17 Business Ideas To Start In India

There are so many cool business opportunities in India with low investment that one can do successfully.

The reason many people are poor in the country is not just because there are no investment opportunities for Indian men and women, but because of their inability to recognize numerous unique business ideas in India with low investment and utilize them appropriately.

Wait, what is the meaning of ‘poor’? The meaning of ‘poor’ is “passing over opportunity repeatedly”. And this is the exact problem of many people in India – they keep passing over many ideas to start a small business in India repeatedly without making use of them.

In India, it is a known fact that unemployment keeps giving the nation headache, just like the fly disturbs the cock.

And since we all know that the government isn’t responding too well in the area of creating jobs for job seekers, then there needs to be another solution. What is this solution? STARTING A BUSINESS IN INDIA.

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Many job seekers know this already but are confronted with problems like not having capitals and not knowing what to do when looking for big or medium scale business ideas in India to start.

Thus, In this article, I will be giving you 10 top practicable small scale business ideas in Bangalore India that you can do successfully with a small amount of money.

So if you have been looking for the right business idea in India that you can venture into, simply go through these ideas for business or franchising in India, choose the right one(s), and leap in faith into success.

17 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In India

1. Quail Bird Farming

As you will get to see, the first three ideas here fall under the agriculture business in India. Many such businesses don’t require very much capital and since many are shying away from them, aren’t congested which is typical of many rural business ideas in India.


If you are hearing about quail bird for the first time or you have heard about it before but you have not taken a step to tap into this great poultry business opportunity, then you should look more closely into it.

Quail bird is one of the ancient bird which has a lot of health benefits. Quail bird farming is part of Poultry farming and they also lay eggs like chicks but it is not common in this part of the world.

The meat and the egg of this bird have been reported to cure many diseases such as arthritis, tuberculosis and so many other diseases.

Quail bird rearing is five times better than chicken and turkey rearing, and it’s obvious that a person with 400 quail laying bird is better off than a person with 2000 laying chickens.

They have immunity against many diseases, this implies that you don’t need to spend money on the vaccine and that the business has a low risk. Quail birds mature earlier and start laying eggs after 7-8 weeks. Quail farming requires less labor.

The space required for rearing the Quail bird is small. They lay a greater number of eggs of between 250 and 280 per year.

With very little capital you are good to go with this business provided you have space in your house where you can put the cage. With that small amount, you will be getting good daily returns after the bird has started laying eggs. If you have enough money, you can go into a large scale farming business as this can turn you into a millionaire within the limited possible time.

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2. Storing Palm Oil For Money

Storing palm oil during peak season and reselling during off-peak season is a great business that can fetch one a lot of money, depending on the amount of capital one has.

The Palm Oil business is known to be very lucrative as one can have up to 100% and above profit. The most important thing about this business is getting the right information on where to buy, when to buy, how to store, and when to resell.

There are two seasons for palm oil, first between February and April, this period is known as peak season, and the price of palm always drop drastically which gives room for a smart entrepreneur to maximize the opportunity.

The second season is between October and December which is always characterized by scarcity and the rising price of palm oil, during this period one can resell the stored palm oil and make a profit that can be as high as 100% or even 200%.

There is a technique that can be used to make more profit from this business. The technique is very simple and this is the technique: immediately after the peak season around July the price will go up and you can sell and make a profit of around 50-60%. The price will go down around September when most farmers will be selling their stored palm oil to cater to the school fees of their children starting a new academic session.

So as a smart entrepreneur, you can use the money again to buy at a cheaper price and sell all a high price during off-peak season. When you calculate your profit, it will be far higher than those that waited until the off-peak season alone.

3. Soybean Storage

This is also like the one of palm oil. Storing soybean during peak season and reselling during the off-peak season is another great and lucrative business that is yet to be fully tapped.

Soybean is a leguminous crop with a lot of nutritional and health benefits and as a result of this it is being used by man as food and for making animal feeds such as poultry feed, fish feed, etc. This farm produce is needed for fish farming and because of the increased interest of people in fish farming, has made this product a highly sort after one.

This is a profitable agriculture business idea that very few people know about and are getting a lot of money year in year out.

