9 Best Businesses To Start In London

Are you looking for profitable business ideas in London? The good news is; you can do almost any smart business ideas in London with even little startup capital. It is just about understanding how and where to invest your capital.

9 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In London

London is the capital of both England and the United Kingdom. When it comes to doing business, London is one of the most fertile and attractive cities in the world to do business.

It provides a lot of unique business opportunities in various sectors ranging from commerce, arts, entertainment, education, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, research and development, professional services, tourism, and transport.

Below are some innovative business ideas you can start in London. Sit tight, relax, and enjoy!

Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in London

• Motorcycle and Bicycle Sales and Repairs

London is one of the many cities in the world that has the worst traffic. A lot of the residents combat this by resorting to their motorcycles and bicycles to ease their way. This popularity trend is fast increasing. A lot of people are buying new motorcycles and bicycles as well as repairing faulty ones.

You should start a motorcycle and bicycle sales business as well as offer repairs services. Even if you do not know how to make repairs, you can hire or employ people who can make repairs. The start-up capital for this lucrative business is quite low.

Fast food Restaurant and Delivery

According to a study carried out, more than 50 percent of London residents do not cook at home. It, therefore, means that more than half the population of London eat out. This has in essence created a high demand for fast food.

If you know how to make pizzas, sandwiches, doughnuts, etc, you should start a fast food restaurant and delivery business. Even if you do not know how to prepare fast foods, you can hire or employ people who can cook these fast foods while you manage the good business.

Also, you should make deliveries part of the business. London residents, more than ever, want their foods delivered to their homes. Hire people who would make these deliveries to the homes of your customers.

You would need a little more than an average startup capital for this good business because you will need cooking and heating equipment and staff.

• Beverage Shop

London residents love their teas. Tea is like the water they drink, they just cannot do without it. If you are considering a low startup capital business, you definitely should start a tea and coffee shop.

London is a very busy city and after the day’s work, people want to take a rest and unwind. Do not only offer tea and coffee in your shop but also offer the sales of beer as well.

You should consider buying a franchise if you have the capital and you should get a good location where people who go to work can easily see your shop.

• Virtual Assistant

This is now becoming the business of this present century. As a result of the global economic recession, a lot of companies are reducing their workforce and resorting to hiring virtual assistants who would work from their homes/offices on a part-time or full-time basis.

Many very busy professionals just need someone who can check and answer their emails, organize tasks lists for them, update their calendars, etc with minimal interaction.

Virtual assistants are very well considered now because they are a cheaper alternative as they do not have to be paid the several benefits like pension and health insurances paid to full-time employees.

All you need to become a virtual assistant is a computer. Also, you should sign-up for a secretarial or touch typing course to improve your skills.

Personal Trainer

Over the past six years, Britain has experienced a 58 percent increase in membership with personal trainers. The good thing is this figure is increasing.

If you enjoy always being in the gym and you know your way with the equipment and know the Dos and Don’ts of body fitness and stretching; then you should tap into this. A lot of people are willing to pay a few pounds for personal training.

Get a health and fitness qualification to get started and the clients would soon start coming.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has started becoming a fast-growing trend and the internet has made it easy to tutor people irrespective of their location. People want to be able to find and learn new skills on the internet.

If you have the skills and qualifications in a particular area or field, then you should start a business from tutoring others who need your services. There are plenty of websites where you can offer your tutoring services. Fiverr.com is one good one where you get paid in dollars instead of pounds.

• Blogging

You probably have good writing skills and you have a flair for writing, you should start a blog and start earning from it. Blogging has become a profitable business although there are a vast number of blogs these days.

WordPress.org and Blogger.com are great places to startup your blog.

• Freelance writing

If you have sufficient knowledge about a particular field; you should start offering your services online as a freelancer. Write for sites and get paid. Fiverr.com is still one platform where you can do this and get paid by people who need your services.

You should get started by researching online publishers who need the services of a freelance writer. How much you will be paid depends on the quality and uniqueness of the contents of your articles.

• Beauty Spa

For London residents, it is not all about work, work, work; London residents also love to take time to relax and be pampered –mostly at weekends. Think you know how to give good massage and awesome skin treatments, go start up a beauty spa.

Even if you do not know how to give good massages and skin treatments, you should hire or employ people who can start this business idea in London.

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