How To Buy And Sell On OLX Nigeria

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to buy and sell on OLX Nigeria

Online commerce has brought convenience to both buyers and sellers in Nigeria.

Among the most popular eCommerce platforms to use for your transactions is OLX. However, not everyone has a grip on how to use (buy or sell) on OLX.

If you are reading this, you should find all the information you seek regarding its usage.

What Is OLX?

First, it will be necessary to have an understanding of the subject matter. In other words, we must provide some clarifications of what OLX is. The simplest definition for this platform is that it is a global online marketplace.

OLX is one of the many online shops in Nigeria. Here, goods and services are exchanged. These range from electronics to household goods, cars, bikes, fashion items, furniture, etc.

OLX is available in over 45 countries including Nigeria. Now that is good news because it is an added option for the purchase and sale of both new and used items. We all know that there’s a huge market for used goods in Nigeria. So, you can still sell that used electronic or furniture at a good price.

Do You Want To Sell Or Buy?

For anyone reading this article, your needs will certainly influence the information you seek. That is, you might either be interested in buying or selling.

However, some need information on both buying and selling. Whatever your needs are, we are glad to let you know you’ll find the information you seek right here.

OLX And Jiji

Why introduce Jiji into the picture? It is due to a simple fact! OLX has been absorbed by Jiji. In other words, Jiji has purchased OLX. So, as an OLX user, you’ll notice that you are redirected to Jiji whenever you click on the OLX link. This takeover by Jiji not only covers Nigeria but also 4 other African countries consisting of Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Because of this newfound knowledge, OLX and Jiji will be used interchangeably throughout the rest of the article. This information is necessary so you don’t get confused or lost.

Buying On OLX

This is the section where we start discussing how to transact on the OLX platform. We first begin by showing the reader how to purchase. Luckily, this process isn’t complicated and won’t take much of your time. However, having a seamless and easy transaction will depend on what you know.

There are two options to choose from when buying items on OLX. These include shopping on its web platform or using its mobile app (for Android and IOS devices). If you have a smart device, it will be much more convenient using the Jiji app. On the other hand, its web platform will be ideal when using your PC or laptop.

  • Item Categories

After logging in using its web or smartphone app, you’ll be asked what you’re searching for. In other words, you can be more specific by typing what you need in the search bar. Beneath the search bar is several categories. This has been made available to make it much easier for visitors or buyers to find the category of items they need.

Items found on OLX/Jiji are categorized under trend (items which are currently trending with buyers and sellers), vehicles and real estate. Others include electronics, phones & tablets, home & garden, hobbies (arts, sport), health & beauty, fashion as well as seeking work – CVs.

Other categories are Services, jobs, babies & kids, animals & pets, agriculture & food, equipment & tools and also repair & construction. These are the basic item categories you’d find when visiting Jiji’s store. However, there are times when you can’t seem to figure out what category your search falls under. In this case, it might be easier if you type it directly into the search bar.

i. Sub Categories

OLX has sub-categories of items that further narrow down items you wish to buy. So, for example, when you click on the vehicles category, you’d find listed sub-categories like buses & microbuses, cars and heavy equipment. Others are motorcycles & scooters, trucks & trailers, vehicle parts & accessories as well as watercraft & boats.

  • Favorites

There is also the favorites tab on its site. This tab is for searches you’ve marked earlier or ads you find interesting. It enables you to keep track of every item or service you wish to buy or patronize. That way, you can gain access to them at a later time.

  • Buying An Item

For any item you click on, it takes you to a page where you find the listed price for the item. You also find the location of the goods or items. Now, for some buyers, the listed price for certain items may seem too expensive. This shouldn’t discourage you because you can further bargain with the seller to get a better deal.

So, how does one get to contact the seller? Easy! All the information you need is available right there on its website. You can either choose to chat with the seller using the chat option or call directly. When chatting, you find keywords you can use. These include “the last price,” “is it available,” “ask location,” “make an offer,” and “call me.”

If you wish the seller to call you, you’ll have to drop your phone number. The chat section has features that allow you to upload documents or media, and also send a voice message. The process from here is straightforward and shouldn’t be stressful for anyone.

Selling On OLX

Do you have an item (new or old) you wish to sell on this online marketplace? If you do, we are glad to let you know that the process is quite easy! First, you must have a registered account with Jiji. This is free and you can either choose the option of registering with your Facebook address or using your email (that is, either Yahoo, Google or any other).

You will find a bold “Sell” button on its page. Upon clicking this, you are taken to a list of 3 easy procedures. These include entering the ad details for the item(s) you wish to sell, start receiving calls from interested buyers and all for free. That is at no commission at all. Nevertheless, an ad resulting in an actual sale may require the seller to pay a small commission to Jiji.

This is about all the basic information you need to start buying or selling on OLX Nigeria. It won’t take up much of your time. Buyers have much work to do though. You’ll have to sift through tons of items as certain items may not be in the right or acceptable condition. Whatever the case is, OLX is a great place to shop for or sell your items.