7 Profitable Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

There are so many food business ideas you can start and make money from your passion. You are a fantastic cook and you love preparing foods. You should not give this a chance.

The food industry is something that will never cease to perform well. People have to eat. Besides, most people are keen on diets, which means we are all looking for ways to lose a little weight but still eat great food.

Baking cakes, cookies, or just offering menus can be a source of income. Food is always going to be an industry with high demand.

Food-related businesses are among the most popular and profitable choices. They can be started quickly and easily, and the demand is reasonably consistent. After all, everyone needs to eat. You can put together a profitable and worthwhile catering or concession business using minimal resources and in only a short time.

Have you ever thought of food business ideas that succeed even in harsh economic conditions? You may say no simple business opportunities in the food industry like that. But remember that even when things go hard you still eat.

The beverage and other food product business is one industry that is yet to fail regardless of the economic condition of the country. You must have been considering starting a profitable small food business because you’re tired of your present job.

So many aspiring entrepreneurs now are seriously looking for new food manufacturing and food processing businesses to venture into. The food business is one lucrative business for all seasons.

People must eat! So the most homemade and fast food prep businesses keep flourishing no matter your location.

Making money from unique ideas for the food business requires knowledge of food safety because you will be dealing with human health. There are health and legal requirements and regulations to open most business ideas related to canned and processed food.

In this post, I have compiled the 7 best food business ideas for rural areas and cities that one can start from home with little investment capital. 

Different Types of Food Business Opportunities To Start

1. Become a Food Source

Every chain in the food supply business depends on the producer. What I simply mean is you have to become a global farmer. I did not put the English well?

Stay there! One of your ex-presidents is a farmer making millions daily and he doesn’t hide it from anyone. Proudly called himself a farmer.

To make popcorn, corn is needed from the producer (farmer). To process plantain chips, a successful food business company also needs fresh plantain from the producer which is also the farmer. So you can choose to grow a full-hectare corn farm or own a large plantation farm.

Not to even talk about fruits. When packaged food companies like Chivita or Five Alive want to produce juice, they also go to the farmer. So you can say that there are many new wholesale opportunities in becoming a successful organic food source. It may only require hard work and time in the beginning but you will surely reap the benefit at the harvest season.

2. Operate a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is always the first thought when people are thinking of venturing into the food business.

Starting this business, you should focus more on how to run and manage the business than what should be on the menu. I am not saying the food menu ain’t important.

An entrepreneur that doesn’t know how to cook delicious food can open a restaurant and employ a chef and staff to run the business. So, starting a restaurant business is not only for those who can cook but for those who just want to run and know how to manage a restaurant business.

This is a very large market with young and old rushing in and out from different restaurants every day just to get quick food service. You can operate just one restaurant and make millions from it.

As expensive as that healthy or fast food you know, people still go there to eat. So what are you waiting for?

Owning and operating a restaurant does not necessarily mean that you must know how to cook. You’re the best cook does not mean you should open a restaurant. As far as you’re good at managing people and things, then you can operate a restaurant.

What you just need is a business plan and a good team which involves the cook, service attendances, cleaners, etc.

3. Food Retailing 

Opening a retail food business is easy. If you’re thinking that becoming a farmer is too stressful and it takes a lot of time compared to selling food, you can consider becoming a  mobile food retailer.

Your role in this top food distribution business is to source for a location where summer foodstuff is very cheap and buy them in bulk from the rural area to sell in the cities using food trucks, trailers, minivans, and from opening stalls.

You don’t need to own a farm, you just negotiate with the farmer to get the farm produce at a low price, then you can sell to cities where cottage and home foodstuffs are very expensive.

This is one of the food ventures that can be retailed on the streets.

4. Running a Catering Services

This is a very popular business idea in the food industry. A catering business is a great way to make money.

You should have several menus including vegetarian or special diet menus. This will help you take care of various customers’ needs. Home catering should earn you a steady income either part-time or full time.

With moderate capital investment and proper planning, any serious entrepreneur can start up this food business idea. From small to big events, people are always looking for catering services and this is where you make money.

What do you think about catering equipment hire as a business?

