7 Classic Advertising Business Ideas and Opportunities

Our aim here is to present advertising business ideas you can run with. We hope that you will find that million-dollar idea that you’ve been searching for.

Every business needs one form of advertising or the other. The entire aim is to spread the word about its presence, its products as well as its services.

Now there are many advertising business ideas that can be latched onto and harnessed by anyone. It all boils down to what business idea sounds best and presents more opportunities for you.

Set Up An Online Directory

This is one advertising business idea that helps widen your horizon. By this, we mean you’ll need to approaches businesses or services within your coverage area to list their business on your site. Now, this is not an easy task as you’ll need to have a site built for this purpose and go about the job of informing your market about your proposed directory.

Funny enough, a directory business in itself will require advertising. However, you’ll need to decide what types of businesses exactly you’re open to including. Here, we are talking about a niche. Choose a niche you feel comfortable with and proceed. Now you’ve found the direction! You’ll have to find businesses within your niche area.

Managing your online directory should be a major decision you make. How are you going to go about it? Who will maintain the site, you or an expert hired for that purpose? These are questions that will need to be answered satisfactorily.

Start A Radio Station

Radio advertising still maintains its popularity as an advert tool to reach millions of listeners. Big and small businesses exploit this opportunity to promote their products and services. Sounds great right? This is an option to consider if you want to start an advertising business. Startup costs can be substantial though. Plus, you’ll need a broadcasting license among other things.

Online radio is more easy to start. This can be operated concurrently with a terrestrial radio station. The advantage presented by an online radio is that people can tune in from different parts of the world. They only need the app installed on their smartphones as well as internet connectivity. This means advertisements travel much further beyond local territories.

Start A TV Station

Much like a radio station, starting an advertising business such as a TV station is capital intensive. Lots of broadcast equipment need to be purchased. Before investing in such equipment, you’ll need a broadcast right to operate. There’s also the need to hire qualified broadcast professionals. This is a business to consider if you have the capacity and interest.

The returns are enormous too! Businesses spend billions on advertisement dollars to sell their products and services.

Although getting it started is can be quite challenging, the result is worth the stress if done right. A lot of TV stations today transited from terrestrial to cable broadcasting. This widens the benefits much further as TV stations can advertise to a global audience.

Newspaper Business

The influence and impact of newspapers are still felt today because they continue to serve as effective advertising tools for a wide range of businesses. It must be stated though that their influence has declined due to new technology. But even at that, it holds immense potentials for investors seeking to get advertising contracts.

Newspapers can be broadly categorized as local, state-wide and national papers. There are examples of successful newspaper businesses that have been in existence for decades and continue to flourish. For a lot of such newspaper businesses, a significant percentage of their profits accrue not just from sales of such papers alone but also from advertising. You might want to give this business some serious thought.

Out-Of-Home Advertising Operator

Out of home advertising has become a mega-money earner for advertising businesses. This business idea will be ideal for anyone with a passion to reach the outdoor population with advert messages. Companies pay billions in dollars to get their services across. Examples of companies that give out contracts to out of home ad operators include fashion brands, automobile brands, beauty care brands among a long long list of businesses.

You can tap into this advertising business idea by drawing out strategies to float your business. Out-of-home advertising takes up different forms. In other words, multiple ad formats are used. These range from giant led screens mounted on buildings or beside major roads. Other formats include billboards, metro buses, and other commercial vehicles among others.

By making these ads conspicuous, pedestrians and commuters can’t help it but notice what’s being advertised. The popularity of this platform doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. There is immense money to be made through such ads. Go for it if you think you’ve got what it takes.


Magazines continue to be relevant and useful tools to inform as well as to advertise. You can start a magazine business by servicing a niche you feel has lots of potentials (most niches do anyway). Advertisers will flock to pay for an advertisement in magazines with a dedicated following.

To be a successful advertising business, you’ll want to ensure you deploy all marketing strategies to make your magazine a readers’ delight. Spend time and resources to make it work and you wouldn’t want clients (advertisers).

Start A Blog

Businesses place ads on popular blogs to promote their products and services. A blog takes time to gain traction.

You’ll need to be patient in creating content and promoting it (via social media platforms) as much as you can. Your content will need to be relevant to your audience though.

There are niche areas such as business blogs, health and fitness blogs, travel blogs, pet blogs, food blogs and so on. Make your choice and run with it. The more dedicated and committed you are, the better for business.

These are advertising business ideas that continue to thrive and receive the bulk of advertisement contracts.

However, starting any of these businesses requires patience, commitment time and resources. The returns can be huge when done right. We recommend you choose an idea you love and are most comfortable with.