Amazon Delivery Service Partner Business Opportunity

Looking for an Amazon delivery business opportunity? Are you fascinated by the idea of owning and operating a parcel delivery business?

If you have, there’s something even better. You can now partner with the world’s e-commerce giant Amazon. Amazon announced in 2018 the opening of this opportunity for just about anyone with a savings and a strong desire to start a parcel delivery business.

This Amazon initiative was created to help establish small businesses. As an interested investor, you can enter into a fruitful partnership with this e-commerce giant with just $10,000.

What is Amazon Delivery Service Partners?

Is Amazon delivery a good business? This is a fair question to ask by anyone, especially those who have stumbled upon this business opportunity.

An Amazon delivery service partner is Amazon’s Prime delivery initiative. What this translates to is that as its partner, you get to fill in by delivering packages on their final lap to its customers.

So, where exactly will such parcels or packages be taken from? These are shipped to local Amazon sorting centers from where delivery partners such as yourself will deliver them to their final destination or those who ordered for these packages.

Delivery service partners play a crucial role in its operations.

With immense potentials for growth, you are part of a strong global brand with a presence in almost every country on the planet. This has opened a door of opportunity as partners get to deliver packages in their own branded delivery vans and uniforms.

Are There Potentials? What Are They Like?

Apart from the low startup cost requirement of $10,000, successful owners get rewarded with enormous potentials for growth. Amazon has created a projected growth scenario for owners operating between 20 to 40 delivery trucks.

According to it, such owners have potential earnings of $1,000,000.00 to $4,500,000.00 in annual revenue.

You should also expect an annual profit potential of between $75,000 to $300,000. Owners operating between 20 to 40 trucks get to have an average employee strength of between 40 to 100.

There’s always an Amazon delivery station nearest to your city, so, you won’t have to worry about the availability of this opportunity.

How Do I Become A Delivery Partner With Amazon??

To be able to benefit from this opportunity, you must be a strong team leader. In other words, you should be able to motivate members of your team to always be ahead of their delivery schedule. Getting this right benefits not only your business but also all members of the team, winning you increased recognition from Amazon.

Be result-driven. Amazon seeks partners who are driven to produce results in all circumstances. This is a strong area of focus because it believes your attitude will impact on your team members.

Resilience is also essential to guaranteeing success as a delivery service partner. The parcel delivery industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. This calls for strong resilience and adaptability.

An obsession with the customer is another high point of the needed qualities prospective partners should have. This entire business hovers around the customer. Hence, the need to be committed to satisfying their needs.


Becoming an Amazon delivery service partner comes with responsibilities for both parties. In other words, there are responsibilities required of you as a partner while some other responsibilities rest with Amazon.

Let’s start with what your responsibilities will look like;

  • What’s Expected Of You

There are easy steps to follow in setting up your delivery service. They include; setting up your business, building your team, delivering packages, creating a team culture, and growing your business. Let’s briefly discuss each of these.

i. Setting Up Your Business

The first step is crucial to your success.

To help set up your business, Amazon provides you with an array of exclusive deals. These help you acquire assets necessary for the operation of your business. This enables you to set the basic framework for onward operations.

ii. Building Your Team

One of the most important things you’ll do with a lasting impact on your business is your ability to build a strong team. A team of highly experienced drivers is important.

These will criss-cross the city, delivering packages from Amazon to end customers.

iii. Package Delivery

This is the heartbeat of Amazon’s operations. Your sole duty as a delivery service partner is to ensure packages get safely delivered within the stipulated time frame.

iv. Creating A Team Culture

Team culture is essential to how effective your operations become. As a partner, you are expected to exude and reflect Amazon’s high standards in package delivery and client satisfaction.

Hence, you’ll need to constantly motivate both yourself and your team. That is the culture.

v. Growing Your Business

Your package delivery turnover in addition to high customer satisfaction is a sure guarantee for steady growth.

Amazon encourages growth and partners should be invested in ensuring their businesses aligns with the company’s values.

  • What Amazon Does

Having listed the things expected of you, Amazon on its part has its own set of responsibilities that helps you succeed. It consists of a wide range of support services that enables you to get started easily.

These include; launching your business, provision of training, tool kits, and on-demand support.

i. Launching Your Business

This is about getting you started. Amazon presents you with exciting deals on equipment such as branded vans, handheld devices, insurance, and more.

ii. Training

To enable you to succeed, Amazon will give you all the basic training. This includes hands-on training spanning 3 weeks. This three-week training starts with a week of introduction at its headquarters, and 2 weeks of fieldwork.

Here, you get to interact with other owners for much detailed learning.

iii. Comprehensive Toolkit

As business is driven by technology, Amazon ensures its delivery service partners get the necessary tool kits needed to launch and operate successfully.

iv. On-Demand Support

One of the things that have made Amazon successful is its comprehensive support system. All owners are provided all the support they need to be successful. You get to benefit from this and more.

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Amazon delivery service partner business is a low-cost opportunity for anyone seeking to become part of a global brand while making a difference in their community. We have listed all the requirements as well as the responsibilities expected of each party.