This easy food-based business can be operated as a part-time business and expanded to full-time as the business grows. Getting customers for a food catering service is all about networking with event planners.

You can also share your business card with friends, relatives, your church, and corporate organizations.

5. Start a Bakery Business

A bakery is another food business idea that you can still venture into. You can consider baking cakes, cookies, bread, or just specialize in one niche of the bakery business. You can establish a big bakery unit and be selling through retailers.

The bakery is one thriving food-related business with huge market demand. You can consider operating a bread bakery in your locality. You and I know that the demand for bread is high.

And no matter the number of bread bakery in a street or locality, if your retail marketing is good and your brand awareness is superb, you will surely out-smart your competitors.

It is not about reducing your price, it’s about baking quality bread that customers want.

6. Start a Water Factory

I know you will say the competitors are too much.

But let me ask you a question when was the last time you bought the sachet or bottled water made by a particular company? Or have you ever gone to buy sachet or bottled water and you mention the name of the food company you want?

That means no matter the competition, water companies are still making their money back to back.

Millions if not billions of sachet and bottled water are being consumed daily. You just need to have a good delivery network. This means you should have a vehicle to do delivery to a restaurant, fast food, and retail stores.

7. Food Blogging

If you are a person that loves to start a food business but you don’t have the capital, there is still hope for you. You can start a food blog and make money from Adsense when your blog that attracting huge traffic.

Do you love cooking? Would you love to teach others how to cook different types of local and international specialty food?

If you have considered running an online food and nutrition consultancy services but you don’t have the finance, then you can operate a food blog.

You can write an e-book on 30+ delicacy food preparation and give it out for free to build your list or at a little fee to make sure cool cash from this internet-based food business start-up opportunity.

You can be sharing food recipes, how to cook some particular kinds of food, what food can do in the body, and anything related to food.

As you stick to your passion for providing useful content to your reader, your reader base will start increasing and brands in the food-related industry will start meeting you to buy advert space in your blog and you charge them for that.

As your audience begin to grow then you can start making good income by selling space on your blog for advertisements or run Google AdSense and get paid by Google.

You will need a very large audience to start making good cash from your food blog business.


Here I have compiled more food-related business ideas to choose from the food industry that can fetch income doing what you love.

Become a Personal Chef

Do you know that these set of people prepare 5 to 15 meals every day for their customers? As a personal chef, you get to prepare your client’s food, package the food, and deliver it to the client.

With this food business idea, you don’t need to own a restaurant or food store, you just promote your services via social media, door to door promotion, and whatever medium that suits you and gets booked by busy and rich families that love to eat food prepared by an experienced chef.

Candy Making

You can start this food business idea by making candies, especially for kids. Homemade candies are easier to make.

Homemade chocolate is special, more special than something from the store. If you can flavor it appropriately you could sell chocolates others will not have for all special occasions.

You already know how children love lollipop and chocolate, including some adult that love sweet things too. This is a wonderful way to convert your love for food into profitable chocolate or ice candy making business.

Coffee Shop

You don’t know a coffee shop is also a food-related business idea? I bet you don’t. Coffee shops are increasing as more people especially freelancers and work at home mums and dads prefer to work effectively from coffee shops.

It is also a place of rest for office workers. If you have always loved coffee and it smells, you can turn your love for coffee into a lucrative business.

Food Truck

Mobile food truck opportunity is another way to make money from food business idea. This is like having a moving restaurant, taking your food to where the customers are. What you just need is to buy a food truck, and then fuel it.

You can sell ice-cream, packaged food, cookies, and soft drinks from your food truck. You can also go for cooked or fried food items with a specific menu that the majority of people love.

Teach Cooking Lessons

There are always people looking for where they can learn professional cooking skills. This is due to the demand for chefs from hotels, companies, restaurants, and other food industries.

You can start up a private cooking class where you teach people different cooking styles like grilling, baking, crockpot, etc. You can even organize a 2 day paid seminar where you teach people how to prepare different kinds of food.

These are just a few business ideas in the food industry. But, if you are passionate about starting a food business, you should be able to spot a food business idea from this post that you can consider starting with whatever you have available to you.

Click here to download a food business plan template and a fast food restaurant business plan:

Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

There are still lots of great food-based business ideas that require little financial commitment.

