5 Best Businesses To Start In Hawaii

What lucrative business ideas are in Hawaii? Ever since the first time I heard about the place “Hawaii”, I have always been fascinated and it has always been a place I would love to visit and open a business there.

I got an opportunity to do so recently, and surprisingly, in addition to the fact that my expectations were not cut short with the numerous cultural events, I was amazed to discover so many low-cost business ideas that can thrive prosperously in Hawaii.

So, if you are a resident of Hawaii, visiting soon, planning to relocate there, or you probably have contacts there, here are some self-employment business ideas you could easily venture into in Hawaii.

5 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Hawaii

Firstly, it is important to note that Hawaii’s economy depends mainly on tourism and the agricultural sector.

This is as a result of the numerous beaches and rich natural environment. It has a constant inflow of visitors, researchers, and of course, tourists.

Hence these are some of the best business ideas for men and women that will thrive in Hawaii.

1. Boat Transportation

Just as I earlier mentioned, there are numerous beaches in Hawaii. The land is made up of lots of islands which makes water the major medium of transportation. Hence, boat transport is one major business idea to venture into in Hawaii.

One wonderful thing about this booming business idea is that people will, and must move from one place to the other. If it is not the residents going from one location to the other, it is the ever-present tourists going around to see as much as they can of the different islands in Hawaii.

A thriving business idea like this in Hawaii is also amazing because you start with just one canoe, a boat or a speed boat, hence it doesn’t cost much to set up. In addition to using your boat for transportation, you could also act as a tourist guide to your passengers on your boat.

2. Sale of Souvenir

Another unique business idea you could easily start up in Hawaii is the sale of souvenirs. When I tell people I visited Hawaii just recently, most of them doubt it until I show them my Aloha shirt I bought in Hawaii. With the ever-flowing tourists in Hawaii, people are always looking for what they can take home from their trip.

The Aloha shirt is one apparel that is used to identify with Hawaii. Production and sale of souvenirs like that is one successful business idea in Hawaii that can never go cold and you will never run out of customers. You could buy in bulk, and sell in retail, or get a sewing machine, buy the material and sow the shirts yourself.

3. Hotel or Bed and Breakfast (B & B)

No matter the town or city you find yourself, opening up a hotel or a bed and breakfast is always a good and creative business idea because people visit day in, day out.

In a state like Hawaii, which has approximately eight million visitors each year, opening up a hotel, guest house, or a bed and breakfast is a great business opportunity. Imagine the number of people trooping into town daily, always in need of where to spend the night or lodge to spend the vacation.

You do not have to start with something massive, like a five-star hotel, you could start small since most tourists are just looking for where to “crash” (sleep for a few hours before going out immediately the sun comes up).

Even though there are probably lots of hotels in Hawaii, it is still one top business idea you can venture into and make cool cash.

4. Tourist Guide

Becoming a tourist guide is another lucrative business idea in Hawaii.

Are you a resident? Do you visit Hawaii often? Or have you just moved to Hawaii and have in-depth knowledge of the state? Then becoming a tourist guide is a great small business idea you could venture into.

The funny and wonderful aspect of this type of business is the fact that you need absolutely nothing to set it up. All you have to do is either go to the airport, introduce yourself to tourists and tell them you could act as a guide.

You could take this business idea to the next level by setting up a company that supplies tourists guide to tourists.

You could print out fliers with numbers to call in other for people to be able to contact you. This is beneficial to those who do not really have a good knowledge of Hawaii and still want to venture into this cool business idea.

5. Open up a Bar and Restaurant

With the steady influx of tourists in Hawaii, opening up a bar and restaurant or either of the two is a fantastic business idea.

At some point, everyone has to eat or take a drink or two. A bar or restaurant at a strategic point is one easy business idea that would thrive in Hawaii.


Whichever business idea you choose,  it is important to do a feasibility study and ensure you market your goods and services to the right demographics. An advantage is that most of these businesses do not require large capital to start.

If you are planning to move to Hawaii soon or you are already a resident and as an entrepreneur, you are looking for great business ideas in Hawaii, the above businesses are worth considering.

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