British Swim School Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

BRITISH SWIM SCHOOL Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you nurturing the interest of opening a British Swim School Franchise, and you have been searching for available information regarding the British Swim School Franchise to help you make a better decision? This article discusses all the available information about the British Swim School Franchise.

As you read on, you will find out about the general information regarding the British Swim School Franchise; the amount it would cost you to open your own Swim School; the required franchise fee; the terms of agreement and renewal; the available trainings and benefits; and a whole lot of other things.

About British Swim School Franchise
British Swim School Franchise was founded more than three decades ago, precisely in 1981. However, it was in 2011 that the business started offering franchise opportunities to interested candidates who want to work with them to achieve their business goals. British Swim School Franchise traces its origin to Manchester, England, where the first school was founded.

It was, however, ten years after startup that the owner, Rita Goldbert, who is still the current CEO of British Swim School, opened the first school in the United States. The United States headquarters of British Swim School is located at 3101 N. Federal Hwy., #601 Oakland Park, Florida, 33306, United States.

The franchisor is British Swim Centers Franchising, LLC. Basically, the British Swim School offers swimming and water-survival lesson programme which does not only focus on breathing techniques, stroke development, skill coordination, but also on survival skills as well offering other related services. Their programme is for all individuals, irrespective of the age group.

In 2017, British Swim School Franchise ranked as number 309 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur Franchise 500. That same year, it was also featured in the Top 50 New Franchises, as well as in the Top 10 Types of Franchises to Watch.

British Swim School Franchise offers its franchisees the license and approval to launch and manage a swimming and water-survival lesson programme. Upon signing the franchise agreement, franchisees are given a territory where they can do their business operation.

This territory will not be an exclusive one, and so franchisees will likely face competition from other British Swim School franchisees. The territory will be determined by a number of zip codes which can accommodate a minimum of two (2) pool locations, and which has a minimum population of 15,000 children below the age of ten (10) and a maximum of 25,000 children below the age of ten (10) based upon a more recent United States census statistics.

Also the territory may be large or small depending upon influencing factors such as income levels, demographics, etc.

To become one of British Swim School franchisees, you do not require any special prior experience in the industry. You only have to be ready to work with them, provided you fulfil the financial requirements.

How Much does a British Swim School Franchise Cost?
Opening a British Swim School would cost you a minimum of $80,000 as part of the financial requirements franchisees are obligated to fulfil.

British Swim School Franchise Fee
The franchise terms of agreement requires franchisees to pay an initial franchise fee that amounts to $39,500. For veteran franchisees, there is an incentive for them. The incentive is 10% off the franchise fee.

British Swim School Franchise Startup Cost
If you are interested in really opening a British Swim School, then you must know that it would cost you a total startup capital which ranges from $82,200$127,700. Also, you would be required to pay other fees such as ongoing royalty fee which amounts to 10% of gross revenue, and ad royalty fee which amounts to 2%.

British Swim School Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support
As one of British Swim School franchisees, you will not only enjoy benefits in training, but also in terms of supports from the franchisor. Below are the things you will enjoy as a franchisee:

  • You will be trained on how to operate a British Swim School. Also, the aquatic manager of your business will be trained too in terms of swimming. The training programme which will last for 12 days will be a mandatory initial training session for both you and your aquatic manager.
  • Also, you will keep receiving additional trainings where and when necessary, which will include training courses, conferences and seminars, meetings, etc.
  • There is financial assistance provided to franchisees through third party sources to cover startup cost, franchise fee, inventory and equipment.

British Swim School Franchise Terms of Agreement /Renewal
The initial term of agreement of British Swim School lasts for a ten (10) year period. If the franchisee meets certain requirements set by the franchisor, then the franchise agreement can be renewed for an additional ten (10) year period.

How much does a British Swim School Franchise Make?
Although there is no clear-cut figure published by the franchisor which a British Swim School franchise make; they, however provide a clue. British Swim School franchisees make high profit annually.

How to Open a British Swim School Franchise
Alright, so you have seen all the requirements to open a British Swim School. Now, if you are very interested in opening a British Swim School, quickly visit their franchise website at where you can get more details regarding the startup procedure.