How To Become A Comedy Writer

If you have considered becoming a good comedy writer, but the idea of starting scares you, then perhaps you will need to read this blog post as your guide to getting started.

To be frank with you, writing comedy is not for the weak. It is for the brave. It’s a lot more than just being funny with your content. It is like asking how to do one becomes a standup comedian. You have to put in the work.

Comedy writing has a structure that you must learn and follow.

How To Become A Comedy Script Writer

If you think you are funny and would love to become a comedy skit writer, I have pro tips for you.

These pro tips are what will help you get started with or without anyone’s help. I gathered these tips after researching most of the successful and respected comedy writers in the world.

One thing I learned from them is that nobody cares about your writing, all they care about is how funny it is. So, without wasting much of your time, here are 5 pro tips on how you can become a comedy writer.

  1. Write at least Two Comedies Daily

You must have heard of the saying that practice makes perfect.

You should get a new notebook and make it a habit to write at least two comedies every day. Focus on writing a comedy length of about 2-3 minutes with a catchy headline.

If any funny idea crosses your mind, write it down and work on it later. Don’t just feel it is just an idea or a scattered thought. You can never tell, just an idea can result in a joke that will end up bringing you to the limelight.

One truth remains, if your writing is clever and funny, you will surely get an audience. There are so many companies looking for fresh talented comedy writers.

Write in a way that makes you laugh. If your contents are not funny to you, certainly, it won’t be funny to your readers. Go through materials that you find funny and create a joke out of it.

You can also go through other comedy writers’ work and see if you can create something original from their work.

  1. Have a Mentor(s)

Whatever anyone wants to become in life, there is always someone that has reached that goal. This is not different when it comes to comedy writing. Look for successful comedy writers that you can follow and learn from.

Having and following a mentor will make the journey easier for you as you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn things you never know.

You must not meet this mentor one-on-one, social media platforms give us the leverage to interact with top celebrities as if we are together in one place.

If your mentor has a blog, subscribe to his or her newsletter, and buy whatever products being put on sold.

Study everything you need to know about comedy writing from your mentor(s) and put whatever you learn into practice.

Learn about the structure of comedy writing (how you can draw readers in and deliver a metal puzzle in few words as possible for maximum effect).

  1. Take a Course

To perfect your writing skill, you may need to take a course in comedy writing.

There are several online courses that you can take and strengthen your skill. Some courses will require that you write like 2 to 3 comedy for assessment.

This will force you to want to give out your best so you don’t get a low score. You will be told which TV shows to watch to get inspiration and ideas for jokes.

You will also be taught how to create humorous and fictional stories.

  1. Contact Publication on your Niche

After you must have gathered enough notes, you can do research and approach publications to publish your jokes in the comedy section of their bulletin. If that will be difficult, you can volunteer to work as an assistant so you can also learn, build a strong relationship, and get a chance to get one work to publish one day.

This was how most comedy writers got their way to the front of most comedy publications. When you spend time working for free at any media house, they will be indebted to help you get a gig or give you a contact of someone that can help.

  1. Start a Blog

This is one way to promote your brand and put your jokes out there to the public. You immediately get feedback from your readers via comment to learn where the laughs are and are not.

Ben Schwartz (a writer for Saturday Night Live) had to start a blog ( to showcase his writing. This was what Ben used as his portfolio wherever anyone asks to see his work.

Starting a blog will be a good advantage for you as a comedy writer. This will help showcase your stuff and get people to also share your jokes on their social media timeline as far as you have the plugin installed on the blog.


To win your race to becoming a comedy writer, you must pursue any opportunity that comes your way. You can go to standup comedy shows and crack your funny jokes while also letting people know you are a comedy writer.

You may end up landing a gig or being invited for an interview.