Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

BLOOMIN’S BLINDS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you interested in starting a Bloomin’ Blinds franchise? This article will be concerned with providing you with all the relevant available details you need to get acquainted with before you decide to startup a Bloomin’ Blinds franchise.

In this article, you will find detailed information about the Bloomin’ Blinds window covering sales and service franchise; details regarding the startup costs, and the necessary financial figures and facts about Bloomin’ Blinds franchise; and how to start a Bloomin’ Blinds franchise.

About Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise
Bloomin’ Blinds was first established in 2001, and since 2014, they have been offering franchise opportunity to interested candidates. The Bloomin’ Blinds franchise has its headquarters at Carrolton, Texas, United States.

They are well reputed because of the professionalism, excellence, and customer service they provide their customers. Bloomin’ Blinds is a family owned business. It is a family owned and managed business that was founded by Karen McGuffin.

Bloomin’ Blinds is run and managed by Karen McGuffin, together with her sons. The current Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) of the Bloomin’ Blinds is Kelsey Stuart. Bloomin Blinds have been in business for about seventeen (17) years, and they have been having huge figures in annual returns. In 2015 alone, they had more than $2 million in annual sales revenue.

Bloomin’ Blinds has a reputation which allows franchise owners to flourish and accomplish huge success in their business. They are committed to assisting entrepreneurs open their own business and accomplishing their business goals. Their business methods are successfully proven to guarantee new franchise owners huge success in the establishment of their business. For Bloomin’ Blinds, marketing is a lot easier because of the national recognition of the brand.

As a franchise owner, you do not have to be overly bothered in looking for customers, since Bloomin’ Blinds is very well popular anywhere in the United States. They prepare their new franchise owners for success; this is quite evident in the manner of trainings they give to their new franchise owners. Also, they are very customer focused, which is why they always make their decisions based on what will bring the maximum satisfaction to their customers.

The reason why the Bloomin’ Blinds business model is very successful is that the team is very organized, experienced and very aggressively consistent in searching out for new opportunities to bring in more returns.

Bloomin’ Blinds is a business franchise that do not require very high start up costs from prospective franchisees, the required startup costs are very low and affordable with minimal overheads, which is one of the major reasons they do not provide financial assistance to qualified franchise owners except through third parties.

The ideal candidate that can be accepted by Bloomin’ Blinds must be a person who will, above all things, be more than willing in providing top quality services to customers. Interested candidates must possess very strong sales and customer service skills.

The interested candidates must also be very outgoing and be ready to meet people face-to-face on a regular basis. Interested candidates must also possess good time management, and be capable of handling busy work schedules; in fact, multi-tasking ability is of great essence.

As a Bloomin’ Blinds franchise owner, you can make money whether in good and bad economic periods.  How much you stand to make entirely depends on you, and how committed you are to the business. All their franchise owners make very high figures in annual revenue.

How Much Does a Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise Cost?
It would cost you an amount that ranges from $35,000 – $80,000 in liquid capital for you to become a Bloomin’ Blinds franchisee, amongst other things.

Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise Fee
The initial franchise fee that must be paid as a new franchisee is $25,000. Also, royalty fee make up 3- 6%.

Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise Start Up Cost
The total startup investment required by Bloomin’ Blinds to become qualified as a franchisee ranges from $40,000 – $80,000. Also, Bloomin’ Blinds requires prospective franchise owners to have a minimum of $50,000 as net worth.

Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support
When you qualify to be counted as a Bloomin’ Blinds franchisee, you will enjoy the following benefits and training:

  • You will be made provisions of advanced hands-on tools and intensive training once you have the signed the franchise agreement. This will begin with two to three weeks intensive training to provide you with the needed resources to kick start.
  • One noteworthy thing is that Bloomin’ Blinds have been in business for so long, hence, you will benefit a lot from their loads of experience.
  • You will be provided with the necessary marketing tools and resources to help you in the marketing aspect of your business.

Financial assistance is not provided to franchise owners by Bloomin’ Blinds, except through third party sources.

Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise Terms of Agreement /Renewal
There is currently no available information regarding the franchise terms of agreement/ renewal for the Bloomin’ Blinds franchise.

How to Start a Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise?
If you are very interested in becoming one of Bloomin’ Blinds franchisees, wait no further; proceed immediately to their website on and contact them for more information concerning the sign-up process.