BIGGBY COFFEE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Biggby Coffee is a chain of coffee stores with base in America. If you are an entrepreneur and a business person who has thought about how you can get yourself into the coffee franchise business, then this article is for you.

In this article, we are going to look the company Biggby Coffee. We will be discussing the history of the company and its processes. We are also going to look at the cost of owning a Biggby Coffee franchise.

To further provide you with all the information you are going to need about Biggby Coffee, we will be telling you the terms of agreement and renewal of a Biggby Coffee franchise agreement. We will also be providing you with information on the training and supports that Biggby Coffee provides for its franchisees.

Is Biggby Coffee a Franchise?

Biggby Coffee is a coffee franchise. Biggby Coffee is based in East Lansing, a city within the Ingham County in the state of Michigan in the United States of America. The company was formerly known as Beaner’s when it was first founded 23 years ago in March 1995. However, the company’s name change happened in the later part of the year 2007 when the company’s name was changed from Beaner’s to Biggby Coffee. Biggby Coffee was founded by Bob Fish and Mary Roszel. The company started franchising 19 years ago in the year 1999, 5 years after it was founded.

As a private company, Biggby Coffee is registered as Global Orange Development, LLC with headquarter in East Lansing, Michigan in the United States. The products of Biggby Coffee include all sorts of beverages including coffee and tea.

Also on offer at a typical Biggby Coffee franchise is salads, whole bean coffee, baked goods, coffee accessories, and sandwiches. The company also has on its menu smoothies and herbal teas. The current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Biggby Coffee is Robert Fish while Michael McFall serves as the current President of the company.

The corporate head office address of Biggby Coffee is located at 2501 Coolidge Road, East Lansing, MI 48823. The first franchise location of Biggby Coffee was opened in August 1999 in Okemos, Michigan. Biggby Coffee currently has more than 150 franchise locations.

Biggby Coffee is currently seeking franchisees across the United States and Asia.

How Much Does Biggby Coffee Franchise Cost?

Biggby Coffee requires a franchise fee of $15,000 (U.S. dollar) from its franchisees. The franchisee is also required to have a capital of $80,000 (U.S. dollar) among other fees that are to be paid by the franchisee.

Biggby Coffee Franchise Fee

Biggby Coffee requires a franchise fee of $15,000 (U.S. dollar) from its franchisees. Other fees required to be paid by Biggby Coffee franchisees include a royalty fee of 5% of net revenue and an advertising fund contribution of 3% of net revenue.

Biggby Coffee Franchise Startup Cost

Entrepreneurs seeking to take advantage of Biggby Coffee franchise opportunities will be spending a low startup cost of $161,350 (U.S. dollar) and a high startup cost of $319,100 (U.S. dollar).

Biggby Coffee Franchise Training and Supports

Biggby Coffee provides training and support for its franchisees. The training at Biggby Coffee is free of charge for 2 nominees of the franchisee, which should be a principal and a designated manager. The training is usually conducted at the company’s headquarters in East Lansing, Michigan or at other designated franchise stores.

The onsite training has a combined duration of up to 144 hours. Biggby Coffee also provides support for its franchisees. The support which Biggby Coffee provides for its franchisees include;

  • Biggby Coffee supports its franchisees with a grand opening of their franchise stores.
  • Biggby Coffee supports its franchisees with adverting to ensure their success.
  • Biggby Coffee provides online support for its franchisees.
  • Biggby Coffee supports its franchisees with a toll-free line.
  • Biggby Coffee supports its franchisees with email marketing.
  • Biggby Coffee supports its franchise with on-the-job training.
  • Biggby Coffee supports its franchisees with proprietary software.
  • Biggby Coffee supports its franchisees with periodic newsletters which contain vital industry information.

Biggby Coffee Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

The initial franchise agreement at Biggby Coffee has a length of 10 years. The franchise agreement can be renewed for an additional 5 years if the franchisee meets the conditions set by Biggby Coffee.

How Much Does a Biggby Coffee Franchise Make?

The amount of money that a Biggby Coffee franchise makes cannot be known for sure. But being a popular and growing brand, the franchisee should expect to make some good money with the franchise. Aside from that, the success of a business relies on the business owner ability to run the business.

To profit from a Biggby Coffee franchise, the business manager must be able to reduce expenses and increase profit. He or she must have a good marketing, leadership and communication skill.

How to Open a Biggby Coffee Franchise

To open a Biggby Coffee franchise, the franchisee would be required to fill out the contact form at the company’s website at The franchisee will also submit his/her personal profile to Biggby Coffee and also fill out an application form.

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