Bonus Building Care Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

BONUS BUILDING CARE COMMERCIAL CLEANING Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you have always wanted to own a cleaning company but the fear of failing was holding you back, here comes the solution—Bonus Building Care franchise. You don’t near to fear as opening a Bonus Building Care franchise is very cheap and attaining success because the brand is well-known with a growing customer base.

Bonus Building Care Franchise is a commercial cleaning company that was started in 1996. The company also became a franchise in that same year, so they have been operating as a franchise for 22 years now.

This article will contain the basic information about the company like the year the company was established when the company started franchising. Also, the financial requirements for a franchisee will be discussed; the training and support that will be provided; then finally what is required of the franchisee to do so as to start a Bonus Building Care franchise.

Is Bonus Building Care a Franchise?
The Bonus Building Care franchise was founded in 1996 by Arleen Cavanaugh, they also began franchising the same year. The company’s current headquarters is in Frisco, Texas.

Bonus Building Care deals with commercial cleaning. A building cannot take in tenants without arranging for power, security, water and cleaning services. Cleaning service is where Bonus Building Care comes in. A Bonus Building Care franchisee will be in a position to take advantage of this open opportunity.

An advantage of commercial building cleaning over other cleaning businesses like maid services is that you will know the total amount of your contract’s total worth at the end of each month. This helps you to be able to plan your budget for the future. Currently, the company is looking for franchisees mainly in the United States of America, Canada, Eastern Europe, Mexico and Western Europe.

How Much Does Bonus Building Care Franchise Cost?
A Bonus Building Care franchisee is required to pay an initial franchise fee of USD$7,500 which grants the franchisee the license to run the business under the name Bonus Building Care. The franchisee must also show USD$15,000 in a liquid asset.

Bonus Building Care Franchise Fee
Bonus Building Care requires a franchise fee of $7,500 to be paid, there is also 10% royalty fee and 1% Ad fee that has to be paid by the franchisee.

Bonus Building Care Franchise Startup Cost
An initial investment of USD$8,800 to USD$14,700 is needed. However, the investment can grow to USD$41,919 later in the future.

Bonus Building Care Franchise Training and Support
When you get accepted and eventually become a franchisee at Bonus Building Care, the company will provide you with the adequate training and support that you need to flourish and grow. The training and support that is provided include but are not limited to:

  • In-house financing to cover costs like the franchise fee, equipment, startup cost and payroll courtesy of the company’s relationships with third-party sources.
  • A veteran incentive that involves interest-free loan on franchise fee.
  • Help in site selection. The company would assist you in acquiring the most strategic location for your outlet, so as to improve visibility and boost sales.
  • Assistance in setting up your outlet and also in the grand opening.
  • 24 hours online support in case you have business issues to be resolved.
  • Access to a toll-free line, which means you can pick up your phone and call the company line for free and ask to make any inquiry that you have.
  • Training as to basic safety procedures and security measures for daily activities and also in case of emergencies.
  • Access to the meetings and conventions that are held by Bonus Building Care.
  • Help in setting up advertising campaigns that would definitely promote your business.
  • Regular delivery of newsletters that inform you about the new events and developments that are happening in the cleaning industry. The newsletter could be physical or online.
  • On-site training for as long as it is needed.
  • Additional training at the national training center in Austin, TX. The additional training could also be carried out online.
  • Insurance programs are also provided to meet your business insurance needs.

Bonus Building Care Franchise Term of Agreement/Renewal
The franchise agreement lasts for 10 years at a time, after which a renewal fee of $2,000 is paid.

How Much Does a Bonus Building Care Franchise Make?
There is no correct estimate as to how much a franchise owner makes. This varies because of many factors like the location of the outlet, size of the outlet and the demography of the area. However, the aim of the franchisee should be to make a profit, while not compromising on quality.

How to Open a Bonus Building Care Franchise
After going through this information about Bonus Building Care franchise that is currently available and you feel that you are interested in joining them as a franchisee, then you need to visit the company’s official website and fill out the necessary forms.

If at all there is any other need for you to ask further question or clarification on the franchising process or any other piece of information about the company, then you can contact the company by sending your question to the mail