Bojangles Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you seeking to own a restaurant franchise that offers partners significant growth potential? Bojangles would be a great investment option to consider.

Here, we’ve provided relevant details to help aspiring franchisees have a basic understanding of how this franchise program works.

In providing such comprehensive information, key areas have been focused on.

They include qualifying for the Bojangles franchise opportunity, reasons to join its program, site selection and requirements, and how to become a Bojangles franchisee.

Other details covered below include training requirements, Bojangles store types, and financing provisions.

Having a clear understanding of these critical areas enables you to start the ownership process with a better grasp of the processes required.

What Qualifications are needed to become a Bojangles Franchisee?

Every franchise opportunity has a set of requirements that must be met to grant access to such a program.

For this restaurant franchise, franchise candidates must be business-minded individuals with the restaurant ownership experience.

Candidates must have a development interest within the franchisor’s growth markets. The financial requirement is a crucial aspect of franchise qualification.

Here, franchise candidates must have a minimum net worth of $1 million and net liquid assets of $500k per development commitment.

What more? As a franchise candidate, you must have a successful operational background in restaurant management or ownership.

Without such knowledge or experience, hiring an operations partner with such experience is accepted.

The Ideal Franchise Candidate

Bojangles seeks competent and qualified franchise candidates to apply to its franchise offering.

To qualify, you’ll need to meet its investment requirement of $577,300 to $3,020,750. Franchise candidates must also have a passion for real-deal Southern food served with flair.

Also crucial to qualifying for its program is the need to have extensive experience in restaurant or franchise operations.

Bojangles also seeks persons with a solid entrepreneurial drive who desire to be hands-on in your restaurant.

If these define you, consider yourself the perfect candidate for its franchise offering.

In discussing with franchise representatives, all of these critical areas are assessed to determine your suitability before approval is given for you to join its ranks as a franchisee.

How much is a Bojangles Franchise?

In our discussion, we’ve mentioned some aspects of ownership costs for a Bojangles franchise.

All franchise candidates must have minimum liquid capital of $500,000, a net worth of $1,000,000, and a total investment of about $577,000 to $3,020,750.

These costs cover key franchise provisions like insurance, site selection, pre-opening staff expenses, building, and equipment, signage, furniture, and fixture fees.

Other details include site work, soft costs, initial inventory, business licenses & utility deposits, and additional funds to cover three months of operations.

A detailed breakdown of the total investment of $577,000 to $3,020,750 is given in the franchise disclosure document (FDD).

Applying for Bojangles Franchise

Whether you wish to learn more about Bojangle’s franchise offering or are convinced about its suitability, there are procedures to follow.

You’ll need to complete the franchise application form to become a franchise owner.

The form seeks to capture necessary details about your capacity to own a Bojangles franchise. You’ll need to provide your name, address, city, state, zip code, country, email address, and phone.

Other details include restaurant experience, available liquid cash, net worth, and desired city and state of interest.

After completing and submitting the franchise application, you’ll also need to submit your financials for evaluation.

Next, you’ll need to download the FDD, acknowledge its receipt, and review it. You’ll do well to seek professional or legal help due to the legal nature of the document.

Also, you’ll need the business plan paperwork completed for assessment.

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Complete Proforma for evaluation, complete a market visit and attend Bojangle’s discovery day at its center before finally signing and submitting your development agreement.

With all of these processes followed and completed, you’re now a full-fledged Bojangles franchisee.

Asides from following the processes outlined above, you can also reach Bojangles by calling its franchise development department at 1-800-366-9921.

You’re given a detailed guide on what actions to take. Also, all nagging questions you may have about its franchise offering are fully answered.

Are Multiple Locations Allowed?

For many franchise offers, provisions are made for persons interested in multi-unit opportunities. Bojangles isn’t left out in this. This franchisor actively seeks both single and multi-unit operators for its franchise offering.

However, it would help if you qualified for such an offering to leverage the opportunities presented.

Of course, qualifying involves having the experience and financial resources required by the franchisor.

As stated earlier, details of such financial requirements and knowledge are captured in the FDD issued to you during the application process.

Site Selection

To what extent is Bojangles willing to go in assisting its franchisees? This franchisor plays a crucial role in helping franchisees with site selection.

First, you’ll need to take the lead by retaining the services of a local real estate professional. Such professionals will help identify the best possible sites for your Bojangles outlet.

Bojangles only comes in after the location(s) have been identified. It assists franchisees by choosing the site(s) it recommends. A committee approves the final site selection process.

Requirements for Bojangles Real Estate Site

It’s important to know what Bojangles looks for in a site.

This helps with selection. You’ll need a parcel size measuring roughly .75 to 1.2 acres. The location must have a combined traffic count of about 20,000 or higher.

The area must have a sustainable drive-thru and be within a trade area with demographics supportive of breakfast, lunch, & dinner dayparts.

Reasons to Explore Bojangles Franchise Offering

Many times, franchise candidates seek reasons to apply for or explore franchise programs or offerings.

For Bojangles, the grounds include its high quality and tasty food. Over the years, the company’s operations and the quality of its products have earned its customer loyalty.

However, this restaurant’s tasty and quality products are only a part of the reasons to join. Others include its strategic position in the fast-growing chicken QSR industry.

Bojangles has a world-class management team and a well-run franchise system with a long-term history of success.

What more? Other advantages to joining its program include its diversified daypart mix, which has earned it a leadership position in breakfast offerings.

Bojangle’s highly productive restaurant base with leading unit economics is another reason to explore its offering.

Are you interested in this opportunity? You can apply to become a Bojangles franchisee by contacting the company as earlier indicated.

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