Are you looking for comfortable business ideas you can start in Haiti? Do you wish to step into success in a dynamic business? Do you wish to get rid of idleness and start making money now?

If yes, you are at the right place, read on and unleash the lucrative, profitable and longevity businesses, which you can start in any part of Haiti.

Haiti is a country located in the Caribbean, endowed with agricultural resources as well as skillful citizens. Though there has been some level of setback in the economy of this great country but their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit couldn’t be strike out of the span.

Here are some successful businesses in Haiti you can give a notch in and become a successful entrepreneur.

List of Viable Small Scale Businesses and Investment Opportunities in Haiti

Business Coaching Firm

Are you a successful business person with lots of experience and would love to coach other aspiring entrepreneurs how they too can achieve success in business? If yes, you can start a business coaching firm where you can be holding business seminars across Haiti to teach old and young entrepreneurs how they can succeed in business.

To be seen as a professional, you can go get certified as a business coach so top brands can hire you for your knowledge and experience.

You can either choose to get an office or you can choose to make your you’re your office and use coffee stores for your meeting with clients. Amazingly, this could be done online too, with the advent of Google plus, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and many more, you can also host an online class where people can get involve just connecting to your online channel. This is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Haiti.


Do you love writing? Most importantly, do you have the patience and persistence to watch a business grow to where it can start feeding you for lifetime? I know very well that you must have heard about people making 6 figures from blogging and you are interested in becoming a blogger.

The blogging business can virtually be practice in any nooks of the world and advantageously in Haiti metropolis. All you need to get is a computer system, bank account, a good internet connection and a niche you will like to focus in and have passion.

There are so many ways to make money blogging that has been shared in this blog. There isn’t any bad aspect of living when you do what makes you happy from the comfort of your room. This could be part time as well as full time depending on you.

To break through in blogging, you will need to be patience for at least 6 months.

Web Design

Another striving business idea that can fetch you lots of money is web designing. This business idea needs no huge investment but the investment in learning the skill needed to carry out the work.

What really marvel anyone reading from blogs and websites is the dynamism in designs of different pages that soothe the view and likeness of people.

Web design need months of training in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and other coding knowledge. You have to be very creative for you to stand out from others in the web designing and development niche.

Catering Services

Are you good in cooking delicious meal that could cause your family to bite their fingers? Or can you manage a catering business where you will be working with a team?

There isn’t yet the most satisfactory catering services in Haiti. You are needed in this field to show the Haitians what they really need to eat to keep them healthy and make them look younger.

There is always events in Haiti that always need a catering services for refreshment. This is a business that transcend beyond one’s thought. It is a business that has the capacity to generate thousands of dollars yearly if you can handle the business very well.

Candle Making Business

This is a very profitable business that has been making few people secretly rich because so many has not yet looked into the business line.

Thorough examining and researches proved that Haiti really lack the true social amenities which electricity isn’t excluded. You could be the real savior by producing candle sticks that would save Haitians at nights.

Candles are used in churches, mostly catholic churches. It is also used at homes for decoration and fragrances while others used it to see when there is power outbreak.

You can already see your potential customers already. Only few people are into this business which makes the business less competitive and you can join to take your own part of the wealth before the market becomes saturated.

You can start small and as long as you keep making profit, you can enlarge it. Busy bee candles company in United Kingdom is one of the leading candle maker in the world. You can read more about them, to know more about you can start.

You are responsible for your poverty if you remain there, start any of these good business ideas for Haiti now!