How To Manage A Hotel Business

How to Manage Hotels Effectively – Hotel Management Tips For Dummies

If you are looking for effective means and ways to manage a hotel business intelligently, reading this piece is a complete guideline you can put your trust in.

Do you want the secret behind a successful hotel business? Are you in need of unique tips to run a hotel business account effectively? What do you lack that makes your hotel business run down?

This article is ready to spring you up and connect you to different ideas you can put together to sail through with ease in the course of running and managing a hotel business.

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To manage a small hotel business effectively, it requires you to have and possess the innate ability to carry out different functions and task and it requires you to be simple and flexible.

You need to be fast and able to work hand in hand with staff management and customer service.

The hotel manager has to ensure that the customers are living comfortably, conducive, safe, and even happy throughout their stay in your hotel, the customer’s room should be cleaned every time and properly maintained.

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Do you even think of starting and owning your hotel? Make use of this post you are currently reading because it is a sure way to earn you and make you a good and brilliant hotel manager.

You can’t manage a hotel until you get one, through these tips to be a successful hotel manager.

Let’s go!

Top Hotel Operations Management Tips for the Hospitality Industry



Before you become a hotel manager you need to own a hotel. It is expected of you to have your money on you or go get a loan from a bank if you are that influential to get one.

The next thing you are to do is find a confirmed real estate agent that has many good and excellent brokers with contacts! Pick like 3+ among the hotels and conduct research on each one of them, check the level of patronages and seen on the image those hotels portray through the internet so that it won’t affect you after the purchase.

You can even go the extra mile during the research to check on their financial claims and statements, tax papers, and the likes.


For you are to manage your hotel efficiently and effectively you need to sit down and come up with a good business plan for running a hotel business successfully. Think strictly about your staff, your budget, site or the location, and other miscellaneous things.

Haven’t come up with a nice and rational plan you can proceed to the next step if actually, you are ready to manage your hotel very well.


Location is very essential in managing a hotel business, and if you get the location wrong it is going to affect your profit, try to get your hotel located around a busy or monument area. If you get the location well you one step further.


If you can effectively manage the staff for your hotel business, it will go a long way in helping your business succeed. A good and dedicated staff will also treat customers very well while bad staff will bring a bad image to the business.

You need to hire the best out of the various applicants and fire the others to be sure that even the hotel kitchen would be managed well. This is one of the most important business rules to run a hotel business well.



1. Have clues on your staff

To manage a hotel and restaurant business properly, you need to know every bit of your staff, every single department, and other kinds of staff.

Check on the reception and take a look at what is happening.

Go to the cook and see what is going on and take your time to stop and say ‘Hello’ to your maintenance manager too.

Doing all these rigorous activities makes you a good hotel manager and you will also have the opportunity to know the department that is lacking behind.

2. Treat your customers mannerly.

As the manager of a hotel front desk, it is your duty and responsibility to treat your reputable customers with courtesy as they are in the best position to broadcast and propagate your hotel to other people by so doing, it increases and adds to your income.

3. Meeting with department heads

To manage a successful hotel business very well you need to have a delegate in each department who will serve as their head and on every daily basis, you meet with them and discuss any issues or problems they encounter in their units.

Remind them of what you observed during your patrol and pass any vital information you have for any department to their head. Interact often with your staff and you wouldn’t have any problem.

4. Business or market plan

Another way to run a hotel business properly is to develop a plan or ideas of what to do in the hotel for a couple of months in advance, plan for any event at hand or promotions, conference, and the likes.

Doing all these to ensure the smooth sailing of your hotel throughout the year makes you an honorable and reputable hotel manager.

5. Motivate your workers

No matter how hard you try, you cannot run a hotel business alone.

To ensure that your guests are having a nice time and pleasant stay in your hotel you need to motivate your staff by compensating them apart from their respective salary.

By rewarding your employees with gifts, it will boost their morale towards working hard with passion. You don’t need to make the reward huge, a penny will go a long way by making them content with their respective job.

If all these aforementioned are being followed and maintained, running a hotel business effectively wouldn’t be a trouble.