8 Profitable Laser Cutting And Engraving Business Ideas

There’s a huge demand for laser cutting-related businesses because laser is very versatile. It can be used on many materials, its cut is neat, precise, and doesn’t require any other form of machining to finish.

Best Laser Cut Business Ideas To Start Today

When certain people think of laser cutting business ideas, they think of big businesses, you know industrial level laser cutting. The thing however is that there are a lot of small business ideas around laser cutting.

So if you’re looking to go into any business that involves laser cutting, we’ll be sharing some business ideas today.

Areas Where Laser Designed Products Are Needed?

The laser cutting business, especially on a small scale is quite new. It’s good to have an idea of what the demand for the business is like before venturing in.

Products that are laser engraved are always needed in offices, homes, factories, and more. They are useful for decorating things like furniture, shoes, kitchen utensils (both metal and glass) wedding invitations, and so on.

It would make sense to have had experience using a laser engraving tool, whether as a hobbyist or as a professional. Otherwise, you’d have to employ someone to engrave while you run the business.

Below are some laser-cutting business ideas.

Starting A Laser Cutting And Engraver Business

Interested in opening a venture in this business niche? Here is all you need to do.

1. Plan

Every business requires planning. As an old saying goes “anyone who wants to go to start a building must first count the cost” This is essentially what planning does for you.

It helps you see potential pitfalls how you can avoid them.

2. What Would Your Plan Involve?

Research those who have done similar business, or who are doing similar business in the area or even outside the area. Identify their most common challenges, learn how the business works also so that you can shorten your learning time and maximize profits.

3. What Would it Cost

Laser businesses can cost you anything from $1000 to $10,000 or even more. You can work from home, your garage, or hire a studio. Depending on what you want and the kind of services that you offer. Also the kind of equipment you use, its capabilities would affect both your start-up and running costs.

4. What’s Your Target Market

There is a wide range of products that can be done by laser engraving. From functional materials to aesthetic ones, the options are just very wide.

So you’d have to look at your skill level, how much time you have on your hands, what laser engraved products people are you used more often or would use.

Then not forget your skill level and the kind of equipment you can afford, have, or can use. You can start with a small niche, but as time goes on and as your skill level increase, you can expand to servicing a wider market.

Laser Cutting Business Ideas

Here are some laser-cutting based business opportunities:


Apart from making cards in the traditional paper which we are all familiar with, it’s not a bad idea for a business to distinguish itself by creating an unforgettable card.

So business cards can be created from wood, plastic, mat board, metal, and even more. It portrays the business as a high-end service.

Apart from business cards, wedding invitations, nameplates can be engraved by laser.

One thing we shouldn’t forget about this business is that you’d need to understand typography or graphic design, as certain people would prefer customized fonts or lettering on the engraved products.

This sill can also be put to use in personalized gift cards, for birthdays, holidays, and celebrations.


This is one item everyone who loves to read would love to have.

A beautiful bookmark could even motivate someone to read. There’s almost no end to design and creativity as far as bookmarks are concerned.

It doesn’t have to be wood, it could be almost any other material, as long as it can be cut and engraved.

Bookmarks would make a good gift idea for bookworms. You can market your products to local book clubs, book stores, libraries, and places where people who read books gather.


You can do a business around manufacturing ornaments for the home and office.

These could even include making decorations for festive periods such as ornaments for door wreaths and Christmas trees.

You could also make decorations for Halloween and other holidays. The thing here is that you should be creative.

Engraving popular quotes on wood or metal could also serve as decoration. As far as decorating a home is concerned there’s a lot that can be done in that area.

Book Cover Design

You know why they say never judge a book by its cover. Because people do.

This means that the cover of a book is a very important part of that book. Having an attractive and unique cover design would make a book look more appealing to would-be readers.

Publishers and writers understand this and would be willing to pay the price for an attractive book cover.

Of course, these don’t have to be mass-produced, it just might be an author wanting to gift a book to someone they consider important, and laser engraving would add that special touch.

This is not just for books, photo albums, magazines, brochures, e.t.c all these could use some special effects from time to time.

Leather Products

The beauty of laser cutting is the precision and the speed with which it gets the job done.

Laser technology finds use in leather products, from shoes to bags and more. Apart from cutting the leather, it gives room for one to be very creative in making beautiful leather products.

When paired with an embroidery machine, you’d be surprised at the level of beauty that can be achieved.

This is not just limited to leather products, even textile products, such as denim can benefit from being decorated by laser tools.

Glass Decoration

Plaques, cups, mirrors, logos, doors, you can create beautiful designs on these products via laser technology. You can create unique gift items out of the mundane just with laser tech on glass.

Adding a touch of personalization, such as one’s initials to a set of drinking glasses or a water pitcher would make a great gift item.

People love personalized gift items and with a rotary laser cutting tool, you can add designs to glass objects with intricate shapes.

Stone Cutting

Think tombstones, think house numbering on wall tiles or other stone finishes. How about kitchens, with a stone laser cutting tool there’s a lot that you can accomplish.

And if you can strike a deal with a funeral home or a cemetery, you can get a lot of business just engraving names and letterings on gravestones.


These laser-cutting business ideas could make you some good money.

There’s a good market for it, and there’s so much versatility. People are just beginning to get to know what laser tech can do, therefore the market is not yet saturated.

Now would be a good time to jump in.