13 Home Business Opportunities In South Africa

Starting a business from home has become an increasing trend for many South Africans. This is due to its convenience as well as the low capital requirements involved. As a result, a lot of questions have been asked about business opportunities to start from home.

This article will attempt to provide the best possible answers.


Consulting has grown to become a viable business option anyone can start from the comfort of their home.

Professionals and experts from a wide range of human endeavors can offer their expertise in exchange for a fee. However, there has to be a clear demand for such skill.

The startup costs for starting a consulting business in South Africa isn’t much.

On the other hand, the rewards can be quite substantial if you’re able to offer exceptional services. One thing must be clear though; a lot of work is required especially during its initial stages.

Virtual Or Personal Assistant

As someone wishing to offer their time and skills to serve as personal assistants, the only space provides enormous opportunities. As a virtual or personal assistant, you get to choose your specific area of interest or skill. Such skills are offered to companies or large businesses.

More importantly, you get to work based on your schedule from the comfort of your home. Factors such as work hours and clients are things you get to choose yourself.

If you’re a bit confused about where to start, Upwork provides a perfect starting point.

Social Media Consultancy

People spend a whole lot of time on social media apps. This provides a way to socialize and follow daily events as they unfold. However, rather than joining the crowd, you should think of starting a business.

A social media consultancy business is one you can run from home or wherever.

Your area of expertise will help you narrow down the services or range of services you intend to consult for. Basic tools required include smart devices such as phones or tablets, a reliable internet connection as well as a PC or Mac.

To attract your first clients, you’ll need to adopt effective marketing strategies.

Tutoring Service

Tutoring service is a viable business in South Africa.

Both children and adults will require such service at one point or the other. Tutoring covers a wide area of specializations. Such may include learning a language, providing additional assistance with school work among many others.

As a tutor, you’re never short of options. You can either provide this service from your home or visit your clients’ homes. Online tutoring is yet another option to consider.

What more? You can decide to charge for your services per hour or however you like.

Learn To Code

Coding skills are in increasing demand by tech businesses among others. As a programmer, you can conveniently serve clients from the comfort of your home by building websites or developing apps or chatbots among others.

There has been a growing push for people to learn such skills in South Africa. This is due to the huge opportunities it presents, as well as its capacity to lift people out of poverty.

Affiliate Marketing

Companies invest huge amounts for affiliate marketing. With this type of business opportunity, you don’t need to step out of your house to promote physical products. Everything is done online. You’ll need a website and a reliable internet connection in addition to your computer or smart device.

By selecting your preferred product(s) and marketing these on your website as well as social media account(s), you get paid commissions for each sale made through your promoted links. This is a percentage of the sales made.

Graphic Designer

The services of graphic design artists are never in short demand by businesses and individuals. This is a home-based business you can start in South Africa without huge investments.

Returns or profits can be quite significant. This skill can be learned online from a variety of sources.

Interior Décor

Interior designers transform the interior of buildings and homes making them beautiful and lovely.

As the middle class grows in South Africa, there’s a demand for such services. Your level of experience and expertise will largely influence the type of clients you attract and ultimately your earnings.

Start A Laundry Business

A home laundry business in most cases is a lowcost opportunity that has to do with providing laundry services to your target clients. This business model will involve providing domestic services at your client’s homes.

With the right planning, you can build on your existing operations to further expand the business.

Caregiving Service

Caregiving Services in South Africa are considered important businesses that provide assistance and care to children, the elderly, and people with chronic illness.

Starting a caregiving service requires having expertise. This will require some level of training and certification as well as experience.

Massage Therapist

You’ll need to be passionate about becoming a massage therapist to succeed.

Also, training and experience, as well as certification, is required. The South African tourist industry can be leveraged to provide a steady supply of tourists who are likely to become your main clients. This business can be started as a home business with little investments.

Travel Planning

One of the best ways to help clients make the best choices for their travel arrangements is by starting a travel planning business. The tourism industry in South Africa is massive and can become a major revenue source for travel planners.

As a travel planner, you’ll be involved in making informed recommendations to clients.

Also, you’ll be marketing travel packages among other things. The potentials are significant for persons having the desire to provide exceptional services.

Business Plan Writer

For many entrepreneurs and businesses, writing a business plan can be a challenging job. A lot of people will rather have a professional write one for them. This is where you step in as a professional business plan writer.

There you go! These home business opportunities in South Africa are lucrative and can be used by anyone to set up their own business. One thing common to all of them is value.

Being able to provide value to your clients will go a long way in helping you succeed.