4. Tutoring Services

This business requires little or no capital. The most important thing to start very small business ideas in India is knowledge. If you are not too intelligent academically but you are smart, you can still achieve success in this business.

These services can take various forms, it could be home-based where the person will need to be visiting and he or she will be paid based on the agreement between the two parties. The tutor can have more than a place depending on his or her ability. But the second form (where smartness comes into play) is the most preferable for entrepreneurs who want to rake in a lot of money.

What one will do is to simply get a tutorial center at a good location and employ some people that will join you in the work. Getting a good center may be a challenge but if you do your search diligently you will surely get a good one.

One can start from your home if one has enough space. You can even consult various school principals to allow you to use their school. If a smart entrepreneur promotes adequately and brings in some innovations that will make him or her unique, success is sure from this low budget business ideas in India.

5. Offering Outdoor Catering Services

The demand for food will continue to be an increase in this country due to our large population which keeps on increasing. This business has a lot of potentials to be successful because no matter the condition of a man’s pocket, he must eat.

The food business sector in India is very broad, but let’s see ‘outdoor catering services.’ If you have the necessary experience in this aspect of business and you are unemployed or receiving peanuts as a salary, then you should take this more seriously. Why not go and get the necessary connections today?

Start something and make sure you make your own as unique as possible and the sky will be the limit if you invest in these popular small scale business ideas for women in India.

6. Running A Training Center

This is another unique business idea in India you can start with small money, depending on some factors. The high rate of unemployment in the country has made many people see the necessity of acquiring skills to fetch them money. Thus, there’s a market for trainers.

It could be a professional training center or a skill acquisition training center. If you have some special talents or have some professional skills, why not go ahead and establish a training center? You should simply register it and then adopt various marketing strategies to get customers.

And if everything goes right, it should be bringing in lots of cash.

7. Rental Services

This is another common example of side business ideas in India that can be used by an interested entrepreneur.

What made this business amazing is that it’s an asset that keeps bringing money in. This business is always evergreen because there will always be a ceremony to do especially in this country where we like ceremonies and entertainment (smiles).

The only challenge here is that this business involves a relatively large amount of money but you can start small by starting from plastic chairs and tables and hire a vehicle that will help you transport them from your place to the venue of the party.

Alternatively, you can start by bringing customers to those who are already established and be paid some commission.

8. Seminar Facilitating

Making money this way is similar to training services, but they are quite different. One difference here is that, in the case of facilitating seminars, you don’t need a training center. Many people want to be furnished with the right information that will solve their problems, but they don’t have all the time to keep coming continuously to a training center.

A smart entrepreneur can come in and be organizing seminars. It may not necessarily be you that will give the seminar talk, you can invite a resource person to do that but if you can anchor it yourself you can go ahead. Just ensure you create enough awareness before the program (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!)

N.B: Ensure you charge a moderate amount of money and, most importantly ADD VALUE TO THE LIVES OF THE ATTENDEES. If you do, they will want to come when next you organize such a seminar.

Just deliver what you promised and you will be surprised at the amount of money you will make from just a seminar.

9. Sales of Phones, Computers, and Accessories

True, a lot of people are already doing this technology-based business opportunity, but the sky is wide enough for everyone to soar.

India is a country where technology is being embraced more and more. A big advantage business owners have is the large population God blessed us with. Unfortunately, not everyone has the required capital to explore some of the new manufacturing business ideas in India springing up.

Many Indians are ready to spend money particularly on phones (and many are now turning to laptops too) What you need to succeed in this good successful trading business ideas in India is the correct information on where to quality phones and at cheaper prices. It advisable you consult a person you trust, who has been in the business to guide you.

If he is honest with you he will tell you where you can get these products at cheaper prices and most of this product can be bought from computer village in and other big markets across the country but you must have the right information before you go into these markets to buy.

Most of these phones can even be imported from abroad without leaving the comfort of your home. You can buy from sites like Aliexpress, Ipmart.com, etc. at ridiculous prices and the products will be sent to your address through courier service get more than 100% profit. Just acquire the right information.

