15 Future Business Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss


Looking for a list of the best small business ideas for the future?

As we all know this is 2020 and one needs to start thinking about the future which is now. If you are very future conscious which I assume you are, you must have been noticing some changes in the economy.

This shows that having a job is not the best solution to financial freedom.

Here are some top business ideas for the future:


10 Innovative business Ideas With Future Potential

1. Sell Products Online

This is a very lucrative small scale future internet business idea now and would continue to be even in the near future. so starting now is the best option, if you have a craft of how to make any products such as cloths, flower vase etc. Why not create an online store and start selling your craft money potential in these creative businesses would not be high in its early days but as you gain popularity, it increases.

You can also start this great business for the future without an online store if you don’t have money to create. A blog and an email list would do. All you just need is to direct traffic to your blog site and get them to subscribe to your list to get the product at a discounted price.

2. Real Estate Agent

This is one of the most profitable business ideas for the future and you don’t have to be a graduate of real estate and management to do this, you just have to be rational, by being rational I mean you have to back yourself up legally and try to do transparent business opportunity of the future. If your client founds out you acted as an agent for his to be sold a substandard house or he was doped through you, you would end up in jail, so be careful to know the authenticity of the real estate you are selling to someone.

Note: This business has a very great risk and profit factor, so carefulness is required.

3. Cooking and Baking

These is a very broad area, if you are a very good baker or cook, then you have a skill that is important now (because man must eat to survive) and in the future because man must always eat. So why not take advantage of this to start up a food venture, you might start by baking buns and doughnut in your house and sell in your neighborhood.

4. Tutoring

This is a small future business opportunity that cannot go out of style. If you have a college degree and know what you studied, why not advertise your skill or checkout advert for tutorial tutors. You can choose to lecture students who want to take national exam and get paid for it.

5. App Development

This is a very good viable business trend to invest in for the future. Presently and in the future. Even if you don’t know how to develop application but you have the idea, you can hire an app developer to do that for you. Just get him to sign some legal documents from stealing your ideas. Just note that you are not assured of a breakthrough through this.

6. Genetic Research and Engineering

This is a very good business idea for the future. But you need much money or a degree in courses related to genetic engineering.

7. Biotechnology

This is a lucrative area related to genetic engineering, every day, we here of cloning and bio-degradation, investing on biotechnology is very good investment area for the future if potential for profit is very high.

8. Natural health

This is a very lucrative healthcare business now and in the nature. Most people now prefer natural supplement to clinical drugs. Investing in it is advisable but it has a high profit potential.

9. Blogging

Though, they are thousands of blogs online, but there is still great potential for making money, you just need to know your way around the web. Blogging provides many opportunity of making money from different sources such as advert, paid post etc.

Note: You need to be able to write consistent posts.

10. Freelancing: 

This is definitely a business for the future, it is related to the post above, if u cant write consistent post, you can hire a freelance writer. So freelancing can be by writing contents, doing web design for a client, doing musical beats and selling them for a price etc. A freelancer does work for a particular person. So whatever is your skill you can go into freelancing.


Large corporations and businesses that have enjoyed longevity in operations and global spread, built these enduring legacies based on decisions and strategies that focused primarily on anticipating the demands and needs of the market place in the future.

Consequently, such businesses were able to evolve and embark on measures to meet such futuristic needs, by channeling both human and non-human resources in providing capacities needed to provide solutions to problems unforeseen.

Consequently the most successful entrepreneurs are individuals who don’t entertain the herd mentality but anticipate the needs of the market quicker than the competition. Of course, such anticipation comes with a level of risk, but the rewards can be worth the efforts.

After all, one recalls that pioneering inventions, like the automobile, the Internet, and smart devices, were all regarded with high degrees of skepticism when first presented to the market. More importantly, the impact cuts across cultural as well as economic lines.

The advent of the automobile gave birth to a sister networks of small businesses, such as parts dealers, vehicle dealerships, and service outfits. The Internet has berthed an array of online businesses which have enjoyed enormous growth and success today.

So what small businesses hold the key to creation and sustenance of the future? And which areas will spawn such inquisitions? The areas of energy and earth-friendly technology seem to have the greater potential for growth. Other fields include nanotechnology, entertainment, and the consistent demands of fashioning ways and methods of replenishing the earth, in order to accommodate its rising population.

At first glance. Some of these businesses may come across as outlandish. But if the exploits of the past are to serve as the benchmark for assessment, then these future business ideas may just form the nucleus of mankind’s ever changing world:

Asteroid Mining

A number of resources are being mined at an accelerated pace on Earth, without means of replenishing the supplies.

However, scientists have discovered that planetary bodies in outer space have deposits of the rare metals and minerals mined here on earth.

This poses questions for businesses of the now to see how space exploration can be adapted to begin the mining of these minerals and rare metals, for onward delivery to earth.

Once the cost of these operations can be offset by the returns on investment,  asteroid mining can very well be a future business idea, with the potential of  being  a valuable industry. Space pioneers like Peter Diamandis, are beginning to chart the course and provide direction with regard to this business of the future.

3D Printing  Business

Do you need a new lens fitting ? Print it out. The future is taking mankind in that direction. As against  fabricating such parts  in a factory and  with al the attendant process and time, 3D printers are being purposed  to  manufacture everything from  engineering  models to pins to spare phone  parts. At present, certain companies have begun producing items using 3D printing but a major cause for consideration is the cost of the device itself

Body Part Maker

This business of the future centres growing skin or tendon or muscle, otherwise called single types of tissue. The thrust revolves around the idea of placing a degrading polymer into the site of a tear or wound and allowing stem cells in the human body work in the healing. But the possibilities are huge and will find practical application for wounded soldiers on the battlefields and as well as victims who lose a lot of blood in road accidents.

A pioneer in this field, Soft Tissue Regeneration undertakes to heal ACL ruptures without the use of tendon from another part of the body to surgically rectify it. Modifications to the process also include the use of a device patterned, which contains DNA needed for the cure.

Bottled Air Business

The thinking follows that if water can be bottled and sold, why not the air we breathe? In 2009, packaged water was a whopping 10.6 billion USD business that involved bottling 8.1 billion liters in the U.S alone, according to extensive surveys. The air we breathe is all around us and certain firms have already tested the market with oxygen bars, which is believed to boost the oxygen content of the blood and gives doses of energy, especially for sports persons.

With environmental pollution as one main disturbing factors in the society, bottled oxygen could just be the business of the future, in bringing much needed life, all in a can.

Greenhouse Gas Audit Business

A greenhouse gas audit is a complex process because most of our day to day living, from cooking to transportation to industrial processes. These emissions in turn, are contributing to deleterious climate change. However as more Governments sign up and pledge to reduce these green house emissions, a future business will involve the  auditing the amount of emissions processes and practices emit, with a view to minimizing same. Such a need will warrant businesses providing these audit services.


What are your pains about life?

Are you thinking of starting a business in the future? Is your present boss overworking and underpaying you? It’s time you start thinking of a lucrative business idea in the future.