Bicycle Franchises

The fitness industry is vast, with many investment opportunities for persons interested in such. However, not everyone is prepared to start their business from scratch. Franchising is a ready option that serves the needs of these investors. In this article, the focus is on bicycle franchising.

Are you looking for a bicycle franchise to invest in? We’ve provided the much-needed help through our list of excellent bicycle franchise ideas to try out. As a prospective franchisee, you’ll do well to go through the list below and do further research on each franchise opportunity before determining where to invest.

Are These Franchise Opportunities Profitable?

It’s proper to want to know about the viability of an investment opportunity before going into it. It’s no different for bicycle franchises, as anyone would like to make a decent return on investment possible by joining a reputable company with a track record of excellence.

Franchising has continued to grow in popularity among investors due to perceived benefits. You’ll do well to go beyond knowing what these bicycle franchises are. Consider other details such as the quality of opportunities presented, brand appeal, and many other considerations.

Bicycle Franchise Opportunities to Consider

To find the right bicycle franchise opportunity, you’ll have to go through the list provided below. As mentioned earlier, each type offers a different chance you may find suitable to your needs. Good examples include Sportsco, and Wheel Fun Rentals.

More bicycle franchises include The Cycle Mart, StarCycle, Purvelo, Volofit, CycleBar, Velofix, A.J. Barnes Bicycle Emporium, and Conte’s Bicycle & Fitness Equipment. Rush Cycle is yet another franchise option you can leverage on. Let’s take a look at each opportunity.

i. Sportsco

If you’re looking for a sports franchise that sells sports footwear and clothing, Sportsco might be a great company to join. To own this franchise, investors must meet the company’s initial investment of $72,651. Other details include a net worth of $140,000 and a total investment range of $72,651 to $194,100.

Sportsco was founded in 1983 and has since blossomed into a major brand. To leverage this franchise opportunity, you’ll need to explore further to find information on what’s required. All such details can be found on its website. You can proceed to find out the details.

ii. Wheel Fun Rentals

This is another bicycle franchise opportunity for interested franchisees. Wheel Fun Rental franchisees enjoy thorough training, image branding, ongoing support, earnings claim, and established clout. The total cost of owning this franchise is around $65k to $320k.

Do Wheel Fun Rental franchisees have access to financing? They do. As its franchisee, you can finance anywhere from 50% to 70% of the total. This is significant for investors with limited capital. You’ll need to get more information by contacting the franchisor.

iii. The Cycle Mart

With over 200 plus outlets open and counting, The Cycle Mart presents an exciting and viable franchise opportunity to invest in. Under its franchise model, franchisees benefit from excellent returns, advertising and marketing support, lifetime rental support, and showroom design and development support.

The Cycle Mart deals in all kinds of bicycles ranging from mountain terrain bikes, kids bicycles, city bikes, road cycles, racing bicycles, cycles for ladies, hybrids, and a whole range of others. By becoming its franchisee, you get to cater to the market’s growing needs.

iv. StarCycle

StarCycle presents an exciting franchise opportunity for interested franchisees. This indoor cycling business offers a 360 focus on the natural person on the bike. Its training sessions are tech-free, high energy, inclusive, candlelit, and provide childcare services.

This franchise company offers all the support it can to its franchisees to ensure they perform at optimal levels. This has impacted the growth of the company. To jump on this opportunity, you must contact the franchisor for instructions on proceeding with the application.

v. Purvelo

Are you seeking a bicycle franchise opportunity that empowers people by helping them build a better future? Purvelo offers these and more. Part of the requirements for owning a Purvelo includes an investment within the $358,920 to $458,320 range.

From the moment you contact the franchisor to when you first open your doors for business would take anywhere from 5 to 8 months. Ideal Purvelo candidates include former high-level athletes interested in the industry, recent graduates & loyal members, as well as spouses of college coaches.

vi. Volofit

This is another trusted fitness franchise brand you can join. Here, franchisees get all kinds of benefits, including introduction and owner training, business & financial planning, pre-sales & staff training, marketing, vendor relationships, and ongoing support. An estimated initial investment sum of $372,500 to $579,700 is required.

vii. CycleBar

Cyclebar is a reputable national brand that offers opportunities to investors seeking to join its family. This bicycle franchise opportunity has a sound business model that positively impacts your operations and outcomes. You’ll need a total investment sum of around $346,910 to $487,910 to join.

viii. Velofix

With Velofix, there are many benefits for franchisees that help guarantee the successful takeoff of the franchise. This includes access to the company’s support network, multiple streams of income, support, training, and low initial investment. Is this the right franchise for you? You’ll need to contact the franchisor to find out.

ix. Conte’s Bicycle & Fitness Equipment

Conte’s Bicycle & Fitness Equipment franchise specializes in bicycles & accessories as well as other fitness equipment. The company was founded in 1957 and only began franchising in 2004. To own this franchise opportunity, you’ll need an initial investment of around $425,000 to $734,300.

x. Rush Cycle

As a Rush Cycle franchisee, you benefit from a streamlined construction process, the adoption of a proven retail design formula, and effective marketing programs. Its strong brand is also a selling point that draws investors to the company. To join, you’ll need to meet the company’s investment of $426k to $550k.

Has any bicycle franchise opportunity caught your eye? You might want to know further about such an opportunity including its pros and cons.

Now that you know these bicycle franchise opportunities, you’re left to decide what to go for. This will require comparing and finding out more details on each franchise to understand what to go for clearly.