This article will focus on food business ideas with low investment for people who have a strong passion for this field of endeavor. A good thing with such ideas is that they are almost inexhaustible.

In other words, you have several options to choose from. There is a high likelihood that you will find your area of passion among the following food business ideas;

Are you surprised at this? This is one of the most basic food business ideas you can invest in.

The best part is that while this doesn’t require a significant investment, it has a huge promise for profitability. Although this is a great business idea, you need to do a lot of work in planning adequately for it. Information is power.

Hence getting as much information as you can about the business will be a tremendous boost to its actualization and success.

There’s a lot of money to be made in the food business sector of any economy. Juice shops have grown to become a major trend and lots of entrepreneurs have seen such opportunities and taken advantage of them.

To bring this idea to fruition, you will need to carry out and follow all regulations and registrations with relevant government agencies.

You have to be ready for continuous inspection by health regulatory authorities. This action is meant to ensure that your food business abides by industry regulations. The planning stages are crucial to its success. Asides from planning adequately, you need to fully implement your plans as well.

Questions like the type of juice to make, what flavors to add as well as your target market should be fully addressed as well.

Bakery products are in high demand as they are consumed by many daily. This food business idea can be started with low investment too. You can start a home-based bakery. This cuts down significantly on overhead costs such as the need to rent a building to be converted to a bakery and several others.

You can easily scale-up your bakery business as demand for products and sales increases. The more patronage you attract, the better for your business.

There is a whole lot of considerations to make before starting a restaurant.

You need to have a target market, choose the right location, and know what your customer’s food needs and preferences as well as choosing a niche you intend to focus on. Restaurants can be started with little investment as well.

A strong passion for this business idea, as well as the will to follow through with it, is crucial.

This sector of the food business idea is not for the faint of heart. This is because certain traits and qualities are required. Such include great management skills, an eye for detail, patience as well as problem-solving skills.

With low capital, it can be started on a small scale, and if properly run will eventually blossom into a major food business.

The summer seasons, as well as locations with a tropical climate, are great periods and places respectively where this food business idea will thrive.

With a low investment, you can turn this business opportunity into a goldmine! Ice cream businesses satisfy a huge market and ice cream cone making is a valuable part of its value chain that you can exploit to your advantage.

We always recommend that you take as much time as you can to plan your business. The better your plans are, the higher your chances of success. Although many entrepreneurs in this area have not been successful due to the negligence of vital aspects of their business, many have succeeded.

To emulate their success, carefully plan for your business and fully implement those plans.

  • Cashew Nut Processing

This type of business thrives best when there is a sufficient supply of raw materials. If you live in an area where cashew is cultivated in commercial quantity, then you may want to consider this line of business.

This is a food business that can be started with low investment. Yet it has the potential of growing into a mega business as it has a huge market around the wall.

This business is largely hinged on value addition. Before venturing into this venture, which is one of the most profitable food processing business ideas with low investment, you should be able to identify a ready market for your processed cashew nuts.

This eliminates the waiting time that ties down investments (ultimately leading to losses) due to a lack of market for your products.

  • Homemade Snacks

Who doesn’t love to have a snack? You can exploit this need by starting some homemade snacks from the comfort of your home.

Do you need a huge financial investment? Of course not! Its low financial demand makes it one of the best food business ideas that can be started by almost anyone.

You need to have an understanding of the snacks with the most demand. Understanding your market is important as well.

  • Making Popcorn

This is a great way to start a low investment business with high-profit potential. Popcorn making machines are very affordable. By conducting a market survey, you will certainly find one that fits your budget.

Expenses on other requirements are also minimal and doable by lots of entrepreneurs. This business can be started from your home or from anywhere you find most suitable.

Locations with high foot traffic are best for this type of business.

We have seen that there are lots of food business ideas that can be started with low investment. Most times, people having an interest in starting a business are held back with the misconception that lots of money are required.

We have seen that this isn’t true. You can set up a successful business with a small budget.

Do we hope you found this useful? Have the courage to venture out in a bid to start these low-cost food businesses.

Don’t give excuses, start something new! What do you think about these food-based business ideas with low investment? Is the food business profitable? Share