10. Internet Businesses

Many Indians now make money from the comfort of their homes, via internet home based business ideas in India. Gone are the days when the only manner one can make money on the internet is through illegal means. Now, you can make legitimate money online from internet businesses which are the most popular home-based businesses for housewives and moms in India.

Simple online businesses are just like offline home business ideas in India (they require attention and seriousness although they can be started without investment). Just ensure you do your research well, choose the one(s) suitable for you, and acquire all the necessary information about it.

Don’t bother yourself with the most profitable business in India. Those are the 10 simple low capital small scale business in India that are very unique, lucrative, and evergreen, and that can be utilized at any point in time. Mind you, there are many other fresh upcoming business ideas in India available, do your research on the best business ideas for beginners in India, and most importantly, TAKE A STEP!!!!!!

11. Customized Jewelry

Why not invest in this profitable and reliable business idea in the city of India? It’s no more a thing that worth a headline that Indian, most especially, their women love and have much passion in putting on varieties of accessories on themselves; and this could be traced to the fact that India is a cultural, religious still a fashionable place one would love to visit, so venturing into customized jewelry business in India is no doubt a business to grow and thrive well.

You can start the lucrative business by buying some jewelry-making kit- maybe the small ones just for a start- and create nice necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other women’s use jewelry and have them uniquely and perfectly designed to suit the taste of your customers.

In this business, good marketing strategies and creativity are the two overwhelming factors to determine if truly you will succeed or not.

12. Fast-food Restaurant

Are you skillful in cooking for thousands of people without any mistake? Do you have a passion for matching tomatoes with onions to bring out a scintillating aroma? If your response to the poised questions is positive, then you can change your hubby into business and generate something enormous from it.

You needn’t thousands or millions of Rupees as your startup capital; as people tend to believe before you open up an aesthetic restaurant, you can start small or big; based on how heavy your pocket and if you already have a small area that is spacious enough, it can be- if you wish- turned into a restaurant or canteen.

The problem of space is just solved! What next is for you to buy all the required ingredients that will be needed to whip up your palatable menus for the day.

Note that, Menus don’t necessarily need to be the top-of-the-line; you can start with easy and simple recipes. Be enlighten that food is a necessity and the basic needs of humans and we have to eat; to stay healthy and alive, irrespective of the economic situation.

Lastly, your business should be built with trust and on the solid foundation of exceptional prospect/customer services.

13. Poultry Business 

This is another trendy business idea in the world’s second country with good business flashpoint, India. Nowadays, people don’t only consume chicken but also its byproducts, and that is the egg.

Eggs can be used to serve several functions; it could be eat- boil or fry- ingested and also could be used for the beauty product. The poultry business is now a guaranteed and reliable money spinner in India but you are required to have a permit to enable you to rear commercially. Go for gold dear!

14. School and Office Supplies

Providing uniforms for schools and supplying offices with different office use are usually in high demand in India.

All year-round, so as an entrepreneur, you don’t need to be disturbed about making sales because there are a large number of schools and businesses situated in the towns and cities of India; stationery such as pens, papers of different varieties, pencils, notebooks, and others are always in constant demand.

15. Rental Services

Starting a rental services business is also one profitable business idea in India. If you have an additional room in your home or building, canopies and lots of chairs, etc. then, using them as a rental service can earn you huge money.

This would- in no time- make you reap massive profits because you wouldn’t need to splash out your cash as the capital. Taking this business with passion in India will seriously fetch you well and you would be able to boost adequate cash flow.

16. Freelance Writing Business

Are you so good at using words as the army uses guns? If you are so good at writing and still thinking of a business to venture into India, you could be a freelance writer.

Choose a niche you would write on; preferably where your writing prowess is exceptional and you can decide in your heart to write for a newspaper, magazine, or even a website.

There is no speculation or limit to the number of jobs you could do as a freelancer.

17. Yoga Instructor 

This is the last business idea I will take on in this piece.

Yoga is a comfortable business idea and a better way of earning money as not everyone in India does it correctly. You can engage in a Yoga service as a business owner, manager, or instructor and instruct several people out there who are ready to listen

However, the above business ideas are for the teeming youth population especially in India that is being idle. Plus, an entrepreneur who will love to diversify or expand his coast can also tap from the business ideas and soar high in India.