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Best Non Profit Startup Ideas in Education, For Small Towns, for Youth and Teens Etc

The activities of non-profit organizations all over the world have so far been commendable, as they champion diverse causes all aimed at making life better especially for disadvantaged groups of people.

Also known as Non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations are not affiliated with the government, and are also non-profit oriented. These are run mainly by private individuals or groups of individuals to champion the cause of humanity.

Non-profit organization ideas are in focus in this article as we seek to shed light on the types, as well as their different functions.

By their nature, non-profits promote certain ideals that are beneficial to humanity, and which are inaccessible to a section of the population or disadvantaged groups.

Some great non-profit ideas are presented below;

Starting an Alcohol-Free Campaign

An alcohol-free campaign is a great non-profit organization idea that can be championed to highlight the dangers of alcohol consumption, especially excessive alcohol consumption which is also known as alcohol abuse.

Also, such campaigns should seek to reinforce alcohol restriction on certain age limits which is normally allowed for adults (18+ of age)

Raising Awareness for the Disabled

Despite legislations put in place to protect these groups of persons, there are still a high number of cases of discrimination against them due to their disabled status. In some cases, they witness physical as well as verbal abuse.

In other cases, they are denied job opportunities amongst others. You may want to champion the cause of the disabled by creating awareness, and fighting cases of discrimination against them.

Providing Shelter for the Homeless

All across the United States, there are a lot of homeless people who have no access to shelter. These vulnerable groups are exposed to the harsh weather and dangers on the streets. This has led to deaths due to freezing in the cold or being caught in the crossfire between street gangs.

This is a great non-profit organization idea that can be used to raise awareness and also raising funding for building emergency shelters which is an immediate requirement to take them off the streets.

Reduction in Gun-Related Violence

This has become a national problem as scores of people have been killed in gun-related violence. The accusing finger mostly points at inner-city kids who have had a troubled upbringing, and in many cases have grown to have a different view of life.

This non-profit organization idea can help rehabilitate them with the assistance of the authorities. Juvenile detention centers are a great place to start. The causes of this violence should also be focused on and tackled adequately.

Championing the Cause of the Girl-Child

The cause of the girl child should be an area that should be given the attention it deserves. This is because the girl-child faces a lot of challenges while growing up.

Some of these include rape, drugs, sexual harassment, and above all, prostitution. The rehabilitation of prostitutes should be a non-profit idea. This can be achieved by creating alternative and legitimate means of earning income, as well as teaching useful skills to such groups of persons.

You may want to consider this non-profit organization idea, as it has far-reaching effects on society.

Helping the Aged

Although there are retirement homes spread across America, the aged still need care. Some have no access to such facilities.

By adopting this non-profit organization idea, you may choose to highlight the plight of these vulnerable groups to the appropriate authority or raise funding for the care of such groups of persons.

Whatever the case, the aim should be to provide better care and help them.

Providing Education

There is still a high percentage of Americans who have not been lucky to gain access to education.

For these groups of persons, you may provide or organize free tutoring classes, establish adult literacy programs establishing a college education fund, as well as setting up a free library for use by these groups of persons. These and several other education initiatives will greatly increase the literacy level in society.

As a non-profit organization, funding can be sourced from donor groups as well as corporate entities, especially those operating within the vicinity.

Environmental Awareness (Global Warming)

Another non-profit organization idea is the campaign against global warming.

A lot of activities relating to the fight against global warming continue to be organized daily. However, these are not enough, as more word has to go out about the negative effects of global warming caused by human activities.

Starting a non-profit organization concerned with letting people know about their responsibilities towards keeping the planet safe is one effective non-profit organization idea.

Graffiti Removal Services

This non-profit organization’s idea although largely untapped continues to witness increasing growth, as more graffiti removal services are provided.

Graffiti has become a major problem in America, as it has deformed public buildings and public spaces. You may want to start a non-profit organization that provides graffiti removal services to the community.

These are some of the non-profit organization ideas which can be used to champion the cause of mankind.

Starting a non-profit does not come easy, as a lot needs to be put in place to ensure its continuity and survival.

This is in addition to ensuring that the impact of its services is felt, and its core objectives achieved.