Everyone is trying to start up a business of their own to reduce the load of expenses that keep coming up with daily living. I must say that with the economic break down salaries can no longer handle living generally because there are constant need that require money and do not seem to want to go away anytime soon.

Although this only one reason why people go into business because there are so many of them. Whichever reason is applicable starting a business.

Uganda is a nation endowed with very significant resources which are natural by the way and with this resources it is believed that Uganda can feed the whole of Africa if it commercially farmed but due to some issues which are mostly political this is seeming to be a very difficult task.

It is on this note that I want to say that despite the economic situation of the country, it is still possible to engage in businesses that are not only profitable but also can help to improve the economy of this promising state.

Starting a Business In Uganda

Therefore I will be giving a few profitable business ideas in Uganda that will help in achieve tremendous change to you as an individual and to the nation at large.


Processing Food

It is shocking to know that food is being imported in Uganda and with the growing population this is costing the country several millions. This one issue that needs immediate attention and you with not so much capital can start a food processing business to help curb this very intense issue. I see this as a problem and its gravity cannot be over emphasized.

With the growing population and the increase in the demand for quality food, producing food locally is a good business to venture into. You could go into processing foods like grains, fruits, vegetable etc.

Tourism and Hospitality

Uganda happens to be one of the most visited countries in Africa, because annually Uganda host millions of people in its confines. Starting up tourist and hospitality centers could be that break to success and an improved economy.

Because tourist need attractions and accommodation you could decide to venture into the two, I mean tourism and hospitality or pick one of the two depending on the capital available.

So you could build very standard accommodations around tourist centers or manage a tourist center that has accommodation.


There is always the need for people to move from one place to another and to do so, a means of transportation is required. Starting a transportation business either one that does inter state transportation or intra depends on the capital available, this also determines how big the business can be, but starting small is also very profitable and it could grow into something very big.


Most people say that any thing sells in Uganda all you need to do is identify what can cater for peoples everyday needs and provide it. With as low as $100 you can start a businesslike second hand clothing, food stuff, fruits and vegetables, book sale etc. one reason why trading will be a success is because most things are imported and these things that are imported are on high demand.

Processing Coffee

Uganda exports a lot of coffee and it is said to hold a large share of the country’s economy. The coffee business is quite lucrative especially when you process quality coffee. This can either be sold within the county or processed mainly for export purposes.

Housing and Estate Construction

Despite its large population, there is a shortage of shelter in Uganda. There is a high demand for houses and this can be a business you can venture into. Although the Ugandan government has created initiatives to this effects, it is a very lucrative and profitable business I Uganda.


With the rapid growth in the Ugandan economy, technology is also being accepted and due to this acceptance, there are five million internet uses and thirty six of one hundred persons have mobile phone.

The internet works in so many ways, beginning and online business is another source of income. Connecting you business to the internet is a boost to that business. You could open up a website that helps promote businesses on line.

Giving every registered business under your company a boost helping it grow.


Education in any society is important, thanks to the 21st century and the awareness given to the importance of education. This is why people now see the reason why they should enroll their children in school. Starting an education center that offers good and quality education, Is another business that is profitable.

Your target should be to provide and quality education to help you attract people who value education which can be the reason why your business can be a boost. What would make you stand out is including unique features