10 Profitable eBay Business Ideas For Easy Selling

Best Successful eBay Business Ideas List

Are you passionate about starting an eBay business but you lack ideas? Have you been surfing the net now and then searching for great eBay business ideas but to no avail?

If yes, then to be discussed below are the top-notch and profitable eBay business ideas you can start with little or no money and eventually establish a steady flow income.

There are a plethora of ways to earn legit money from eBay, just that not everyone is exposed to those business ideas that are profitable.

Here are some of the top successful eBay business ideas that no one has told you about-:

Event Planning

One of the business ideas on eBay that are usually of high demand is event planning.

They are almost in high demand comes any season. Whether it is for corporate events, weddings, or birthday parties, if you choose to venture into this on eBay you stand a chance to gain solid ground in no time.

This is because there is a limited number of fun-loving and well-organized people out there who are willing and ready to help coordinate those happenings and events.

Selling of used items

Do you have a few items in your house that you are no longer making use of? Maybe some old shoes, clothing, jewelry or better still, antique furniture.

A piece of pleasing jewelry and a nice pair of shoes is a-must to many women. Why don’t you sell off your own fairly used pendant and designer shoes on eBay?

This is a great opportunity for you to make money instead of throwing them away. All you need do is to offer them up for sale on eBay and you are good to go.

Selling cosmetics

This is another business idea you can make good money from on eBay. Selling of beauty products like soap, body creams, make up, and host of other beauty products for both sexes shouldn’t be overemphasized.


Also, you can start a blog of your own on any niche you specialize in to promote products on eBay.
To begin with, you can start that blog of yours in the beauty niche or better still fashion and post backlinks to where visitors can get certain hot and trendy fashion items on eBay.

Writing of Business Plan Services

Do you have an idea of how to draw a good business plan for any business? if yes, you can sell that skill as a service on eBay.

So many people want to go into businesses that involve a business plan to get started but don’t know how to come up with one. Writing of business plan is also one hot niche in eBay that you can profit from.

Arts and crafts

Are you so confident to the moon and back that you can draw and make good paintings? Do you possess good artistic skills? If you nod in affirmation, what are you waiting for then?

A countless number of people are out there who are willing and ready to pay you good proceeds for your artwork. Be informed that, it’s a typical lie that artwork has to be famous before people can enjoy it. As long as your sculptures or painting is enthralling and catches the eye, the market will be all yours.

Just take a good shot, come up with very nice painting, craft a good piece, fix a price for each and post them on eBay, you are too good to go!


Without much ado, eBook is also one of the interesting business opportunity that awaits writers on eBay. It’s no more a news that you can get money from putting down your ideas into writing, all you have to do is to sell them up as eBooks on eBay.

Retro Toys

Everyone admired one or two favorite toys while growing up, and most often, they will gladly look on eBay just to find it.

So, if you can’t help but start up your collection of toys, go to flea markets, garage sales, and or thrift stores to pick up some merchandise and start selling them on eBay.

Selling Used Cell Phones

I bet it no one can leave a day of comfortable without a cell phone. A big thanks to technology!

Therefore, it’s apparent that when one breaks or loses his or her cell phone, he or she will look out for a used phone as an alternative to replacing the lost one.

You can become a dealer in fairly used cell phones on eBay. All you need is to purchase some used phones elsewhere and make your profit off each one.

Baby Clothes

Those old clothes that your children no longer wear can be converted into money on eBay. Just take a good picture of them to show they are in good shape and condition, and put them up for sale.

You can look for more gently used baby clothes at flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales just to increase your inventory.

Though not exhausted, the aforementioned are some of the eBay business ideas. Feel free to pick one!