List Of Online Shops In Nigeria – 20 Popular Sites

This article will be discussing the online shops in Nigeria as well as a list of online shopping sites you can visit for your shopping needs. A lot of people assume that there are fewer than 10 online stores in Nigeria.

This is so because most people hear about a few. However, there are a lot more than you know.

Online commerce is booming across the globe and Nigeria isn’t left out. In recent years, the online shopping space in Nigeria has witnessed a major transformation. This was seen from the dominance of foreign brands to an influx of local brands into the market place.

Today, it is quite diverse and more competitive.

List Of Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

This section will be list all the online shopping sites in Nigeria.

What you need to know is that this number continues to increase as more Nigerians have come to embrace online shopping. Investors have found a reason to increasingly diversify this area.

  • Jumia

Arguably the biggest online shopping site in Nigeria, Jumia also has a presence in several countries. It has a vast collection of items ranging from phones & tablets, fashion items & accessories, computing, electronics, and home & office categories. This online shopping site also provides services such as bill payments and airtime among others.

  • Konga

Konga has established itself as one of the leading online stores in Nigeria. Its vast array of items are categorized under home and kitchen, electronics, wines, phones & tablets, and computers & accessories.

Others include Konga fashion as well as baby, kids, and toys among others.

  • Payporte

When it comes to fashion items and accessories for young and old, payporte is where to look to. It has a huge collection of items ranging from designer clothing, colognes, and shoes, etc.

  • Yudala

Yudala provides you with an offline shopping outlet in addition to an online store. Here, you find item categories ranging from electronics, computing, fashion, phones & tablets among several others.

  • Vconnect

If you’re looking for an online marketplace for a wide range of services, Vconnect is the place to go. Over 100 services are listed on its site. With Vconnect, wherever you are in Nigeria, there’s always a professional close-by to help provide the services you need.

  • Jiji

Jiji is a marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Here, you get to buy or sell a wide range of items. These are categorized under vehicles, property, mobile phones & accessories as well as electronics. Other categories include home, furniture & appliances, health & beauty, fashion, jobs, sports & outdoors, animals & pets, babies & kids among others.

  • Kara

This online shopping site sells lots of everyday items. Kara provides shipping to different parts of Nigeria. Certain items are shipped free especially if you reside in Lagos.

  • Webmall

This is a fast-growing e-commerce site that sells sundry items like footwear, electronics and gadgets, clothing and other fashion items. You only need to find your item category and proceed to checkout if it’s what you seek.

  • Kilimall

Shop all your gadgets, home appliances, mobile devices and furniture on Kilimall. This online shopping store makes it easy for buyers to pay using a wide variety of methods. Items are also guaranteed.

  • MyStore

MyStore is the go-to place for an assortment of items. Buyers choose and make purchases from their preferred category and the items are shipped to their locations. There’s always something for everyone on MyStore.

  • GidiMall

You don’t have to go to the mall for your shopping needs. Gidimall provides buyers the convenience to shop from wherever they are. The items get delivered safely too. Items range from computer and accessories, electronics as well as phones and tablets.

  • Techmall

When it comes to your tech needs, techmall provides all of that. Items on display include projectors, smartwatches, sound equipment, and inverters. Others are printers, servers, desktops, and laptops. These are available at great deals too.

  • Buyright

This is another online store in Nigeria where you can shop for your books and stationery. Other items on offer include security and surveillance equipment, luxury interior & exterior items as well as all sorts of budget shopping needs.

  • Fouani Store

This store deals mainly with all sorts of electronics. These consist of popular brands such as LG, Hisense, and Maxi product brands. Items on display include TV sets, generators, fridges, fans, washing machines, and microwave ovens among a long list.

  • Goods Arena

On the goods arena shopping site, you get the opportunity to buy, sell, borrow or swap goods. Products range from loudspeakers, computers & accessories, as well as phones, tablets & accessories.

  • Awufu

As the name implies, you can buy cheap, quality branded items on Awufu. What more? You get to pay using a wide range of payment methods. Goods are also delivered across the country.

  • eShop

eShop provides buyers with a rich collection of items that fall under the computing & accessory category as well as electronics. Others include power and energy solutions, personal care brands as well as health products. You can either type what you need directly or sift through several other items within your preferred category.

  • SME Market Hub

This online store is powered by GTBank. It provides a platform for businesses all over Nigeria to showcase and sell their products and services. Here, you’ll get a huge variety of items categorized under fashion, electronics, phones & accessories, etc.

  • ParkwayNigeria

Parkway Nigeria is an online store that deals mainly with computers & accessories as well as office and communication equipment. These range from desktop PCs, tablets, laptops, projectors, monitors, servers, printers, scanners, and office furniture.

These are some of the online shopping sites in Nigeria. The word “some” is used because a lot of these stores are always springing up. There are also those which are being bought over by bigger stores (such as the case of OLX’s takeover by Jiji). Still, yet, other online stores have since terminated operations.