6 Business Ideas To Start In The Philippines

Here are some cool business ideas to start in the Philippines.

Many people are in their bed all day long, many in their room sipping the taste of an available drink, so idle to the core, without any means of daily income from their own business.

6 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In The Philippines

Here are cool business ideas you could do in your local setting right in Philippine.  


This is one big business in Philippine. There isn’t any need to panic, while poverty and idleness are striking your existence. Selling packed fried chicken is a cool option for you to make cool cash in the Philippines.

You could be the next celebrated entrepreneur by investing in this multi-thousand business. If you felt, you are the type that Could rock the world with the power of cooking, basically frying, this will be a very nice and cool idea for you.

If you need to start this business, get some token, depending on your choice of expansion, you can order for live chicks from reliable poultry, meet an oil dealer to supply you when needed, get a shop where you can fry and market your good in a marketable environment.

Investing in this business will fetch you cool cash to pay your rent and fill your intestine, also the profit, you will make from it will always be dependable.


Every dude in the world wants a classical attire on them. Have you observed that owners of boutiques in the Philippines are living with big money? This business idea flourishes whether there is an economic meltdown or not.

You could own a local or international boutique in your area. Selling suits, polo, blouses, skirt, trousers, shoes, necklaces, caps and hats could be your deal.

To commence this business, get some cool token, own a shop in a market place, be connected to high ranked boutique both local and international clients. And you could offer the best sales at all costs to reach everyone with high-class products.

Doing this business will not just earn you cash but also get you connected to like mind in your business enterprise.


You could open a shop, probably a Canteen for selling lugawan. This food is marketable probably around evening in the Philippines as people love to use it as midnight snacks.

To start your own lugwan business, prepared some token, get a shop in a marketable environment, be connected with a like mind who can supply you the recipe, you can employ a helper- probably when you felt the business is booming, and the person could help you sell while you prepared the product.

You must be ready to prepare the food to make consumers come for more, also you need to schedule and consider the time in which people call for your product. As time goes on, you will be making your could cash daily.


Just if you don’t know, banana is not popular I  Philippines, so that makes the fruit relatively scare and a little expensive. Banana sales are a specialized fruit sale. Banana is a nutritious fruit that helps generate percent of vitamin into the body. You can also specialize in the sale as most people love to eat it.

To start this business, get a token, get a marketable place- for your stall, buy bananas as much as you think you can sell, make sure they healthy and non-infected ones and as time goes on you will be raking in your cool cash as invested.


ICT is rocking the world of technology. Everyone is using a cellphone. If you are an expert or you love it as a profession and would love to make money from it. Every day, phones develop an impromptu fault and needed to be repaired.

You could be their targeted engineer.

To start this business, receive months of training from an expert after when you become your own master, get some token, rent a shop in a marketable place, buy equipment, be determined and dedicated as it is a new business and people are not well enlighten about your shop.

But don’t be discouraged as your service will rake in daily customers and as time goes on you can build assets from it and be celebrated as an entrepreneur.


Due to the rush hour of going to the office early in the morning and coming back late at night, busy people hardly have time to clean their car. You can be their trusted option. Anyone can do this business, but it depends on their strive for good services. You can rock your world by doing the cleaning as nice and possible.

To start this business, get a marketable environment- probably near the junction where cars do pass, get a large container to store water- probably a reservoir. You don’t need any formal skills or education.  Develop your skill by practicing this with a relation’s car and if you do it to satisfaction, then you can make your cool cash as you will be doing it for customers and through this, you can cure the sickness of poverty and idleness.