I am here again as usual to suit your taste with some ideal business idea you can startup in France. If you’ve been going up and down searching for where to start, I think I’m here to reduce or rather get rid of your stress and strains.

Do you insist on starting your own business because you can no longer bare the harsh treatment you are receiving from boss, I want to believe you need smart business ideas to make it in the country that has the best aesthetics scenery through out the universe.

You are in France, right? In Lille, Marseilles, Nantes or the beautiful city of Paris, wherever you are and you want liberation, here are the best 10 business ideas in France that you need to know;

List of New Small Business Ideas For Expats and Locals in France


Do you really want to start a business in France? Tours and travel business is a lucrative work that I would love to put your mind at. Paris is view to be the most visit tourist center in the world, and thousand of people are tempted by the Eiffel tower, hence starting your own travel agency is something you can trust in France.


Apparently, no every individual is well enough to own a car, they will one way or the other need a taxi to transport them from house to places of work and back, venturing into this, certainly the door of your success will surely open.

And again, France is a tourist center where people go for vacation, excursion and the likes, so they will surely need cab to aid their movement.


This is one great business ideas that many people in France are not aware of. Africans are citizen of the world, there existence is in everywhere, establishing a cultural gift shop isn’t a bad idea, African value there heritage and as such they will patronize the store.


Almost every hour of the day France welcome different creed, if your strength and your cooking skills to establish one, you won’t regret taking-up the business. It is an ideal and profitable business idea tips in France that is very lucrative.


You get that, right? Photography is another business idea you can come up in France, I repeat, France is a tourist attraction and people who go there for relaxation will definitely need pictures to keep the memory of the pleasure they had during their vacation alive, by doing so, your service will be highly sought for.


Jewelries add to beauty and ladies fancy it too much because they believe it make them look classy and rock any attire they put on nicely.

Starting a jewelries deal is a reasonable business idea you can venture into in France, though costly to operate but if you have the money, please do, the economy in France is very stable you will easily have your legal tender back and the excess is surely yours.


Are you bilingual or multilingual person? If yes, you are successful already you needn’t panic. There are different organization in France looking for people who are very versed in two or more languages, traders are also there in France that need a translator for their business transaction to be successful. Dealing with these people will pave way for you and you will be resourceful.


The impact of a plumber cannot be jest with in France as they help in fixing and maintaining different house, offices, hotels etc sewage passage, toilet and pipe borne water in particular but there is shortage of workmanship, just few training and you are good to go.


It sound cool I want to believe, this is one of the best business ideas in France one shouldn’t play with, going into recreation business especially one with confirm furniture and facilities that can make a customer who plan to spend week book for more, building a relaxing or recourse center in France is a rare privileged. What are you still waiting for?


Just endeavor to sell out your decorating skills to those who need them and you get your cash. This business idea is a rare gem in France, people buy new houses everyday in France, you can make up a business plan by decorating their interior with different varieties of designs.

You need know where the kids will stay and furnish it up with material that will appeal children, look for where the mademoiselle will stay and polish it with mirror, oops! With your skill in decorating a home in France, you are absolutely a star.

And we have come to the end of the best 10 business ideas in France. Grab this golden opportunity to start less and earn big in France the capital city of the most fascinating and aesthetics looking scenery in the planet, gosh! This is too much, thanks for reading this article through, here is my arrival.