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How much does a restaurant point of sale system cost? What is the ATM POS fee? Is Square a POS system?

An increasing number of businesses across the United States have adopted the use of POS machines for their businesses. This checkout technology has greatly enhanced the way customers pay for services and products purchased.

It has also increased efficiency considerably. How much does a pos system cost?

Some businesses seek to adopt this technology but have little information on the cost of a POS system. We will provide you with all the information you need regarding the cost and other related information in this article.

Today, modern POS systems operate on cloud computing with the adoption of the software as a service (Saas) model. This has significantly reduced the bulky nature of the machines or hardware which used to be in vogue. We will look at the various segments of the POS system necessary for its smooth running.

These include the software, as well as the hardware. We shall look at the costs of each of these, as well as the cost of the total POS system.

So how much does it cost to buy a POS system?

The Cost of the POS Hardware – Cost Comparison

POS requirements for businesses can significantly differ as some may require a full range of the POS system hardware which may include barcode label printers, extra tablets, portable handheld terminals, barcode scanners, self-service checkout kiosks among several other pos hardware.

Today, cloud-based POS systems that have advanced with the evolving technology now cost much cheaper when compared to bulky POS systems that were widely used before.

The cost of a single register POS system ranges from $1,500 to $2,000. This excludes other hardware such as the receipt printer, a credit card reader, a tablet or iPad stand, a cash drawer, and a tablet or iPad normally found on the standard POS system.

However, you can choose to use the basic POS system purchased or choose to buy these separately.

Several POS providers offer these hardware bundles. Some of these include the iPad, while others do not include the iPad. For multiple register POS systems, the cost of the hardware can significantly increase. In addition to these, the cost of hardware also differs with hardware manufacturers.

Android for example has much cheaper hardware when compared to Apple.

The Cost of the POS Software

The POS software on the other hand is subscriber-based. Instead of a one-time payment or purchase of the software, users need to subscribe to the service monthly. Although this may not be ideal for certain users, an advantage of the monthly subscription model is that users benefit from updates that are frequently released.

The advent of cloud-based computing technology has revolutionized the use of software leading to the adoption of the software-as-a-service model for businesses.

Another advantage of using the subscriber-based model is that it allows for support based services for users of the POS software. The adoption of cloud technology also comes with a remote data storage feature which essentially eliminates the need for a local server. There are several features contained in the POS software which include marketing features, sales reports, management of inventory, and employee management among several other useful features.

The cost of the POS software largely depends on the features of the software. There are those with more advanced features than others. For these types of POS software, their costs are typically higher and are tailored to meet specific needs than those which are less advanced and therefore cost less.

Because there is an advanced POS for more complex and detailed transactions, as well as others which are not as advanced, and both types designed to perform various degree of tasks, the cost of the POS software falls within a range starting from $70 to $150.

POS Software Systems and Cost Comparison

Several good POS software systems provide top-notch services to subscribers. Some of the common ones include:

  • TouchBistro

TouchBistro has several subscription plans. These include the solo subscription model which is charged at $69/mo and is billed annually. It comes with a single license, dual subscription charged at $129/mo also billed annually and comes with 2 licenses, the team subscription plan which comes at $249/mo and billed annually.

It also comes with up to 5 licenses, and finally, the last subscription plan which is unlimited at $399/mo, also billed annually, and comes with unlimited licenses.

  • Square

This POS software provides cutting edge services and prides itself in providing the best services while retaining its simplicity. Its subscription plans include a square point of sale which is absolutely free and a square for retail which is charged at $60/mo per register.

  • Erply

Erply offers its services under 3 subscription plans. These include the Standard, Pro, and Enterprise subscription plans.

Under the Standard plan, it charges $200/mo per location and also offers other added services such as an hour-long training, the Pro subscription plan charges $350/mo per location and also offers phone support among several other support features. Last but not least is the Enterprise plan.

To subscribe under this plan you need to call this number 1-855—463-7759 as it does not provide a cost for this service.

These and several more are some of the best providers of POS services which include both software and hardware.

This article has focused on the cost of a POS system. The above information has tried to answer this question, providing the cost of both hardware and software.