Are there new small business ideas in Norway? Norway, which is also known as the kingdom of Norway borders with Sweden, Russia, Finland and Denmark. Oslo is the capital and largest city in Norway. Their official languages are Norwegian and sami.

Norway is a place for many business idea venture. I didn’t say that, statistics did. Global statistics has it that Norway is the fourth in rank of highest per capital income earning country in the world, fourth in better life index, they are the second wealthiest country in the world as regards monetary value, they have a very high standard of living, they are the highest producer of oil and gas, they have the highest human development index in the universe.

I think with all these statistics, an individual who desires for riches will be willing to explore the opportunities in Norway. There are many businesses one can venture upon in Norway provided there is that required capital in hand.

I’ll introduce us to some of the viable business ideas in Norway. They are:

Lucrative Small Business Opportunities to Start in Norway


Though Norway is not a member of the OPEC, it is unarguably among the largest and highest producers of petroleum in the world. In fact, petroleum contributes to about 25% of Norway’s domestic product. If you have been effectively demanding to invest or establish one or two oil servicing companies but unsure about the geographical area, Norway is the place.

Establishing oil and gas servicing company will require one obtaining a license from the government of Norway. There are jobs waiting to be taken in the petroleum servicing companies. Go grab yours.


Real estate sector is a sector where billionaires are made apart from the petroleum sector. The real estate business is a business that is flourishing in Norway and still available for investors. Anyone who is willing to increase in wealth should consider establishing a real estate business in Norway.


The world is radically going technological. Almost every happenings in the world now is as a result of technological advancement which makes it another eye-catching area of business that should be embarked upon.

Another fast-growing business idea in Norway is the sales of technological products. If you have an outlet occupied with different types of smartphones, tablets, computers, ipads, ipods, printers, photocopying machine, video cameras, Bluetooth device and every other technological appliances, then you are guaranteed to regularly attract customers. As a source of added income, you can also add installation of appliances to your regular sales of product.


This is one great business ideas in Norway that requires huge but not too huge capital for establishment, shopping malls is a very profitable establishment to be made in a commercial place in Norway. In today’s world, celebrities and high profile people embark on shopping regularly so as to follow up their name in the economy. Shopping lounge will be a very good establishment for someone with huge capital and is familiar with celebrity likes.


One who has visited Oslo or any other cities in Norway would have noticed that there are appreciable numbers of sandwich and cafe bars scattered all over. It is a very interesting and profitable business idea especially when one is creative and well-positioned in the way one runs the venture.

One truth is that if it is not a good venture, investors won’t waste money investing on them year by year.


A very good auto servicing and repair garage in Norway is a very profitable business idea for an auto mechanic who is trained and looking forward to becoming his own boss. The only things needed to be done to get the best out of it is to get that required capital available and situate the business in an easily accessible place.

An automobile and repair servicing business have been known for fetching huge sums of money especially to those who know how to go about it well. If you aspire to become one of these but lacks the technical know-how, I advice you go get that knowledge and cash in on the opportunity.


One who is accustomed with the gym will know that most people will always like to keep fit for different reasons known to them. Opening a gym center in Norway will be a very prolific venture for one who is ready, especially when the business is situated in a commercial and wealthy place.

It is also advisable for one who is just starting the venture to start big at an affordable price so as to attract customers and subsequently increase the price. Norway business ideas provide an industrious person with a platform to make it big.