businesses need websites as well as website maintenance services. Apart from building and maintaining websites, you will also be updating them as well.

  • Residential Cleaning

The need for residential cleaning services is on the increase. Starting a cleaning service business does not require heavy investment. You can later expand your business by including corporate clients on your list of clientele.

  • Computer Repair

This is another service business idea you can bring to life by providing repair services for people. Computers have become an integral part of our lives. These are used by individuals and businesses alike. Most repairs require basic diagnostic and servicing/replacing damaged components.

  • House Sitting

A lot of times, people travel and need the services of a sitter to take care of the house. House sitting involves the tending of pets, plants, and cleaning the home as well. This is a service business that requires no financial investments whatsoever. You will need to make inquiries and advertise your business as well to start attracting clients.

  • House Painting

You can turn your painting skills into a solid business by spreading the word about your services. A great thing about this business is that it does not require substantial start-up capital. For a start, you will need a truck as well as tools that are comprised of brushes and ladders.

  • Lawn Care

Lawn care services are needed by individual and corporate clients. You simply need to pass the message across to your target clients. Lawn care services include mowing, fertilizing, and clipping lawns. If you have a truck, mowing equipment (mower) will be your most significant financial investment.

  • Handyman Services

Having experience in repairs is a basic requirement for providing handyman services. All you need to do is to advertise these services to your target market. Demand for your services will increase once you are known to be thorough and professional.

  • Consulting Agency

If you have significant experience in any field (especially professional services) or endeavor, you may want to establish a consulting agency. Starting a consulting agency gives you the opportunity of providing professional assistance to people interested in such.

  • Valet Parking

You can start a valet parking service by entering a partnership with other businesses such as hotels, sports centers, restaurants, and convention centers among others. Your smart team of drivers will be deployed to help with handling the client’s vehicles.

  • Restaurant Delivery Services

This service business idea has brought added convenience to busy customers who may not have the time to visit a restaurant. Your restaurant delivery business will be paid a delivery charge for the services provided.

  • Packing and Unpacking

When people move, it involves a lot of work. This work has to do with packing things together and having to unpack the same at the new location. You can establish a packing and unpacking business to help people deal with stress and save precious time.

  • Home Tutoring

If you have great teaching skills, you may want to provide people interested in your skills the opportunity to patronize you. This may be in any area of interest. You can have multiple clients as well.

  • Fashion Designer

As a fashion designer, your services are in great demand, especially if your designs are exceptional. With the right marketing strategy, you will be in business before you know it. This service business idea requires that you are highly creative.

  • Pet Sitting

As a pet lover, you can start a pet sitting business in no time. Busy pet owners will require your services. Pet sitting involves a variety of pets. The more satisfied your clients are the better patronage for you.

These are some service business ideas you can use to set up a thriving business. It is necessary to go with what you know how to do best. As usual, the process of setting up a business needs to be fully adhered to. Most of the business ideas listed above are small businesses and require little funding.