BUILDING KIDZ SCHOOL Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Have you been considering starting up a Building Kidz School franchise and becoming one of Building Kidz School’s franchisees? In this article, you will find all of the available franchise information regarding starting up a Building Kidz School.


This article will give you the needed details about the Building Kidz School franchise and how to start up your own Building Kidz School. You will learn about how much startup cost is required to become a franchisee, how much the franchise fee costs, how much total investment capital and net worth are required, what benefits awaits you as a franchisee in terms of training and supports, what the franchisor’s terms of agreement and renewal are, and how to open a Building Kidz School.

About Building Kidz School Franchise

Building Kidz School was established as a business in 2002. Thirteen (13) years down the line, the business started offering franchise opportunities to interested franchisees from various parts of the United States. Building Kidz School has its headquarters located at 250 E. Dana St. Mountain View, CA 94041.

The School’s philosophy is simply to build up the child. The School always puts in efforts to make sure that the child is well developed and challenged in all regards (especially intellectually) through their Performing Arts programme and academic curriculum.

Building Kidz School makes sure that parents’ kids are well taken care of as regards to good meals, sufficient recreation, and play, as well as safety. The School’s mission is to establish a community for children where they could better interact and be involved in the learning process, and have a well sound and deep appreciation for arts.

Starting up a Building Kidz School will be of great benefit to you as a franchisee. You will not only enjoy sustainability in business, but you will also experience great profits! There is a huge demand which is largely propelled by a lot of factors. One of such factors is the increasing awareness about the benefits of early childhood education.

The ideal candidate that can qualify to become one of Building Kidz School’s franchisees is one who possesses exceptional leadership qualities; one who is highly interested in taking part in improving the quality of life of children; one who is selfless enough to put the needs of others first; one who can collaborate and function effectively in a team; and one who is humble and eager to keep improving.

How much you can make annually in your business as a Building Kidz School’s franchisee wholly depends upon a lot of factors. Some of these factors include the state you reside, the cost of labor, how willing and determined you are to stick to the company’s business system, etc.

How much does a Building Kidz School Franchise Cost?

So you have decided to become one of Building Kidz School’s franchisees. You must know that you will be required a minimum liquid investment capital that amounts to $100,000 as parts of the financial requirements before you can open your own Building Kidz School.

Building Kidz School Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee of Building Kidz School amounts to a sum that ranges from $50,000$100,000.

Building Kidz School Franchise Startup Cost

To qualify and become one of Building Kidz School’s franchisees, you will be required a total investment sum that ranges from $158,100$431,500. Also, your net worth must be a minimum of $300,000. Additional fee such as royalty amounts to 7% of gross revenue.

Building Kidz School Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

As soon as you qualify to become one of Building Kidz School’s franchisees, you will now be able to enjoy the following benefits in training and supports:

  • You will benefit from knowing that you are taking part in making better the lives of children all over the world. The lives of less privileged children all over the world are transformed using 25% of the franchisor‘s profits.
  • You will benefit from knowing that you will take part in shaping the lives of children, building in them qualities such as character, commitment, and confidence with the help of the Building Kidz School’s sound academic curriculum and Performing Arts programme.
  • You will be provided immense supports and assistance right from the moment you become part of Building Kidz School’s franchisees. You will be assisted in acquiring a location, getting your license, and in all sorts of business operation.
  • You will also benefit from the regular help and support that the franchisor’s regional directors will provide in terms of operational efficiency, quality control, and product marketing to help bolster profits in your business.

Building Kidz School Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

The franchisor’s terms of the agreement stipulate a ten (10) year period for the initial offering. The subsequent agreement for renewals also stipulates a ten (10) year period.

How to Start a Building Kidz School Franchise?

If you have thoroughly considered the above requirements, and have made up your mind to start a Building Kidz School franchise; then simply visit their website at to learn more information regarding the sign-up procedure. Or you could contact them at, or call their telephone at +1.650.967.8000 to make more inquiries concerning the startup procedure.

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